Monday, September 5, 2011

Packing day: BACK TO NYC

 Where the H,E Double Hockey Sticks, did Summer go?

I feel like I just wrote this post HERE, whining about packing my, well guess what? 
Now I am whining because I have to move it all back tomorrow! (I'm not ready for NYC)

We had a VERY busy summer, and I have to say,
 I don't think I enjoyed summer as
 much as I have other years... I barely got in the pool, 
I had one time to get my Harley out for a spin, 

We also had some super awesome moments...
London, Spain, MN... my Mother and aunt visited, 
and having our Niece and her daughter (from the UK)
 here for 5 days which turned into 12 days because of Hurricane IRENE.

They, Alice and Robyn, made it home yesterday, a day before the 
young one goes back to school.
It was so nice to have them here. I think it was all meant to be.

Alice taught me how to make these SUPER cute little clutch bags... 
She's so great at making bags! hop over to her blog to see.
So as I have been PACKING, 
(you can see how much packing I've gotten done today)

I made one complete clutch, then two more, and then, 
found the scrap bits from having a quilt longarmed, and thought,
 the extra scrap quilted bits would make a nice bag for Boo... 

so then I made that, with a matching clutch of course!

The dogs are my hand models today...

 Her tutorial she gave me to make thee is from

 Back early in the summer, I bought my hubby this pale blue gingham shirt on sale from lands end.
 I thought MAYBE he might not like it, and I could cut it up to make it into a quilt.... 
NOPE. He loved it, so I had to go buy my own to cut up... 
then I bought two others because.

That's it. 
Just because.
( I found these today while I was packing)

I feel a shirt quilt coming up!

(after I finish packing... did I mention I should be PACKING right now??)

Here's this weeks, BASICS quilt together...  
Cutting a backing today (WHILE I AM PACKING!) ;-)

Have you found a quilt that you can donate to BASICS? 


Scott from Blue Nickel Studios is asking for a BLOCK to be sent to him
 and he will make them into quilts for BASICS!  

Hop over to his blog for details!

Also add your name to the LINKY in the last post if you've sent a quilt!  
Add your quilt pic to FLICKR too!

I'm off to pack.
(I hate packing)


  1. I couldn't believe your heading - I agree - you've just moved there. I had to laugh about the shirt your husband liked. I bought one from the charity shop to cut up but it was too nice and I wore it instead, although I still give it sideways looks as it is perfect patchwork fabric.

  2. I don't know where the **** summer went either. I am NOT ready for fall, at all!
    Pack is a four letter word as well as move.
    Love the shirts.

  3. Will go check Scott's blog out.
    I think I would stay there till it gets cold, lol.



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