Thursday, October 9, 2014

another one done.

Finishing touches...

It's that time of year again, the QUILT MARKET RUSH!

The fall season, quilting industry trade show kicks off the International Quilt Festival 2014...
(Market first, for the trade only, then FESTIVAL for everyone to attend.)
All the new products, like books, fabrics, notions, you name it... It's the big mama of quilt trade shows in Houston... then Festival hits, and the general public comet see all the amazing quilts, and the massive area of vending... it's SIX FOOTBALL fields long... just saying...

Anywho, about Market:

Designers, industry folk, authors, etc are usually going out of their minds about right now... Emails are pouring in, dates and appointments are being set, product presentations, (called schoolhouses) are being prepared... and well, quilts are feverishly being finished...

I am no different. I have two schoolhouse presentations at this Fall market. One for my new Book, Traditions Made Modern,(pre-order here)  coming-out in January, and one other schoolhouse for my exciting new products! Details coming soon! 

I've been sleeping like a rock this past week from all the creating going on over here at the Bumble Beans Studio!
I'm hand finishing some details on the last few quilts. (above)
10 quilts were made in all. Two last week, three in the last two days. the very last piece is on my long arm now.
Three need binding to be finished. All need labels  sewn on.

I am in the home stretch! I am hoping to have them all done by Friday!! Wahoo! They are so much fun to make... though, so I am not complaining, I find I can really find my creative groove this time of year, and things just flow...And I plan on showing you them all  in posts, next week!  YAY!!

Off to bind!

Have any of you gone to the International Quilt Festival?

See some of my old posts about it, here. some are pretty funny. LOL

I love your comments...please...


  1. I can not believe what you can make when you are "in the groove". I've never been to quilt market, but I really wanna go.

  2. its on the bucket list I need to go! can't wait to see your new quilts….glad your sleeping most designers this time of year are running on so little sleep! so am I going to need all these need products????

  3. I have never been to the Houston show. How do you make three quilts in two days?! Gosh, I need to know your secret so I can get more done! I will be thinking about you sending good thoughts that you get everything done by Friday.

  4. Have a great trip to Houston. I've never been, maybe one day. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  5. I'll join in with those never beens, probably won't either as I don't fly or take long road trips anymore Wish you lived next door, I would help with the binding, love doing that! I like how your quilts look all piled up, looking forward to seeing them spread out.

  6. Those quilts look yummy! I have never been but it sounds like fun.
    It would be great to see so many quilty celebrities!

  7. You amaze me truly! And about the quilt festival, I am sure you are gonna miss me stalking you like I did last year (remember? LOL), but I will be on a trip photographing nature in a wonderful place at the same time as the festival this year. Next year maybe? :) Have a wonderful time!

  8. Houston was on my bucket 5 years ago for my 50th bday my sisters and mother surprised me with tickets (airplane and festival) as well as hotel arrangements. we stayed at that hotel connected to the convention center. They appreciate quilts but aren't quilters. At one point, I sat them down and said I loved them dearly but I really wanted to see everything there and they just could not keep up with me. (You know how it is when you can walk quickly past with quick glance at quilts you aren't particularily interested in and then have to stop and really study others while someone else with you just strolls leisurely thru exhibits. ) I knew I wasn't going to see everything at the rate they were browsing! They completely understood and I did see everything. Loved it!! I am writing a quilt book so maybe one day I will go back for quilt market!

  9. I live in Houston so I am lucky enough to go to the festival every year. It's a disappointment though that there are very, very few modern quilt classes. I was hoping that you will come to H-town and put on a class for us


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