Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blocks, Fantastic!

Look at these cuties! New Santa Blocks came in from: Margaret C. Julianne K., Jennifer H, Ellen W, and Megan W, and Lauren S. I think I have that right! I love all the little things you guys did to make your blocks so unique! the little trees! The Great POP colors!, the paper piecing and wonky log cabins!! All so Very cute!!  Do you see the little Santa in the Flying Geese in the round block, by Ellen?  haha!

Here's all of them together so far. I love all the varied sizes, the more variety in sizes the better! Makes for really fun piecing! I do love a good puzzle!

...And here is why I got a bit confused with the Santa blocks! Look how many blocks came in for Susan's quilt today! Aren't these amazing? Each and everyone is so special and Fabulous!
Thank you to: Margaret C., Lisa M,  Vicki B, Helen B, Carol Eagen, Mary G, Megan W, Julianne K, Krista Q, Liz F ( Florone Liz?), Lisa R, Lynda D, Miki W, Lisa M, Suzanne M. and Michele Muska for all the fabulous Blocks today!
I was quite surprised when I open Vicki B's block! She embroidered "Prayers being sent your way!"  How awesome you all are for helping out. I so appreciate it, Michele is SO touched, and thanks all of you!  I look forward to getting this quilt finished up by next week, so we can get thsi shipped off to Susan, ASAP.


  1. What a bounty of blocks! I so wish I could have made a block for Susan's quilt ~ but sure looks like there's lots of love coming your way for her quilt. Our quilt show was fun, now it's done...and soooooo looking forward to a much needed vacay...after that, I'm back to sewing biz and Santa, baby! :))

  2. Oh how lovely are these blocks? This is going to have so much love and hugs stitched into it, fabulous!

  3. The Christmas Blocks would make great Christmas cards! Very pretty.3

  4. They all look great together! How awesome.

  5. Mine is done the Gwen medallion way, I made while at Gwen's retreat....it will be in the mail real soon.
    Love them all and what a cute quilt this will be V. !

    Happy Sewing


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