Saturday, October 1, 2016

What's new!

I love getting your images of quilts you've made by being inspired either thorough my classes, books or shows you've seen me on or at! It's a great honor!  Above Rochelle made this quilt for a first Birthday using my Victory Block acrylic templates.  I love that she used them in various ways to make a improv fun story!  Keep sending those pics! I love seeing what you make!

I'm slightly addicted to this Victory block set...

This set is hanging in my store, YES! in my store! Have you missed a few posts?  You will need to stop by when you come to NYC!

Monday's through Thursday's : 10am -1pm
Fridays and Saturday's : 12pm-6pm

325 West 38th St, Suite 811
(between 8th and 9th aves)

I have made four quilts already with it, all completely different from each other, and Now....I have three more in the works... These are above are new fabrics by Leslie Tucker Jenison Urban Artifacts coming-out at Fall market... I'm in love with them!

I just can't stop myself!!  They are so fun to make!

Fall Market is coming soon, which means, new patterns, new templates, New Sizzix dies and new fabrics!!!  I can't wait to share all that news with you soon!

In the meantime, Myself and two of my staff will be at the Warwick Valley Guild Quilt Show.
I am lecturing, and vending! I teach often at the Warwick Guild, I love these ladies!  Come by and say hi, I am lecturing twice on Saturday, 11am and 1pm I believe!  See you there!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

California for a day!

I flew to SoCal this week for one day to shoot my fall videos for my upcoming new die releases! It's a lingvwaybtobho for a quick visit, but we always have so much fun at Sizxix, that it's so worth it! 

I can't wait to share the new dies coming out in less than a month at the industry trade show "Fall Quilt Market" in Houston, which happens the weekend before the International Quilt Festival show takes place! Who is going? 

I do enjoy sneaking off to Cali as I can squeeze in fun visits with friends I rarely get to see! Jamie and I got to have a quick lunch, and some Pie! Hehe! 

Today you can see a quick interview of myself, for an exhibit I am in at Houston, the dinner@8 exhibit. Please PO over and Check it out. 

 I'm about to fly home! 

Don't forget to swing by my store! 
Hours are up at my website! Come say hi in NYC! 
Vfwquilts NYC Store!

Pardon typos. Hard posting from the airport in my iPhone! 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Open for business!

Well, yesterday was sure a busy day! 

VFW Quilts NYC store is open for business!

We had a great day yesterday with so many lovely quilting peeps from all over, streaming in to help us open the store!

A few familiar faces dropped by: Alex Veronelli from Aurifil thread, Sarah Bond (awesome philly quilter) :-),  MaryKay Davis, (the Quilt Show, and quilter ) Marie Bostwick, (NY times Best selling Author, and dear friend and quilter) Allie Aller, (another amazing quilter,author, dear friend) and Maureen Clark (dear friend and quilter)

Tonight we have another opening party with special hours. 4-7pm

It's also Quilters Take Manhattan weekend, so we will all be at the event, next I pop up to my store, and next the After Dark Party at my home 7:30-9:30. 
A very full day and weekend!

I do hope you all will put me on your quilt stop list next time you are in NYC next time!
Starting next week: 
M-Th 10-1
Fri-Sat 12-6
Sun closed

Besides opening the store yesterday, I taught all day!  Nothing like packing it all in!  I taught two three hour Sizzix classes at my home, using my Sizzix Geese Crossing dies. We talked abou how to use them in ways beyond the obvious. So, instead of making just a traditional block we added strips to turn them into signature blocks, which they can then take to Quilters Take Manhattan today, and have people sign their blocks! 

We have Kaffe lecturing today, Marianne & Mary Fons, Carolyn Mazaloomi, Mark Lapinski being interviewed, and many others.  It will be a great day!
This is the Quilt Alliance's yearly fundraising event. Thank you for your support!

Everyone stitching away. The Juki's were humming! 

Jenny Egg enjoyed herself too. 


(Please forgive any typos. It's five am and I'm posting from my iPhone. Ha!)!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

PA Mancuso Show!

Int B, by Beatrice Findlay

Getting a Facebook message from my friend Bobbi, saying: "A lot to be proud of, Mom." Caught my eye, when the message came into my phone...    Quilts were hung for the Mancuso PA show.

When I opened the message, I found the image above of Beatrice's "Your Personal App" quilt!  

Yes, My daughter who says she is not a quilter, has made a few quilts in her day. (you saw I got her into EPP this summer? hehe score!)  I have to say, I've taught her the basics of using a sewing machine, but not much more...  She has always had a go-getter-I'll-do-it-myself, kind of personality, and I've always let her.  I don't push her to do my thing, I want her to do her thing.  When  I was asked to make my own "personal App quilt" they said, "Do you think Beatrice would make one?"  I said, "Ha!, I doubt it. "

She proved me wrong!  When I said the quilts would be a traveling exhibit, she said, yes!  
So, yes, Bobbie, I am so very proud of her.  

The challenge was to make a quilt that represented "you." What would that app look like?   Above you can guess what my daughter is into... Coding.  This was made, two years ago, now I think? Cant' real exactly, but her interests are the same.   She's a girl on her own mission.  Gosh, I do I love that. So Proud!

