Sunday, August 2, 2015

J'Egg and MISA

It's nice to know something never change... Jenny Egg is so happy I am home, she won't leave my side, or my face... LOL

She may be saddened then, when Saturday rolls around, as I head out for a week of teaching Double Wedding Rings at Madeline Island School of Art, in Wisconsin, on Lake Superior...

Saturday I fly to Duluth, MN, Where I used to live before moving to NYC! I will be stoping by Hannah Johnson Fabrics to say hit the gals there,, and drop in on Karen McTavish to see her awesome new studio.  If you are in the area, Hannah Johnson Fabrics at 2pm Saturday.  

I love Lake Superior.  I am SOOOO looking forward to that week.
You can still come, we have space. It's so worth it... Magical.


I've since made a mess of my home studio here on Long Island... It looks so peaceful here, right?
Well now, 5 quilts are on the wall, all due by Thursday. So, that's my week vacation! haha! ...and so much for a clean studio...

**Please note the small childs $15 IKEA Table to my right... I have TWO of these.... One on the right is for my ironing while I am piecing... I can turn without standing up to press, as it sits BELOW my chair level. 
I also have one for the left side, for my rotary mat for cutting, again, so I'm above the mat, instead of trying to rotary cut while I am sitting on the table height, with my elbows up in the air... Keeping those two areas BELOW my sitting area, helps with ease and speed and efficiency while I piece.

(**But does not help in getting off the 10 DQ blizzards I ate this summer, on the road)  
There is good reason to be popping up and down in the studio!  That counts as exercise, right?


Friday, July 31, 2015

Lakeview Quilters

This was a post that for some reason never posted, so now that I'm home!!! Yes three days straight to drive from Marfa to NYC, got me home Wednesday. I'm now at my house in Long Island... So expect a few videos shortly... 

Today I settled into my home, feet up, swam, sewed, and seriously contemplated a nap.... But this is as far as I got.

Flat out on our outdoor daybed. 
It's a good place to be,with my family, my dog and a freshly inspired brain. Aahhhhh!

So. Here is the post that did not post.

More later... 

We did a two day LEMOYNE Star Worshop at the LakeView quilt guild, and it was a lot of good chuckles! Singing, joking, fabric flying! All was well! 

So much amazing color and different visions per person.... So exciting to watch them all come together. 
They all successfully learned their Y Seams! YAY!! 

Not hard when you know a few tricks!
Large diamond template that we used is available in my website shop. 

I so enjoy having more time with my students. One day is just not enough!! So, this coming year I will be doing more longer classes, several 5 day classes, (starting next month, at Madeline Island School of Art!) through out the year....  Check my calendar page for dates. 

My Cut it up crew! :-)

Thanks Texas guilds!! Beatrice and I had a blast!! It's nice to go away, but wow, it's really nice to come home, too! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our time has come.

Our time in Marfa has drawn to a close. We now have a three hour drive back to Midland to drop off my husband at the airport, then Beatrice and I start our drive back to NYC. 

I'm over stimulated and antsy to start creating, while my ideas are fresh. 

Hope to be home Wednesday night! 

I hope you enjoyed the photos of this little vacation. I'm sorry they are not of quilts, but hope that the color and light inspires you just the same. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Need to create.

I may not be getting to sew, but I am thoroughly inspired by just the visual of this town. 

Enjoy viewing.
Random things around Marfa that caught my eye... So far. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Marfa, Texas

Enjoy the color of Marfa, Texas. 

Hubby is here. 
Our anniversary!! Yay!! 

Friday, July 17, 2015

The winner is:

I'm late posting the RJR cotton supreme bundle winner! Wanna guess where I was at 9am this morning? Yep! Out riding the trails... 

And making new critter friends!  If you visit my Instagram feed, follow me, you will see more of our trip. Victoriafindlaywolfe 
All one word. 

Also on FB my business page and you can friend me at my personal
Page. By my same full name. + Business page has  full name  with "quilts" at the end. 

The winner of the bundle is: 

Congrats!! Send me your name and address! Wahoo! Happy Friday!! 

Thanks for all the comments!!