Monday, August 5, 2013


Saturday while I was still in NYC, I had a few pals over to chat and hand sew.  My friend Lynn Roddy Brown from Texas, was up visiting, so I gathered a few pals to have a little sewing bee.  Lynn and I met last year at fall Festival in Houston, when we were seated next to each other at our book signings...  You may recall the post, about that... We were having such a ball, that we were reminded that if we weren't having so much fun, we might sell some books.  haha! Well, we did sell a lot of books, and we sold each others books!  She's scrappy, I'm scrappy, we were hawking those books left and right, and became instant friends.  (Never mind the fact that she had half of Texas lined up to buy one or all of her three books...lucky me, I could steal a few!)  hehe
Anywho... Margaret brought a top that she was tearing paper off the back of... and some hand work on her DWR challenge! So fun to see everyone working on their DWR's!
Are you?

Kim was appliquéing some circles down, for the NYC MOD bee. How cute is it?  Gotta love dots!

Miss Helen, brought some EPP hexagons to play with. and Lynn and I worked on Bindings.  Mostly we chatted and giggled a lot, ( and had sugar and caffeine, so we were good to go!)

I'm so happy to say I finished a binding on a small quilt that was taking me forever to finish! LOL!  It  feels good to have it done, I don't know why some projects make you procrastinate more then others!?? This is the Birds of Paradise quilt... OLD POST HERE the embroidery pattern for the BIRDS is in my shop.. one day I will get the rest of my shop set up... (Pattern here) ...MORE TIME PLEASE!!!

It was a lovely day with friends.. I need to make more time to do that...
Do you belong to a local quilt group in your area besides a guild?


  1. What a fun day! I go to my local quilt shop on Mondays and sew with a bunch of others. It's great to have that day to work without interruption. Well...except for the chatting. And the lunch. And the laughter. And the shopping. Oh dear. :_

  2. What a great day!! Nice to see Helen and Kim!! So glad you were able to have some fun time!

  3. it is nice to see that no matter where quilters are - in the big city or in the country we can bring bits and pieces of fabric in various stages of being quilts and get together and laugh and have fun - just like the quilters of years gone by - what a great thing quilting is!!

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  5. What a nice relaxing day with friends! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely afternoon! Looks like a grand time was had by all.

    Happy to say yes, I belong to a small sit-and-stitch group that gets together a few times a month for hand-sewing and sometimes knitting also. Some meetups are more sit-and-chat-and-eat-cookies than sit-and-stitch, and that's nice, too.

  7. Nothing beats stitching with friends!! I meet with my stitching girlfriends every Friday and other friends a couple of times a month. Love it!!

  8. The second picture, with the wonky squares, what is that pattern? I just love it. I would love, love to make one.


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