Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quilters Take Manhattan

 Photo recap!
Amazing quilts belonging to Mark Dunn of MODA

Goody bags galore! Ready for action!

 Mark Lipinski in fine form...

 Karla from Cherrywoods, and the amazing WICKED quilts!! Simply amazing!

 Melanie Testa doing her Go tell it talk about her quilt.

 Author Book signings! 

pre orders are available at my website!

 Labeling demos with Leslie Tucker Jenison
 Quilt MATCH! Encyclopedia in the middle.
 John Kubinec on the end...
 Allie Aller on the other end, and came out the WINNER!

 Got to meet blog friends, FACE TO FACE!!! Hello UPSTATE LISA!!!
 I whipped up Roderick's Signature blocks from the book party on Thursday and gave it to him on Saturday!!

 MINIS are happening in show and tell and in class today!

 Amy Butler looking radiant...

A fabulously FUN day!!!
Then it was onto the party at my place... a few pics to come later...

Have a great SUNDAY!!


  1. That looks like it was SO FUN! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. It looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. How wonderful! I so wish I had been there. Thanks for sharing so many photos for those of us that are too far away. Sniff. And you made his quilt in less than 48 hours? Seriously? Is there nothing you can't do?? LOL

  4. Hmm, another few years and I want to be there for QTM!
    Just need to post off DD to college first!
    I have preordered your book on amazon, can't wait!


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