Friday, November 2, 2012


I could have kissed the ground when I got off the plane today... It took forever getting into the city with the traffic restrictions, but I made it! Strangely, we are one block away from all the power outages. One side of the street is dark and Dunkin donuts is packed with people across the street... go figure!  They are hoping power will be back on tonight for many of these blocks...We will see.
And I am HAPPY that the marathon will go on! The event brings money to the city, and a fabulous Encouraging vibe to the whole place, just what we need right now! OK, I guess the mayor changed his mind..LOL.. This city knows how to bounce back...

Here is what fit in my luggage. LOL! (I had to ship a suitcase home that was full of stuff including my giveaway goodies! so hopefully FED EX can get here... We've only had one MAIL delivery this week...(guess the wind rain snow and sleet does not include Hurricanes!)  Above is all vintage fabric except for the hand dyed pieces lower right hand corner from Wendy Richardson, oh and the far right bottom..that's new... I scored on the vintage fabrics...  Those small bundles, were 50 cents! Whoop Whoop!
This is sure fun! Yes! a big bundle of repro's...I'm a sucker for these colors... the whole thing looks like candy!
AAQI quilts!  Every year I make some and Buy some. This year, I can Happily say, that I saw so many NAMES on the quilts that I recognized! If I could have bought them all, I would have. Michele L, Miki W, Yumi T, Brenda S, etc etc etc...  So, above is a piece I randomly bought, because I love Edward Gorey! And Below, Is Brenda's!

New to festival this year, Pokey Bolton (pop over to her blog for more pics of festival and market) added a postcard drive for $$$ for animal shelters I believe int eh Houston area. I randomly, spotted this one, flipped it over, and saw it was by Kathy York, who is in our GROUP quilt! so I had to buy that!
Speaking of our group quilt... Below is Frances, she is the one who started the idea in motion for this quilt. She's good at shipping people into creative shape! You may recall OLD posts of me, Hoodie, and Michele up at her place in Vermont...(old posts here) we had so much fun putting this together.

Tuesday night I went to the AWARDS event. That, was fun! Above is best in Show,
America, Let It Shine

 and the one below (my absolute favorite) was the other big FOUNDERS AWARD winner...

 Hot Africa
 And my Friend, Leslie with her BLUE ribbon for the Digital category!
First Place
Amsterdam Alley: The Shortcut Between

I also had this quilt, "J Rock Star" in the MODERN exhibit, along with our NYC MOD GROUP quilt "Cutting Edge Conglomerate"
 ** That is my Simplicity dress I had made!! Looks good?

And lastly, "Color Quartet" in the IN FULL BLOOM exhibit. This was a group quilt I was a part of last year. (Rayna Gillman, myself, Tonye Belinda Phillips, and Shelly Sutton.) So happy to see it hanging, and in the Show catalog!

I'm about to drop off to sleep.
I'm exhausted!

Welcome home to me!

Will do another post later, on all the gorgeous quilts that caught my eye.

** ALSO, As I had to SHIP back the PRIZE for the

Glorious Autumn Block Party & Giveaway

I will post the winner on NOV. 7th.  Fed ex says they should be able to deliver on the 6th... Everything is running a bit slow here right  now...  Thanks!

So you cans till pop over to that post and enter the giveaway!


  1. You know I am sooooo glad you are home safely!! I am also thrilled that you had your book debut at Market, while I was there. I LOVE your book. So funny story... the Best of Show quilt... as I was walking away from it totally in AWE... I said to Pam... "that is worthy of a Best of Show"! Maybe I should be a judge. And the Founders Award that was your favorite... was also mine! I thought it looks like a beautiful rug. Anyway, glad you are home!!

  2. I beg to disagree regarding your enthusiasm over the marathon. Mayor Bloomberg was right to cancel it. Many families have lost everything. Let's give them some respect.

  3. So glad you made it home safely. I look forward to seeing more of your photographs from your adventure in Houston. I am glad your family and home stayed warm and dry.

  4. Welcome home! I'm glad your place is safe and warm and lit. I'm wondering, I'm collecting quilt blocks and making quilts to send up to NY and NJ, but I don't have a contact yet for dissemination. Might you have leads on organizations or agencies that I might want to contact to get these quilts into the hands of the people who need them?

