Sunday, January 22, 2017

FREE!!! TQS! This week!

A GIFT to my Lovely Blog Readers!!!  

Free this week Jan 22-29 you can watch my episode 


Once you watch my episode, come back and comment at this post, 
and share one little thing that you enjoyed about the show... 

No, I'm not looking for compliments, I'm looking to see what you learned or thought was interesting! Which quilt, or technique, or comment on the show, etc etc...

I'll do a give away prize of my Double Wedding Ring Template set!  I'll pick a winner and announce it on Monday the 30th.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Thunder Struck

  We all had a lot of fun in my THUNDER STRUCK CLASS at CraftNapa, 
I was so impressed with the work my students did! Aren't they fun?? 
Each is so interesting, and I love all the colors!

...And Michelle got her's complete as soon as she got home! Beautiful!!

The THUNDER STRUCK PATTERN and template is now available in my shop!

If you already have my small diamond template, you can purchase just the pattern, at the link.

We have a couple NEW PATTERNS available! Keep an eye on the "WHAT'S NEW" page!

Pop over to see what other item is NEW that I have not mentioned yet!
Leave a comment here telling what is the item I have not mentioned...and all who guess correctly will be entered into a drawing , and one lucky person will be selected to win, the"s
Love the quilts So much fun. Thinking that the unmentioned is the pattern and template for the new quilt Dancing Legs?
Michele WON the template set! Thanks to all who commented, and read that far. ;-)aid item"  On Sunday, January 22nd, 5pm. (see who reads this far) haha. 



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Back in NYC!

I'm home from California!  YAY!  CraftNapa was so much fun but chilly!
Orange County was WARM! so I feel like I got my California fix! ;-)  But I am SO Happy to be home! I do love love love, my NYC!
 I wanted to share pics from my classes last week.  I'm so pleased with all my students work! We really did have a productive, fun time. It was a really nice place to teach, and spend time with all the other teachers and students!

 The quilt of mine on my bed, is my pattern play quilt. I always travel with a quilt for my hotel room bed... feels so much nicer when I am away from home!  Here are a  few examples from class.

Focusing on Improv, Looking, and just jumping right in, here is some of the work done in class.  It's always fun to set some basic principles, like looking, and basic techniques that can lead you to a place of fun in your quilt making.  I love on Larissa's quilt the angular likes of a landscape are naturally appearing... Those shots of hot pink are yummy!

Rene has a really fun approach to her play... She took my five day Double wedding Ring class at Asilomar/Empty Spools last year, and I knew she'd have a lot fo fun cutting, playing with different fabrics,pattern and texture.

Nelson loves jumping in to cut stuff up. No fear! LOVE IT!  Sometimes the biggest challenge can be to take everything of your wall, and try a new layout. No problems here!  He added  black for contrast and the horizontal line, and he was off and running!  Inspiring!

We go over a couple free form techniques, and  This was a really fun one to watch start out all angular, then as we incorporated curves, the quilt started to sing. SO much fun!  I get so inspired watching everyone find their path... Everyone in the class did amazing work!  More photos from the classes to come, this week.

So later, while I was in Orange County, We went out and did a bit of shopping. (of course)  Shown above, hanging in my kitchen is my 21 year old Donkey tail succulent! I got it just after I moved to NYC, and it has survived three moves! It has lost a few of it's nodules after a while of being bumped or whatever, but it continues to grow! I'm going to need a new place for it soon, as it's getting to be REALLY long!
Well, I came across another one (easy to do in Cali) and wondered if I could successfully package it and get it back to NYC, as I can find other kinds of succulents in NY, but have not found another one the same locally....
I am happy to say it survived the trip in a plastic spinach container, nestled in paper, along with a string of pearls succulent, as well...  My daughter loves then as much as I do, so we've been adding to our little collection of them. Let's see if I can grow these for another 21 years!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Double Wedding Ring love!

I'm still in California until Tuesday... I'll be at Sizzix for the day, getting my new spring product videos done! It's so nice and warm!
I can't wait to get home so I can share the Quilt Show episode with Beatrice!  HeHe! See if you spot her in the show!
I hope you get to watch!

