Saturday, September 27, 2014


Sometimes one needs to just sit and ponder...

Well, if you thought you missed the "sick" bullet a few days earlier, and you now find yourself red nosed and sneezy after all, you are more then happy to just SIT.

I'm nursing my tea, and hoping to get over these sniffles by Monday when I am at the  Keystone Quilters guild, in Quakerstown, PA!  I'll be laying in bed all day today, binding three quilts watching Netflix...
Any good recommendations?
I feel I've seen everything, and I'm a bit tired of over the top violent shows...

Honestly though, I did not sit around to much yesterday, I have six quilts on my design walls in my studio right now, and I worked a bit on every quilt.
Keeps they day going along nicely!

I will admit to nearly falling asleep in my blue chair yesterday...I took a mini break, and dozed for a few minutes...  
Yes the Blue DWR(Double Wedding Ring)  is still only design wall... It is a commission quilt for a client, until last week. 

Here's what happened.

My daughter came over to the studio and said, 
"Oh! I still love that Blue DWR so much. " 
She said, "Does it have to be a commission quilt? "
I said, "Why?"
She said, "Because I want it for my wedding quilt."

(My daughter is 14)

I said, "Really you like it that much?"
She said, "YES, it's so me!"
I said, "Well, then It's yours"

Am I the only one who makes her daughter a DWR wedding quilt at age of 14....
 How can I say now to her for that?


So when I was in MA, last week, I bought a whole new bag of BLUES, and have now drawn up an entirely new pattern for the NEW commission Blue DWR, (still due in April. ) LOL
Here's a peak inside my BAG OF GOODIES!!! 

Indigos with a few pops of bright inside... I can't wait to cut into them!

All of the quilts on my walls right now, are quilts made for commissions...
This means, that they are not for a magazine or quilting industry projects...
These are quilts I've been asked to make for various people. A few customers have 3-4 of my quilts already and they keep coming back for more. A few are new customers, who've seen my work either in magazines or at the Museum in Wisconsin.

Making a quilt for someone who truly loves what I make, is the biggest honor there is as a quilt maker. I always make the quilts I want to make.  Whether  it's a magazine quilt, or a commission, I get to make my own idea, my own fabric selections, my own designs.  And I feel very blessed that I get to do this...

I'm a kid in my own candy store, playing and finding JOY everyday in my workspace....
... And making one for your daughter, who comments on how beautiful a quilt is, 
that just melts my heart, and puts the cherry on top!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! I love how your studio is looking and each of those quilts is lovely. Clearly it was the right thing to take your time with that blue DWR so it could find its true owner. The new blues look like fun too.

  2. I just loved that your daughter asked for the dwr quilt for her wedding. Hope that wedding isn't too soon, not before 10 years anyway! : )
    I have an only daughter and she doesn't really care for quilts. : (
    Feel better quickly. Love your cozy studio and everything in it.

  3. Love the wedding quilt story ... I received my wedding quilt from my grandmother when I was 12 ...she said in case she wasn't still making quilts when I got married ...wise woman. Not a DWR but a treasured quilt!

  4. Your daughter knows a good thing when she sees it. She has excellent taste as I also hope to own one of your quilts someday. I hope you feel better soon. They say it is going to be a beautiful weekend

  5. Pondering....sometimes it is just nice to sit among all our quilty goodness...especially when the cold bug hits. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Have you seen Bill Cunningham New York? Also Waste Land about Brazilion artist Vik Muniz. I've been on an artist documentary kick lately.

  7. Hope you feel well soon! And your daughter is a smart girl with amazing taste! That quilt is the first thing I noticed!😄

  8. The Magic of Belle Isle is a nice feel-good movie on Netflix. So is Tortilla Soup. Feel better soon! Being sick sucks... Curl up in a quilt and get some rest.

  9. The Good Wife, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey -- those are my top picks for binge watching! Too bad I'm not close enough to bring you my chicken soup with garlic and ginger and star anise in it -- it makes my family feel better!

  10. Your post today reminds me why I love to quilt. I've been doing some recuperating lately and watched Downton abbey (not a fan) and then Call the Midwife(loved it). I watched a few old musicals like Singing in the Rain and Meet me in St. Louis. That was happy.

  11. That's a sweet story. I love what's on your wall right now!
    Here's my pics if you haven't seen them: Doc Martin series, the Accidental Husband (Uma Therman - clean but funny), Single Handed (Irish cop drama series - very good), the Buccanneers (season 1), not fitting the non-violence theme but I really like it - the Blacklist - season 1. Brooklyn 99 and Playing House are also good comedy choices.

  12. I recommend "Slings and Arrows", a series about a Canadian summer-Shakespeare theater and all its intrigues. Each season basically focuses on one Shakespeare play, and the line between illusion and reality becomes quite blurred! You are lucky to have such fabulous design walls! I wish I could do more contemplating, but usually I'm forced into decisions early on or have to look at just parts of quilts.

  13. Your studio is just.....o my.....full of light....inspiring.....and working perfectly for you!
    I too like to have everything up on the wall ready for the next piece!
    And now the twist for your DWR for your daughter! Each piece will now take on a whole new emotion for you...this is truly why we quilt right? E

  14. yes, I endorse the movie Tortilla Soup - sweet, heartwarming movie. Will make you feel better for sure.

  15. Bless B...every time I start a quilt my daughter tells me how 'different' we are because it just isn't 'her'. When all the pieces are cut out and on the design wall she reconsiders. By the time it's quilted and the binding is going on she is 'convinced' I secretly made it for her because it 'defines' her....

  16. Yes I can recommend kool movies you may not have seen ! I captured the Castle ? How to Make an American QUilt ? I.Q. with Walter Mathau ...The Love Letter with Kate Capshaw, and A Year in Provence , Peter Mayle..Enjoy

  17. I have had "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" on my watch list for a long time. I watched it a couple of nights ago and I highly recommend it. It is funny and poignant especially to those of us who are errrrrr ummm over 30. (me being more over it than you are I am sure.)

  18. I know exactly what you mean about the thrill of making a quilt for somebody who really loves and appreciates your quilts. It makes all the difference! I've made plenty of quilts for people who, on receiving them, were fairly underwhelmed - some could hardly bother to thank me! Those people I don't make a second quilt for. But those who really love and appreciate my quilts, can have almost as many as they want.

  19. Hope you get better soon! That is really wonderful that your daughter loved the quilt and now you are making it for her! What could be better than that?

  20. I love all the quilts.I really love the big blue one in the first photo. It must be great to have all that space for a design, I would love to have the space for one. It's so lovely that the DWR spoke to your daughter and it will be hers when it's finished.

  21. The best reason in the world for quilting is LOVE!

  22. This is such a sweet post. It's what makes blogging so incredible. The blue DWR story is so special. Thanks for sharing.


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