Spotted Joy, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, pieced, appliqué and hand quilted

Here's Mine. "Spotted Joy" ....Double wedding Rings, Polka dots... Go figure!  haha!
I'm one say read.  ;-)

Farm Girl, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Quilted by Karen McTavish

My "Farm Girl" quilt, ( quilted by Karen McTavish) which won Best Machine work at the World Quilt Show, will be at several of the Mancuso upcoming shows.    

OH, and also I heard that one of my newest quilts, "Cascade" was hurried into  the Mancuso QuiltFest Oasis Show in Palm Springs! You have not seen that quilt yet... I will wait for another day to share that quilt.  So if you get a chance to visit the upcoming shows, take a picture for me!

Friend and awesome quilters, Sarah Bond, Also had a coupe quilts at the PA show.  Her quilt above, was made using all of my Mostly Manor fabric line!(available in my webshop)  Isn't it stunning?  I was lucky enough to have her come to my studio one day, and she worked on it, in my studio... It's so pretty, I almost did not let her leave with it... Way to go Sarah!. You rock!

Now what can you do with Meadow Storm?  
The challenge is set!  hehe!

Instagram @slbphilly.

Thank you Bobbi, for sharing the photos with me!  I'm sorry I am missing the shows! 

*We spent a lovely weekend at our home on long Island, so, we are all OK, after last nights NYC explosion... Thanks to those who asked.

Friday, September 16, 2016

What a week.

It's been a bit surreal around here lately...  Settling back into fall with back to school, getting the studio back in shape for a fresh run at a crazy Fall schedule, Quilters Take Manhattan is coming fast, Quilt Market and Festival is around the corner...etc etc...  No wonder I'm gray haired! 
Forgive me for not being super active on the blog...  I have many new things to share with you, I'll share two here to get caught up.  These are fun! 

My Quilt, "You Are Here" is a part of this exhibition.
 If anyone gets to attend the opening, please send me a photo, if possible? Wish could go! I'm honored to be apart of this competition.

Opening Reception: Sept 24th, 5pm.

Nicolet College Art Gallery
5364 College Drive
Rhinelander, WI 54501…/northern_national_ar…/index.html
You Are Here, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, 2013

 The Traditional Home Magazine which is out on newsstands now, 
also has the article online now! For all to see!

I think it's pretty awesome to be listed in the artisan section.  
We are quilters, but the are all artist as well.

Speaking of old Mr. Swirl E. Bones...  Shown folded up above on the Motorcycle...
Which took judges choice, viewers choice at Quiltcon, 1st place at MQX New England.
Well, now.  
He, Mr. Bones, has ribboned at the Houston International Quilt Festival.

I can't believe it. 
It took me three years of submitting quilts, to get a quilt into Houston Festival.
Then I've had several quilts in for the last four years, and this year, I bring home a ribbon. I can not believe it. I'm shocked, happy, excited... and this was never the plan!
I feel so humbled that I get to make and do what I love. 
Perseverance... Keep doing what you love... Make.  Enjoy the process... Share your work.

I wont' know what he has won, until the awards ceremony, November 1st.  I hope to see many of you at Market, Festival! Who is going?

Well... Fourth cool thing, I will announce Monday. So come back Monday. OK?
off to work/play for me...

Have a beautiful weekend.

Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello from Paducah and the National Quilt Museum!
Well actually, I'm home now, But, I was in Paducah last weekend!  What lovely weekend it was! After an interesting 14.5 hours to get there sue to some interesting weather, and unexpected flight grounding in Indianapolis, I can tell you, flying is not what it used to be. LOL.
That being said, Paducah is adorable!  I have actually never gone to the Paducah Quilt Week, so i get see the town as a sweet sleepy town, and soaked in the Beautiful Quilts on display at the National Quilt Museum.

I am a part of the Manhattan Quilters Guild, and we have an exhibit "Here and There" up at the Museum, so it was really special to see it.

And teach!! I was there to teach a three day Double Wedding Ring Class, and we had an amazing class.

Pam N. came to take try class, we met last year at Quilters Take Manhattan when she took my scrap bag class. She was so clever, she turned her bag into a pin cushion, so she could pin the bag to the wall to always have access to her pins! CLEVER!

Here's a video from the classroom!

Here's a glimpse at some to the work done by the students! They go so much done it's ridiculous!  So many beauties! I'm humbled by watching these students be inspired by certain quilts, and how they interpret them!  It's a real treat for me to see these quilts come together!

Meredith Schroder, came by to see what was happening in the class! AQS owner, and the reason the museum exists!

A couple friends came and dropped by as well, you can see, a few laughs were had by all. 
Thanks Klonda and Edie for coming to make me laugh...

My big plane delay in Chicago, means I got to see some friends unexpectedly! I think it was meant to be... I needed some friend time!  Thanks Tracy (sew supportive) for coming to take me to dinner!

Is there anything better then quilting and friends??  Pretty darn good....

be well. be happy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Off to Paducah

Off to Paducah!! I have my reading material! 
My Winter Blooms pillow is in modern patchwork!! 

I do love some red and green Mostly Manor! Still in the shop!!

Mag here: