Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I've been up to

I've been working away on two commission quilts, trying to get as much done as possible before I head out to my house for the summer on long island. The big kids quilt I was working on, when I was teaching the kids in the spring, is at a point where I need to start sewing the blocks together, so it is moving forward. I don't need it done until the early fall, but I really want to get a move on it now, so  I can do some "whatever I want" sewing in June.  
My mother is coming to stay for a month, June to July, and I figure I can get a lot done during that time. I'm itching to sit and sew on my Hawaiian quilt for days... and I have several others, like this one, or this one....or one of the other 6, I have hanging here in pieces!  ( and you all think I get so much done! It's only I work on ten at a time!)

The other Commission quilt is from last year!  I've really been slow to go on that now, but I can happily say it's a complete top, and now I need to baste and quilt. (if you recall my post on cutting up uniforms, way back when, Yes, that quilt!) here is the old initial post click.  I can't show you the quilt yet... I need to finish it and get it to the client first...  Then, I can show you. ;-)

So even though I had tons to do today, I did do my serious work and then I needed to just sew stuff together. Ever had a day like that?  Mindless Play.  I grabbed what I had laying on my cutting table and sliced it all up. I knew I wanted BLACK and NAVY in the quilt so I grabbed a bunch more and cut that up, found some, white/lightish fabrics, and some pops of color, Yellow and pink. with touches of aqua.

I was thinking about the coin quilt Nifty worked on when I was there at Thanksgiving, and I kind of think it's reading like a Nifty quilt? Don't you think?

I kind of wanted a dark quilt, So I checked it in the black and white version, and all though It looks pretty cool, I think I want to add more dark strips... 

Hmm, But really, I think after seeing this below... I'm good with it! Note: I played with this in Photoshop, and it won't look exactly like this, as things here, repeat...Mine is just all willy nilly.  So, I will keep sewing...  Maybe it just needs to be what it is, Heck, there are always more quilts to sew! this was purely about just sewing a bunch of glorious fabrics together!

Oh and!
"Ragamuffin" is no longer mine.
An orphan no more, This quilt now has a forever home! It sold last week.
This was my 2010 version of my "everything But the Kitchen SINK quilt" I do one of these a year... Although, 2011 version (click here) is still hanging here in pieces, (I can add that to my list for JUNE!) and 2012, Well... I guess I can start thinking about that one too!   I wonder if I have enough orphan blocks for another?


  1. Vá e aproveite suas merecidas férias,afinal trabalhou duro e tem mesmo que descansar e se distrair.Deus te abençoe,beijo.

  2. Some day I'm going to act on your "kitchen sink" inspiration (such great quilts!), but I don't dare start just yet. How did I spend so much time sewing this month and not add a single "finish" to the list? Um, yeah: 10 projects at a time (possibly more, who dares count) -- will do it!

  3. I think your quilt looks very nifty, but definitely yours. Nothing better than a good string quilt, I say!

  4. Oh, and congratulations on your sale! Someone is very fortunate to have that beauty!

  5. I am really liking that bright with dark strips. Although, it is tempting me to make some big slices in it and see what happens. Yikes, I never do that so how could I even think it about your quilt? Perhaps because I thought it is something you might do.

    I just finished reading the review of you husband's book in the WSJ book review section. Great review!! Tell him congratulations and I am buying the book today. I like the advice they quote at the end. The part where they say he advises collectors to "really look at art and buy it for its aesthetic pleasure, not as an investment." That's the way I approach quilt collecting. I buy what I like and what will make me happy to own.

  6. Gorgeous work as usual and congrats on your sale!

  7. Nifty certainly is nifty! And I love Ragamuffin! I'm about to start an orphan block quilt of my own. I found a ton of orphans while cleaning my sewing room and they need a home.

  8. Love your Photoshop version of the coin quilt. I can see some interesting effects when I squint. This reminds me of my Grasscloth...Congratulations on your sale, but wasn't it hard to let it go?

  9. The embroidery took me back to my childhood -- embroidering my elephant bell-bottom jeans (yes, I'm that old!). I had a flowered cactus going up one leg. I thought I was cool.


  10. I love the dark contrast in your coins quilt, it really gives it a great look. Yes, it's Nifty looking! So glad your mom is visiting, she must be doing well from her Feb surgery. And I can't wait to see the "uni" quilt, I was just wondering about that one a little while ago. Congrats on selling your "kitchen sink"!


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