Monday, January 7, 2019

Block of the Month!!

Long time no see!


Off the Cuff Playmaker Block of the Month 

I'm so excited to share my new BOM program with you using my new Playmaker Fabrics (were shipped this week to us..Stay tuned)
Looking for a monthly jumpstart to your creativity in 2019? Join my Off the Cuff Playmaker Block of the Month party! It's a 9-month, March to November program that features a great mixture of techniques, improv and precisely-pieced blocks, template and freeform curves blending traditional and modern, with a whole lot of PLAY!
Choose from one of my three colorway options- Red, Blue, or Light.

My Neutrals have been super popular! Have you picked up a few yet? So pretty!  We have several new quilt patterns coming out soon, using these as well.
Great  backgrounds... for those beautiful scrap quilts! Use the whole collection Or savor  your favorites!  Check out all of the new products here.  

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

NEWS & Quilt Market

Happy to Announce!! My newest book (hardcover, aprx 140 quilts included ) will ship in May! 
Pre-order your autographed copies from the author 😊 click here.
So many thanks to you all, for these years of support! This book is essays and images of my quilts covering 35 years of making quilts. It’s been a fascinating journey to look back at my early quilts, where my focus changed, and where it came back strong. It’s so inspiring to look at your old work to see how far you’ve come. Each quilt along the way, has been a learning experience and feeds my soul with joy. Don’t forget to play with an open mind. Creativity flourishes when your expectations are open ended.

My Industry Trade Show Schedule!

Are you a Quilt Shop? Coming to Market?
Come by and say Hi!
Where to Find me:

Quilt Festival School House presentation:
Friday Nov 2nd
12:10 - 12:40  -  Room: 352D 
Transport yourself into Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s wonderful world of color.  Bold, vibrant patterns of Stripes, subtle delight of Neutrals and colorful fun of Playmaker will certainly provide visual satisfaction.

Saturday Nov. 3rd
RJR Fabrics Booth 1034,
See my Newest Lines of Fabric, "Playmaker", "Neutrals" and "Stripes" collections.
I'll be demoing little goodies, stop by and see, and receive!
C&T Publishing Booth 838
Modern Quilt Magic Book Signing 

RJR Fabrics Booth 1034,
See my Newest Lines of Fabric, "Playmaker", "Neutrals" and "Stripes" collections.

Sunday Nov. 4th
RJR fabrics Booth 1034
10am -12pm  
See my Newest Lines of Fabric, "Playmaker", "Neutrals" and "Stripes" collections.
I'll be demoing little goodies, stop by and see, and receive!

My "Sunny Side Up
 " quilt , in the IQA quilt Auction- Don't miss putting a bid in on my Auction quilt for IQA behind the front IQA booth!

You can also find several of my quilts in these exhibits:

"Soigné" quilt is hanging in the Judged Section of Quilt Festival

"A Year of Moments" 
 is hanging in the Dinner @ 8 Exhibit

"Crowd Pleaser" 
quilt is hanging in the Red & White Quilt exhibit-and is included in the NEW Red & White book by Martingale.

"Stitched Together" is in the Power of Women exhibit  

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cottage: Tulip, Daisy and Clover!


               Have you seen my Newest templates??     So cute!! 
Cottage Tulip, Cottage Clover and Cottage Daisy
...all work together!

Cottage Daisy: 
Cottage Clover:
Cottage Tulips:

Response to Gee's Bend Quilts, Swarthmore College Exhibit

I snuck off to Swarthmore College yesterday to see the Mary Lee Bendolph quilts at the List Gallery and also at the Library, where more of her quilts were hung and the exhibit of "responses to Gee's Bend" Quilts were hung, including mine!  Here I am with my "Full Circle Moments" quilt.

"Inspired by my grandmother's improved double knit polyester quilts, I started creating my own quilts, from a point of view of "not knowing that you should follow a pattern." This path lead me to start a website, 15 Minutes of Play, and then to my first book, 15 Minutes of play: Improvisational Quilts, when people wanted to know more about piecing quilts without a pattern. The waste-not approach is very much what I learned from grandmother, and can't throw anything away. Improvisation is the basis of all my work, with a heavy hand in tradition. Looking at the Gee's Bend quilts, I see the artist in each of them. For me quilting, is about looking, and making, and being the process of the quilt... and what an exciting experience it is! Improvisational quilts make my heart sing.

