Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Home sweet NYC Home

Heading back to NYC.

 I'm all packed, I have almost everything into the car....

Boo says, "Mom, where are the dogs going to sit?"


 That's why they were giving me that look....

 LOL, oh well, a bit of a shuffle, and I am sure one will be on Boo's lap and
 one will be on mine...
We're heading back to NYC as you are probably reading this...

 Trying to pack yesterday is always an adventure. I get so sidetracked it's ridiculous...

I decided it was the time to cut apart all the rest of the uniforms for this commission quilt.
And start another challenge on the 15 minutes site...  with the scraps for Quilts of VALOR.

Wanna play? And do a good deed? 
hop over the the site and read the details...
 I may need more than 24.


 I decided it was time to get the blocks from my MARCH retreat put 
together into a top...
Not time like the present! I just love it!!!
 I used up all the bits and blocks they gave me to play with!  
Karen, Jessica, Jackie, 
LeeAnnJessica (made me two!), Helen, 
Mine, Andrea, and Kim,
Bonnie gave me a bunch of bits instead of a house... 
I used them for the borders.

After that I quickly unplugged my sewing machines 
and packed then into the car.
  It was 6pm and I still needed to a wash and pack my clothes...

But then I was sidetracked by Karen, of the selvage quilter...

She posted this hand pieced cotton dress, and, 
well, you know, 
 I had to go and purchase it.

Me and my cotton dress obsession.

Not that I'd wear it, I might...  we'll see... 

But I thought I had to have it in my collection.

I mean really, how could it not?

I'll model it for you when I get it. 
hehe, What a hoot.


  1. oh noooo, the poor puppies! can't leave them behind!!! wonderful retreat quilt - very fun!

  2. You bought the dress! I'm looking forward to seeing the post where you model it. Do you have a pill hat with a little net over your eyes? No, that's too formal. Maybe Keds sneekers. Haha, you'll get it right. Do M and B think you've completely lost it?
    Love the retreat quilt too. At first I didn't recognize my block!
    Welcome home. :)

  3. They have the funniest expressions, lol.
    Hope you trip home was uneventful. Who would have known our mother's mumu's would become so popular;)


  4. The retreat quilt is just great. Love it. Ha, ha about the dress. I saw that on Karen's site. :-)

  5. Love the quilt! I just knew that all those blocks would live together so nicely!! For me, I am certainly looking forward to seeing you model the dress! I am will Karen... Keds might just be the thing!

  6. I can't believe you actually got the car packed. It sounds like you had a little trouble focusing on the task. The dogs look miffed. Perhaps they are not ready for NYC either. My daughter started her job today at a clinic on the lower east side. She's living in CT while searching for a studio in the city.

  7. i just have to say that dress is... mmm.. what are the words I want.. mmmm.. symmetrical... yes.. it is Symmetrical....

  8. Wahoo for the retreat quilt! Love it! Hope B. enjoys the last day of freedom!!! Hugs.


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