Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sleeves and procrastination.

Putting on a sleeve.... Why do I loathe them so much? I can do a binding with pure joy, but make me put  sleeve on my quilt, an I can make the job last all day.
Now. I know that you can put them on by machine under the binding. 
I don't, for two reasons. 
One, I don't put sleeves on unless I absolutely have to.  (basically it's torture)
(Had I known this quilt would need a sleeve, wait, no I still wouldn't have put one on then)
and two, Some shows ask specifically not to put your sleeves on under the binding, so, 
If I had done that , then I'd have to do the sleeve over... TWICE? OH! no way ...not happening.
So I do them once, When I have too, and I complain and whine about all day long.
(How do I make my sleeves? )
SEE HERE. scroll down to see download how to make a quilt sleeve.

Case in point.

9am Tuesday.

10am Tuesday...

1pm Tuesday

 2pm Tuesday

Well now I can't do much of anything with Jenny Egg snoring in my lap...
so I might as well check my Facebook...
Well, now maybe I FB about how much I hate sleeves....

oh wait, I need to check my email.
Jenny Egg, get off the quilt...
 Thread broke.
back to FB.

3:30pm well, only 12" left...

Oh, but Jenny Egg is so cute, and Boo is sleeping too, maybe I need a nap also...

 Can't sleep, maybe I will read a little....(click here)
4:15pm Tuesday
hmmm, not right now. maybe before bed...

4:25... FINALLY! It's done!!!  How many hours was that?

I'm sure NONE of you can relate... Right?
(tell me I'm not alone)

(although there are good rewards for hard work)



  1. You are not alone! I can *definitely* relate!

  2. Besides labels, sleeves are one of the things I dislike like to do. I rarely do them, only when there is a request. I can find lots of other things to do besides do sleeves!

  3. I can do a sleeve ok, but it takes me months to tie off threads and bury them in the quilt. I guess we all have our sticking points!

  4. You need to contract sewing those sleeves out, think of all the fun stuff you could have been doing all day. I hate doing sleeves too.

  5. So, I made my brother and wife a quilt for their anniversary. I had a friend quilt it; she finished in record time, giving me 10 days to get it bound front to back. Easy peasy, right? I waited until last night to do it...took me all of 20 minutes! Now, why on earth did I put it off for so long and have to do it the last minute???

    No, Victoria, you are not alone....

  6. I, too, hate that last step!!!! I do love the gelatto you're eating though!!!

  7. I have never and will never show a quilt and the ones I make I want hugged, played with and handled. That being said adding a sleeve would be a huge irritation to me since the back is normally as well thought out as the front. But unlike Stephanie I love labels. I have an embroidery machine and it allows for cross over of the hobbies.

  8. I'm horrified to hear some shows don't want the sleeves under the binding! I don't mind sewing them on (under the binding!) but I hate sewing both them down, and the binding to the back.

  9. Thanks for Libby's sleeve tutorial. Have been cutting mine 8" wide for many years. I recently had to replace a sleeve for a show which required a 4" sleeve. What a pain to do it over! It's never too late to learn...

  10. I don't mind sewing on sleeves, but then again I don't do it very often. I bad about getting labels on finished quilts at the last minute.

  11. Oh dear, that's bad news about shows not wanting under-binding sleeves. No wonder it takes all day! That, and the napping. I do my sleeves while lounging on a deck chair, too: natural light helps, and it's an easy transition to the napping part of the agenda.

    I eat Talenti gelato exactly the same way, BTW, and will not publicly confess how much of it got consumed last weekend. Am in the final throes of a super-tedious not-sewing project today, and expect that some "Tahitian Vanilla" (OMG, folks, it is soooo good! Whoever says vanilla is "plain" or "boring" has NOT tried this one!) will find its way into my grocery cart when I do errands later...

  12. Really not under the binding! Horrors... that is how I do all mine... saves tons of time! But more so gives you more time to eat Talenti out of the container! I see there wasn't much left for sharing?

  13. I stitch mine under binding, and if I can get away with it, I'll baste the other edge down with my sewing machine, just as I do with my bindings. Saves my hands quite a bit. I only sew sleeves on wall hangings though.


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