Thursday, September 25, 2014

What are you NOT working on?

So...  I sat here contemplating my Christmas applique quilt from two years ago, and thought, 
I wonder what I was pondering two years ago TODAY!

So I went back in my blog to see Sept 25, 2012....
And guess what?

It seems I get itchy CHRISTMAS sewing fingers every year at this time!

2.5 blocks are made of this Christmas quilt...
Yet here it sits unfinished...
Along with a Christmas quilt started from each of the last three years.
You too?

Above, I played around in photoshop thinking if I see it all together, then maybe I would get it out and finish it! It's a reproduction of a vintage quilt I own, below... What would have been Red and Green ages ago,is nor red and beige...
I just LOVE big Four Block quilts...
You may have seen the post at Pat Sloan's blog,(Click here) about my current favorite quilt?
Yep, another giant four block quilt...

I started this project in applique because I thought It would go fast and easy.. Which it has, I just never have enough hours int eh day to sit and do the hand work, besides sewing on a BINDING on another quilt with a deadline. haha!   But... I do think I should pull this project out, and let it be my airplane travel work to get it done.. it's so close!! but yet so far.

**What quilt are you NOT working on?

;-) Have a great day!


  1. I still haven't finished my Micheal Miller challenge quilt from the MQG summer challenge. It's all cut out and even somewhat pieced. In the final stages of piecing I was interrupted by my hubby, who was out for a short spin on his motorcycle. "Honey, I'm bringing home with me three people from Philadelphia who need a place to stay tonight" Since I sew in our guest room I quickly packed up my in progress quilt top and put away all my sewing stuff for our impromptu guests. I still haven't gotten back to it. :-) They were very nice guests by the way. They had gone from Philly to AZ to Oregon and were now on their way back home. We all had a great visit!

  2. maybe its time to make a Christmas mashup quilt of all the ones you've started!

  3. Love your Christmas scarf! We have a new baby in the family due at Christmas so I'll be working on that as my holiday quilt. Pretty special.

  4. I have to many to mention...... But as always, tomorrow is another day and if/when I get what I am working on today done, I will get busy on what I am not working on. At least, that is what I tell myself!

    I like your 4 block quilt idea. I get teased because I work with small pieces (1.5" being fine with me) and to have me make a BIG piece project would shock some people!! Which is why I LOVE my 24" block patterns I have!! I am also not working on one of your project ideas - the front cover quilt on your 15 min of Play book is just over 1/2 done - but after I got all the 12" blocks done, I needed a break!!! So, the smaller blocks which I thought I could just fly through after the 12" one's, I am just stopped!! It is waiting for me to come back and play, I have it out in the open, not hidden away, so this one just might become a work-in-progress again!! No, it has too!!

    You say do 15 minutes a day of sewing, I for years now have said just go do 20 minutes - it is the same amount of time as a TV show, minus the commercials and if I can watch TV for 20 minutes, I can sew. I even time myself!!! Usually only when I feel like I want to do something else, I get myself to just play so when your book came out I had to laugh. Funny how small amounts of time create magical results.

    Have fun with your projects Victoria!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. I love this antique quilt, Wow!!!!! I always make one or two red and green quilts a year or red and white which I pull out at Christmas every year or give away :)
    but I am wanting to make a fall quilt with all of the bright fall colors and I would love to a Christmas quilt with fun Christmas fabric….old fashion Santa's or something just fun.

  6. As long as I'm sitting around here reading your blog, I'm not working on EVERYTHING! But otherwise, I have my fair share of UFOs or WIPs piled up. I ALWAYS do finish them in some form or fashion sooner or later because I just cannot bear the thought of letter something go to waste if I've already invested any significant time and fabric in it - and in this context, "significant" doesn't have to be very much at all.

  7. If I posted EVERYTHING I'm not working on, it would break the internet!
    No XMas quilts yet, but ya know... I have a lot of red fabrics, and a fair amount of greens. Something could happen with those if I put my mind to it.
    Have challenged myself to FINISH more projects than I start this year, so maybe I can finish a few more things before the holiday season, then work on a new XMas quilt around XMas-time, as a year-end treat? That's feeling like a fun plan!

  8. I have a lot of projects I am not working on and I am surprised by the ones I "am" working on.
    I have been getting frustrated with thread breakage in my FMQ action. So I keep giving up on that, but am desperate to finish. I have a large pineapple quilt to be basted and quilted but the thread breakage makes me pause...
    I haven't sewn any "holiday" pieces in awhile but could stand a tree skirt...
    It's fun seeing your Santa project - that was fun~

  9. Over the years, I've made several Christmas wall hangings and banners that I hang up for the holidays. My project this year is to finish all the Holiday Bee Blocks made by my friends and string them on the mantle like big greeting cards. Christmas bed quilts? Don't have enough time for those, thank you.

  10. I have a Christmas quilt I started about 15 years ago. It is from a Red Wagon book and is all plaids with a bunch of Angels. I am planning on getting it out and working on it as soon as I finish the tree skirts for each of my boys and their wives.
    I also love 4 block quilts and have a great old antique one from my Grandmother. I need to put a sleeve on it so I can hang it. It is 4 stars made out of diamonds.

  11. I love Christmas quitls so much that I do tend to finish them...not necessarily in time for Christmas, but eventually! :)

  12. No holiday quilts here, but lots that I'm not working on. Oldest is Poultry Quilt for a Chef. I started out to make a sampler of all the traditional blocks with poultry in the name. Turned out the colors were not the right shades so I set it aside to make the gift out of the right colors and never got back to it.


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