  5. So glad you made it, and are safer tucked in at home!

  6. Glad you made it home, i know people that were stuck and are just getting home too, I am busy sewing away and gathering items to bring to the shelters in my town for my neighbors, friends, and family. I never thought I would see my home, my county look like this.

  7. I am glad to hear that everything was ok when you got home. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I enjoyed seeing your photos, you look wonderful with your quilts.


  8. Dear Sally,
    Your definitley welcome to your opinion.
    I give respect by the quilt drive I've started. I get out to help volunteer and help this who have lost everything. This city knows how to rally. I love NYC!
    Thanks for your comment!

  9. It's always good to get home and sleep in your own bed. I'll bet it's doubly true this time! Sleep well.

  10. We just left the show for our hotel and are enjoying the "wonderful" Houston traffic. I'm glad to hear you made it home safe.

  11. Glad you got home safely and found everything well. And congrats on such a successful launch to your book. I saw photos on someone's blog of a line of people waiting to buy your book - congrats, how exciting!!

  12. Awesome. Glad you are home safe and sound! Looks like it was just a great trip! I had to ship a suitcase full of fabric home last year, too! LOL.

  13. Welcome Home! I'm so glad you got home safely, I was worried about you.
    Looks like you had a terrific time.
    Enjoy your homecoming and rest up :0)

    Happy Sewing

  14. Welcome home, glad you are safe with your family. You look great in your dress. Love all the pictures. DD probably has WiFi, along with plugs for charging phones.

  15. so happy to know you made it back home safe
    I had plans to go to the Houston Show but I spent last week in the hospital so I figured I better stay home.
    Your quilts are beautiful....

  16. LOVE your Cutting Edge Conglomerate!! and the Color Quartet! Awesome that it was honored by being in the show catalog! Well done! and, YES, your dress is so lovely and looks perfect on you!

  17. I know how good you must feel to be home, even if you are tired. Lovely quilts! So glad so many of you share your visits to Market so that all of us that don't go feel like we were there!
    Hope each day brings more power, less chaos, food and shelter. We survived Hurricane Camille so I feel for everyone affected by this storm.

  18. Welcome home! Glad to hear you finally got back safely. Dress looks fantastic as have all your blog posts! Thanks for sharing as always!

  19. So glad you're home safely. I know it was a long trip for you! I'm glad you had fun. I had fun the part I got to spend with you!


  20. V, is BASICS still wanting quilts? I'm thinking yes, but with Sandy flipping your area upside down, is there a different place that is organizing any distribution? Please post once you get info, I'm sure many want to help.

  21. I spoke with Luana at last week, so if you want to make quilts for Sandy Victims, Please, If you are interested in donating a quilt, watch her eQuilter newsletter and we'll let you know the details as it all comes together. Thanks,

    Also, basics will continue to distribute quilts, so you can always send there as well.

  22. Whew! So happy to hear that you made it home and had electricity upon your arrival. Congratulations on a wildly successful trip to Houston!

  23. Glad you didn't lost electricity during Sandy. Our machines don't operate well with out LOL.

    Thanks for the Huston eye candy :)

  24. Looks like you had a great Festival! I also scored big with the vintage fabrics & an autographed copy of 15 Minutes of Play! I saw you dashing by a few times but was too shy to introduce myself. :-)

  25. thanks for all the pictures so I can enjoy this vicariously. and thanks for the shoutout for my AAQI quilt! glad it got a great home!

  26. Victoria! We must have been standing right next to each other when we snapped the photos of Hot Africa
    by JANNEKE DE VRIES-BODZINGA because our photos look almost identical! i just posted my quilt photos this morning on my blog:

    I can't believe how many quilts I missed. I guess I should have done the quilt show BEFORE I went to the vendor's mall. ;) My feet were exhausted!

  27. My lovely friend, I enjoyed every single minute I was in your company while in Houston! Your quilts in the show were so gorgeous.
    Congratulations, again, on the success of your book.
    I'm glad you are safely home.


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