Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More silks!!

I purchased more SILKS in Houston this year, as I had last year...I still have hopes of finishing my SILK quilt top by the end of this year... I'm finding I have way to many projects started and need to get focused...  Aren't they luscious?

I have most of the quilt HANGING on a hanger in my studio... I just need to stabilize a bunch of the silks to finish it...

I hate ironing... So I have procrastinated doing so!

How about you?    Ironing? 

Love it or Hate it?

(If you love it will you come help me? LOL! )

Gotta get my crazy messy studio clean so I can do so!


  1. Oddly enough, I do really enjoy ironing. Instant gratification thing. If I lived closer, I would be glad to help.

  2. Wow! That silk quilt is going to be a knock out. I know what you mean about ironing. I avoid it too. It's just so boring, although I do love the smell of heated fabric. Did you see Mary K's pressing machine? I think we all need one.

  3. The ironing question depends on WHAT I am ironing. Clothes, do not really like, but small pieces of fabric, its okay, sometime nice. But large backing pieces?? Not really.......

    So, really, my honest anwswer would have to be a 'no' to ironingh!
    But it is a neccesay evil!!

  4. I like ironing. However, I trained Franklin to iron his own shirts early on in our marriage. One more reason his mother hated me!

    What do you use to stBilize your silks with? French fuse? I have 13 yards of steel blue silk from Carrie's wedding tables I have wanted to use in something.


  5. Lovely colors. I love ironing, as long as it's fabric. I do not iron clothes. I don't want them if I have to iron them. :o)

  6. I'll do your ironing if you'll do my quilting! (or maybe just the basting)

  7. If it's for quilting, I love to iron. If it's white shirts - hate it!
    PS "press" is my word verification - LOL

  8. I, too, hate to iron clothing, but enjoy pressing quilting fabric and blocks-in-progress. An extra-wide ironing board and good iron help a lot!

  9. I know what you mean about ironing. Bummer. But then, if you can find an old Ironrite, a.k.a. "mangler",in good working condition, you'll never have to dread ironing again. Talk about instant gratification and perfectly pressed cloth. Oh mama!

  10. Oh yum!!! SOMEDAY I am going to make a silk/velvet crazy quilt! SOMEDAY!!! I love to iron. I think it's the mindless repetition that soothes me...and you know I would do it for you if I wasn't 3000 miles away!

  11. Not crazy about ironing, but I do like your new profile photo.

  12. Love your silks! I do not love ironing tho... I spent a summer as a presser in a clothing atelier, and I have never found any love for domestic irons since!

  13. I love ironing! It keeps my hands warm in the winter. Plus it's instant gratification - wrinkled to smooth fabric! I hate cutting, for some reason it just seems tedious. Oh well the nessesary evils of quilting! ;)


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