Sunday, November 29, 2015


We are back! Each year we are in Seattle for Thanksgiving, with my stepson and granddaughter, my husband and Beatrice. This year we had amazingly clear (but cold) weather! We've never been when it's been so crystal clear! The light was fantastic! You could see the mountains, and the sun! Yay! 

After our usual vegan dinner on Thursday, we went out to a movie( amazing views again!) , then Friday we went to the Macy's parade. We made it about half way through before we had to go get hot chocolate! But it's all fun, and silliness! So nice to spend the holidays with family! 

Friday, I sneak off with the girls and we visit a couple quilter friends. Nifty quilts was so sweet to have us over for lunch so the girls could give Malti her yearly scratch and ball toss!  Nat was visiting from Melbourne on her around the world in 80 days trip, also, so that was a extra treat!  

We all popped over to see Patricia at Okan Arts, and the girls, were really into checking out all her amazing fabrics. In fact, the granddaughter will now be getting a new quilt for Christmas, with fabric she selected both from Patricia's shop and Keli's shop, Dry Goods Design!

Beatrice had to try on a kimono as she was caught up in the moment no doubt! 

A visit to Dry Goods Design, to say hi to Keli, also proved a good shopping adventure, as Beatrice came home with some fabric also for a new sweatshirt she would like for Christmas! (Below) 

So it seems that this year it is definitely a handmade Christmas for gifts! 

Here's to the start of a great Holiday Season! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Scrap-Tastic Weekend!

Last Saturday all my scraps came out to play!  OK Not all of them, but two bins full of scraps were dumped on the floor for everyone to play in for a mini retreat weekend with close pals.
Even Jenny Egg wade her way into them...
Encyclopedia did very well in the scrap pile. YAY E!.

Ok, Lisa (the red headed mermaid) did too.. But who could resist??

I made sure everyone had scrap time, and anything that came out of the pile, was not allowed to return to the pile!  hehe! Margaret did pretty well!

Everyone was working on a variety of projects.  Andrea had scrap's galore!

Lisa's Bright Lights Big City quilt is taking shape! Pattern is in my book, Double Wedding Rings: Traditions Made Modern
Laughter was shared, food and ice cream was consumed... 

Babies were snuggled...

And doggies, too!

Helen had a lot of love for Jenny Egg, who was so jealous the baby in the room...

A whole lot of scrappy fun was had by all.  Make time for your friends...Life is to short not too.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sweet Baby Boy #2

More baby love! My other friend brought his baby boy over for me to meet!  He is the happiest baby I've ever met! A smile is forever on his face, and he thinks everything is very funny! He recd this baby blanket I made using my Large Melon Sizzix Die along  with the concave Part of the Double wedding ring die. I just sewed to pieces of Fabrics together first then rolled it through on my Sizzix big shot pro. Next using the Concave square shape of the double wedding ring, I made three full circles, and appliqu├ęd down...  Super cut, super fun, and boom, your done!

By his smile, I think he likes it!

Sizzix Bigz Pro Die - Double Wedding Ring Large Melon

Sizzix Bigz Pro 25" Die - Double Wedding Ring, 18" Assembled

Item #658684

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sizzix Bib

BABY GOODIES!!  This past week I've gotten to meet two new additions to this great wide world! Two sweet baby boys, of two friends of mine.  Last week, one recvd a quilt, and then this past Friday, I thought I'd whip up some Baby Bibs using the new Sizzix die that cuts this shape for bibs!

I dug out my scraps from my soon to be in quilt shops, fabric line, "Mostly Manor," to make this sweet bib... Using some 15 Minutes of play to make some fabric, I got right down to business...

I cut a paper template from my die to see if I had made my fabric big enough and to look to see where I needed the colors to land....

I cut out the top layer, then got some batting ready, 

...And sandwiched it behind the top layer, so I could free motion the layers together. Next up, I trimmed it down, made some teeny tiny bias binding, and quickly whip stitched the binding in place all in time to head to a little evening of friends to meet the baby boy...

Adorable right?  This was the display at Houston, with the bibs and the booties!!! I might need to get that die too with so many babies around lately!

Here I am holding the baby boy who recvd the bib... 
Guess who was VERY JEALOUS? 
Miss Jenny Egg was quite vocal about her displeasure...I've never seen her be like that around anyone before... and..... before you say Jenny Egg was just not feeling the love....

see below...

