Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesdays work in progress

A quilting day... I took the best part of the day yesterday to start stitching in the ditch my "Quilters Play Manhattan" Quilt... Then I will plan what I will quilt inside.. I have and idea, and can see some embroidery to come on it as well...
The Quilt Alliance will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary in 2013!
Did I show this quilt top finished here?
Maybe not..
Well here it is again... My brain is a bit fried and I cant' recall what is on 15 Minutes and what posted here.. I am so ready for a African vacation, (Purely a family vacation) No phone, no computer! No sewing machine! LOL!  Plus one throws Christmas into the mix, good grief! What day is it?

Back to this quilt... It will be auctioned off in 2013 for the Quilt Alliance!
And if you want to see where the back ground blocks where made, you can see the old post here. 
"Quilters Play Manhattan" 70" X 70"

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I also snuck in a few more Santa blocks for my Santa Kitchen sink quilt, I realized I need to pick up some more "Santa" Fabric at City Quilter on Thursday when I am there. I sent out everything I had, and I could only scrap a few other "Santas" together to finish off my quilt!

I'm sifting through the quilts in the book 15 Minutes Play, trying to decide which ones to take along and share! I think Jenny Egg is worried I'm moving out! That is a lot of quilts tucked into that bin! I'm sure she wishes she could be sleeping on top of them!

 Should be fun! I am excited to share the quilts with everyone! Hope to see you there!

Also! December Designers Lizzy B creative has the Final Aurifil Designer block up! Go see!


  1. Yes i have seen that quilt but certainly dont mind seeing it again. It is so lovely.

  2. Victoria, that quilt is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do with it, especially the star center. How I wish I could see your trunk show in person, sigh. Lucky ladies. I've loved seeing all the blog posts about your book. Still trying to get a copy :)!! Have a great day.

  3. Great quilt. I especially like the background. Your vacation may be without a sewing machine, but I predict some African fabric in your future! Have a fabulous trip,

  4. Haha! Jenny DOES look a bit worried! Have fun at the trunk show tonight.

  5. If you run sort on Santa's, I'll bet you I could find some in my stash. ;-)

  6. I really, really, really love this quilt, Victoria!


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