Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back to WI

Besides all the market-madness-sewing here all this week, (I made another quilt top yesterday!) I'm also squeezing in the opening reception at the New Britain Museum of American Art on Sunday, then...
Tuesday, I fly to Wisconsin to visit my Double Wedding Ring Quilts!  June to October flew by so fast, I can hardly believe it.

Well, I will reunite with my quilts with Nancy Zieman, of Sewing with Nancy! We are taping two episodes that will air,  in January... Will keep you posted...Nancy came for a visit just before my exhibit opened and had a tour around of the quilts. I felt so special!
I'm quite excited to share them with you, on the show!

I'll be back in Wisconsin at the WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts in January, 

Do not be afraid of the DWR!  

We will work on how to piece, and how to add some Improvisation to your design, so you too, can make your own unique, fabulous, Double Wedding ring quilt.  Like snowflakes, no two will look alike! The class piece is a four ring quilt. enough for you to learn your curve piecing and put together a sweet small quilt, or take it on home and make it larger!

Sign up for the class here.    

Come play with us! it will be fun, I promise!

Thank you Wisconsin Museum of Quits & Fiber Arts for sharing my quilts.
I'm touched, honored and humbled.


  1. Nice family pic with your quilts in the background.
    I've made a number of DWR quilts back in the day before I ever heard that they were supposed to be difficult. Too much info out there today, so intimidating.

    Have a fun w/e.

  2. Wow, on shows with Nancy Z! You are doing so well and I love those quilts too.

  3. "Sewing With Nancy" sounds like great fun. Can hardly wait to see you two together!


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