 Love was pretty much evenly spread around the house.... HAHAHA! 
Babies and pups got a lot of love this weekend!
Please pass the baby, please pass the pup! ;-)

Silly Pup... 
Jenny Egg was all beside herself, having little tantrum, having to share the spotlight...

Sizzix Bigz Plus Die - Baby Bib, 8" x 11 5/8"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Super Awesome Coloring book

Friend Mark Cesarik, has a COLORING BOOK OUT! The Super Awesome Coloring Book!
These are so popular right now! I can see why,so many fun pages to draw, color and just relax!

 His book is full of his illustrations of designs that combine floral, and all kinds of fun images like Astronauts, Polar bears, dogs and Butterflies! So much variety to play with!

I'm pretty excited to bust open my new sharpie pack and get coloring! I think my first 12 years of life were spent coloring... Usually at the kitchen table with my tongue hanging out... Yes, it seems I couldn't color without doing that... I wonder if I do that when I sew.


Mark's Super Awesome coloring book can be found at his website! 
(and other book sellers)
Please Support the artist!

Monday, November 16, 2015

"Wanna Play?"

Wanna Play?  By Victoria Findlay Wolfe 2015

My Quilt Alliance "Animals We Love" quilt "Wanna Play?" 
is up for Auction this week!
I'm reposting my old post on the making of "Wanna Play?"


 I was playing with several Sizzix die Flowers! Sizzix has some very, very cute Flower dies, and by being able to cut 8 layers at a time means, I can have a flush garden of blooms in no time flat!

Sizzix Product Numbers:

Item # 656784 

 Item # 659810

The parts department! 
I cut out a giant hexagon and star point from my acrylic template sets, (Will be in the shop soon)  and then fused a bunch of solids with a lightweight misty fuse. Some of them I left unfused... as I want to leave them fluff up and be dimensional... 

After getting my backing ground together, I played with the layout, until I had an idea...

DOG bursting through the flowers!

A few more details, then a few more.... a smile and a floppy Big red tongue!

A bit of free motion quilting, and a bit more hand quilting using 

I love a touch of hand quilting...

A fun project to get me out of my own comfort zone! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015


The best part of writing a book, or teaching,  is getting the images of how quilters were inspired and found their voice. I'm always giddy when I receive pictures of the quilts you make! Please share them with me! I'm inspired by you, as much as visa versa!
My quilt, "Bright Lights Big City" ( above) has inspired many versions.  I love this pattern, the scale, and how large it becomes, quickly.  Below see versions and variations on this pattern.
This pattern above is in my book Double Wedding Rings, Traditions Made Modern signed copies are available at my website, as well as 15 Minutes of Play.

and my acrylic double wedding ring set is available set, is also available at my website shop.

Above, Sue shared her Bright Lights Big City version.
Sue said:
I have included a photo of my version Bright Lights Big City. I love it! I have quilted forever and done some curved piecing before but this I thought might be beyond me. I had a friend with a long arm machine quilt it for me. She said it made her smile with all its "brightness".

From instagram I saw Nina's small version. Bright and Happy!

Pauline S. made this double wedding ring stunner
She won 1st in Jacksonville, FL quilt show

Philippa also from instagram, is working this fun black and white version with made fabric rings! WEEEEE! So fun!

My Friend Lisa, aka: The Redheaded Mermaid, has been on a real roll!  Above she made this Kaffe shot cotton version.... this is made using my Acrylic double wedding ring template.

Then at a double wedding ring class I taught in Salem, Lisa played with the parts of the Bright Lights Big City quilt, and adapted the pattern to make the arcs form RINGS, and into blocks! I love this so much! Taking the idea a step further, she then used parts of the MELONS from the same double wedding ring pattern... 

Made the Red Headed Mermaid! Also including my Sizzix Wave die for this adorable quilt!

She (Lisa) went on to play with my Sizzix Full Melon die, with the Double wedding ring die, and made these next two quilts...

I think perhaps Lisa has found my obsession... heheheh!

Leslie took on her double wedding ring after my visit to Vali & Kim's shop in Dripping Springs, Texas.  I love how she found color freedom, to just have fun, follow her instinct and build a fun happy quilt.

So send me your pictures! It's so fun to see them all! 
Keep on playing!!