Saturday, August 3, 2013


Robin from a little sewing came by today! Every so often I do private classes, and I have so much fun doing so! Robin was lovely!  She brought a top she was working on based on 15 minutes, and I'd say she had a pretty fantastic start! First off it's orange, Hello! My favorite color! And scrappy MADE FABRIC fabulous! She's lucky she was able to peel it off my wall... I'd be happy to keep that for her, and finish it for myself!  LOL!  
We worked on double wedding rings! She whipped it right up, being the well oiled Seamstress that she is! Pop over to her blog and say hi...

Thanks for a great day today!  I'm all inspired! In fact, It's not today any more, and I'm still sewing!

Yep... I whipped up a DWR goodie! I used Mary Koval's Fabrics for Windham...  I made one project from the fabrics, and now making another...I'm hooked!  I'll be there on the 25th of this month! (Call the store to sign up for my lecture!  (814) 310-2278,

Just after the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Pittsburgh! Aug 22-23-24 (sign up for my workshops there as well!) Will you be there? I feel the challenge to use every last scrap of it!

Yes, I got a bit carried away... I think I have used every last scrap...But I was having to much fun!
Oh well!

Gotta keep those DWR challengers inspired!
Are you making one?
Ask Robin, It wasn't so hard, was it? Not at all!

Alright.. I'm off to bed for me...A few pals are coming
by tomorrow... Time to talk quilts!
Texas scrap style!

Maybe I can get Lynn, to make a DWR too!

Find some playtime today, what will you be sewing?

Then go sign up to see me in Pittsburgh and at Mary's... It will be fun! (Beatrice will be there too!)

Contact me here for private classes.


  1. ohmygosh, your block (the one using Mary Koval's Fabrics for Windham) turned out great! I love how the lines of the DWR are there, but so subtle.
    The possibilities really are endless.
    You sure do sew fast! It took me all day to get used to your Juki (lucky it didn't slip into my backpack ;-)
    (I love that machine!)

  2. I had some play time with a quilty friend yesterday - long time coming and we got so much done!

  3. I started my DWR just before our summer break and I can't wait to get back to it. This will be so fun challenge! Thank you for organizing it! Here's my WIP:

  4. Whooops, I should be finishing today's desk-work pile instead of blog cruising! Gotta earn some sewing time for this afternoon: there's a One-Block-Wonder to finish up and get off the design wall, so a DWR something can go up there. Have fabric and plan, and am itching to get started...

  5. Love your colorful block.I`ve never done DWR,love it though is a little tricky for me.

    1. I know just what you mean, I get confused when I read instructions, so it is helpful to see someone else do it! It's not hard once someone shows you, step-by step!!

  6. I love that kind of visitor! What a fun day you all had. Yes, I'm working on my DWR, hand piecing takes longer, but it's okay, I love it!


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