I first learned of the quilts of Gee's Bend before I was a full time quilter, and have been very much inspired by these amazing art works. I have gone to Alabama, and call Mary Ann and China Pettway friends. I feel very connected to telling stories in my quilts, and The Gee's bend quilts, helped me find that voice. I'm honored  to make a quilt for this exhibit."

Monday, September 3, 2018

Her Majesty!

UGG! I LOVE summer so much I always get a bit bummed when Labor Day rolls around. Anyone else relate?  I get so much accomplished in the summer, as far as new ideas, and new products. ( I just finished a new quilt that I'm just giddy over... Stay tuned, it will be a few weeks as we get it quilted up and the products and patterns ready)
One of my other finishes this summer tough, is my MAJESTY template and HER MAJESTY quilt pattern!
This Majesty quilt block, as all of my template sets, have many variations in the way you can sew them together. I love that you can make more designs with one template set, then you can with some other quilt blocks.
On the left is shown as it is in the Her Majesty Quilt.  

Or pieced this way, as a second configuration.
Or even a quarter of the block and used as a border. LOVE!
Get your curves on with this fun MAJESTY set! It makes lovely scrappy quilts!  I'm hooked!
Templates only ( with basic piecing construction) click here
Majesty Template and Her Majesty Quilt pattern set click here 
Already have the templates and just need the pattern? click  here

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


August is my time to reboot. It's family time.  Even though everything I do is family time based, August is a time when I really unplug, look at what I've done the past year, and then start looking toward projects that are upcoming.  September is actually the start of my next year of work. Re-energizing the brain, seeing what I can do next, and how can I get out and mini golf a few more holes and walks long the beach and can some tomatoes, all at the same time! ;-)

This year, fall is ... well, loaded for me personally because I am
preparing to send my daughter off to University! Those who have been following along with me all these years, can you believe it??

I'm not entirely sure I am ready for that, but it's coming anyway!  I have spent this last year, traveling less, and focusing on projects and events that have kept me home more... Or, I've taken her with me. We do love a good road trip. ;-)

I'm so proud of my girl.

In my very first blog post in Sept 2008, B had made a bunch of drawings that she wanted me to make into toys that she could sell to raise money for  Ten years later she is still a go getter and self starter.  I'm so excited for her to to find her path.

I'm one lucky mama.

One thing I have always told her is to make note of the things in life that bring you complete JOY. I have focused my life, that if something wasn't bringing me joy, I'd change things to make JOY happen.

So I have a few changes coming.
One change, is that we are shifting our store  this week to a LARGER space on the same floor I am currently on. YAY!
So when you come to NYC to visit, Address is the same, just moved across the hall to give us a bit more space. It's been a JOY having you come to me, to say Hi, and talk quilts!
So, As of Thursday August 24th, we will see you in #803, instead of #811!  Don't expect the shop to be all organized yet... We are just shifting over, and I will deal with making it all cute again, once I'm back in NYC after Labor Day. haha! ( I still have a few days of vacation left!)

Other changes.
You will see more 3-5 day classes in 2019, and another road trip.  So check my teaching calendar at the bottom of this page (click here) GRAB A SPOT in my classes, join a guild so you can participate! Because in 2020, I will be traveling even less.  2020 is a big year for me personally, (50!) and I plan on doing some other things that bring me JOY.  So get those class spots now! You can see that even in 2019 many of my longer classes are SOLD OUT.

I will add more 3 day retreats from my home, and individual classes from my home ( just not on the road for 2020).  So sign up for my newsletter, as that is where those details get announced, scroll to the BOTTOM OF MY WEBSITE, there is a box to sign up for my newsletter... or a pop up may display saying sign up... DON'T MISS THESE CLASSES.

**Also, in guild that will be having a show in 2020 and it's drivable for me?  I am up for vending/lecturing/exhibiting and teaching multiple classes.  ( not just one class here and there) hit that contact page on my website!

That's it for now...  Gotta plan some friend retreats, and fun trips with my friends & hubby for 2020. ;-)

Wish me luck Saturday! Dorm drop off day.  oh my word.....!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer time!

I've been relaxing at my house for the summer, which means, cleaning up my tiny studio here on long Island... Every summer I go about trying rearrange the space to maximize it's small space and clean out all the other STUFF that accumulates all year long! How does that happen?  ( I have no idea!)