My Acrylic Double Wedding Ring Template Set is my greatest seller, and my favorite class to teach!  You will see my Color Play Quilt (behind my image above) made using my Full Melon Template that goes with the Double wedding Ring template set, concave square..

Those who love the Larger version, of Bright Lights Big City quilt, That has paper pieced points, I do have in my shop this Florid Blooms kit which comes with Mylar templates, (vs. paper templates in the book)  This kit for four Blooms is only $60!

The question I often get: 
No, I will not be doing a Acrylic template set,  of the Bright lights pattern, It is quite large, and pricey and the breakage on shipping on the long skinny parts, would not be cost effective for me or you... 

Jump in! Try a Double Wedding Ring!  They are so satisfying!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sunday the 15th: The Quilt Show

Beatrice and I had so much fun last summer when we went to Colorado to film the Quilt Show!

 My latest episode #2002 and will post on January 15th, 2017.

*The Quilt Show* (the link is – Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim’s bring you the friendliest, Interactive Online Community for Quilters Worldwide!  Join today to learn, share, create, connect and watch Alex and Ricky in brand new episodes of "The Quilt Show"!

Behind the scenes shots. (Literally!)  ;-)

Getting the segments sorted out pre-show!

Still contemplating the rings! 


And having waaaaay to much fun with Alex!  Alex is here with us at CraftNapa. We celebrated her Birthday today with some seriously yummy ice cream. ;-)

All the Quilts are hung!  LET THE SHOW BEGIN!

I hope you tune in for the fun!

Friday, January 13, 2017

MQX New England!

Logo NEWMQX Quilt Festivalspresented by Machine Quilters Exposition,

In the Spotlight 


For today's blog, let's spotlight some of our newer 

       faculty members.....

Victoria Findlay Wolfe 
- This New York City based author, fabric, and pattern designer is joining MQX for only two days. Get your quilt piecing on with Victoria! Don't miss her special exhibit...... 20 of her Double Wedding Ring quilts in a variety of styles and colors on display, right next to her booth #205, in the Armory. Click here for more info on Victoria's classes.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe portrait

     E218 - Double Wedding Ring: Single Pillow Class - Thursday 4/6 - 9am-4pm

Did you know that you can learn EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to make a Double wedding Ring quilt, by just making one RING?  YES!  Let me show you how!!  Grab a spot quick!  And Kick that quilt off your bucket list!

     E318 - 15 Minutes of Play - Friday 4/7 - 9 am-4 pm 
Need to boost your skills, eyes and creativity?  15 Minutes of play is for you!

I will also be vending and have an exhibit of 20 Double Wedding Ring quilts!  See you there!!!

Monday, January 9, 2017


We added Solid bundles ($14!) to go with the light bundles this past week.  We have some ideas to play with these around here! So exciting!  

top  row: L to R morning light bundlepop solid bundle

 It's been so much fun seeing STAR STORM quilts popping up online!
pattern and/or  kit is available in my website and VFW QUILTS NYC Store

Don't you just love this Dallas Cowboys quilt? She also made the yellow, pink and orange one below that! Made by: Thebootscootinquilter  ( Instagram images)  She said :

#starstormquilt by @victoriafindlaywolfe 💗🌟 loved this pattern and how easily it went together!

 Below: Deb is making a Beach themed star! I love the softness of her palette!  

Another good instagram find, was this quilt made by Trudy, using my Tumbling arrows pattern and acrylic tumbler template.

It's freezing here in NYC today (15 when I walked the dog this morning)...Our building's steam heat is not keeping up with the cold, so it's very COLD IN MY LOFT right I write this, this very moment, this is what I look like..
I have silk long underwear on head to toe, a wool sweater, a fleece jacket, and my hat!!!

Classy huh?


On a warmer note: I head to CRAFT NAPA on Wednesday... I will unthaw then.

(No, being a Minnesota gal does not mean I should be used to the cold. That is why I don't live there anymore... LOL)