Summer is my favorite time to sit back, and dream up new projects and ideas!  My best work is done while getting my nails done, or even a massage. ;-)  Or walking along the pier having ice cream...(hey, you never know when ideas will hit!)    I'm working on many new templates and patterns right now!  I tell you, having a few weeks down to rest up, makes the ideas flood right in! 

Just wait til fall: Lots of new goodies!
Be sure to keep an eye at  for new products!

This is also a time when I love to work on my commission quilts.  I love designing for others where I can do whatever I want, make it as complicated or difficult as I can to make a beautiful gift for my customers.  This is a quilt for a collage artist... I had several ideas come together and figured, she of all people will truly appreciate the joining and layering of ideas in one quilt! Many of the fabrics were chosen by her, and my job is to make them live happily together, and fit a story I put together based on some writings by my customers about people in their family.  I have a back log of these works, as they often take me longer to get made, among all my regular deadlines and travels.

My newest template set has been such a hit, I was asked to add another class at:
I LOVE teaching here!  I have two classes next year there. A five day Double wedding Ring class which is sold out.  And now this class!  A four day Cottage tulip class!  You will get so much done, build skills, master skills and make some gorgeous quilts!  Class registration opened Tuesday afternoon, and we only have three spots left. I highly recommend grabbing a spot ASAP! It's about 1.5 hours drive from Minneapolis airport in Downsville, WI, which is right near Menominee, WI (Univ of WI : Stout) ...and its GORGEOUS! check out her website for details.

September 26-29th, 2019

Cottage Tulips
Make a big, beautiful statement with vintage-inspired circular tulip blocks. Build a colorful, fat-quarter friendly quilt one block at a time! We will learn tips for successful block construction based on my Cottage Tulips Acrylic Template Set. Master Y-seams and curved piecing; build confidence in color and design all through PLAY!
Kit fee: $30 for VFW Quilts’ Cottage Tulips Template Set (if not previously purchased.)
$245 for the complete Cottage Tulips Kit
Includes pattern, template set, and fabric for top and binding.

Need another opportunity for class? 
(My other favorite place to teach: I'm there TWO weeks next year!)
California: Empty Spools Seminars
February 24-March 1, 2019

To the Nines Improv -  CLICK HERE

Focusing on your intuition and trusting it to make a great quilt, we will explore some clever, intuitive design. By working within a limited color palette and a few simple design parameters, no two quilts will look alike! We will learn tips for successful block construction based on my versatile Victory Block Acrylic Template Set. Using negative space and your improv elements, we will add design principles to complete an efficient and effective overall design. Skill build, tweak your sewing skills, work on trust and intuition, how you look at projects and designs, and build fabulous quilts! Don't miss this class! Much like my Double wedding ring class, your eyes will be widened!

Kit Fee: $25 for my Victory Block Acrylic Template Set (if not previously purchased.)

I sure hope you can make one fo these events!  These are the places to catch me, unless you are flying to NYC!  FYI, my 2020 teaching schedule will be cut waaaay back... I hope to do some more personal travel that year, and work on some special projects for myself.  So don't miss these classes in 2019!  All my other classes for 2019 are sold out!

Monday, June 18, 2018

What's up?

Hello Friends! Long time no talk!
I attempted to take a "easy" spring as I had a lot happening personally. 
Like.... A big special project, that you will hear about soon, New Quilts, 

and, this peanut....Had a big Birthday, and...

Can you believe it?  She went and grew up on me...

So, I have stayed pretty close to home, teaching and doing retreats here in NYC, 
besides getting off to the Iowa Quilt Museum for my exhibit opening.

So now that school is wrapped up with a neat and tidy bow, 
She started working for me for the summer, before heading off to RPI in August.  (!!)

Which means, I am packing up for my summer Work Road Trip!
This year I (we) am heading to Des Moines for a week of classes, then a quick hop over to Winterset Iowa, to teach at Piece Works Quilt Shop, and then to give my Lecture on Creativity & Play
at the Iowa Quilt Musem among my quilts!
Please come!

Friday, June 29 at 5:30 PM - 8 PM CDT
Iowa Quilt Museum

I hope to see you there!
More to come!


If you haven't popped over the website lately, 
we have many new patterns, and bundles!
(Update your solid stash with our large affordable bundles!!)

Three Generations! 

more later! I gotta pack!