Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer time in NYC = HOT!

 Hey! I finished a quilt top today! ( and sadly it wasn't my geese!) 
Still no geese flying over here...
But I did finish up this quilt back when my mother came to visit... 
We cut up all the leftover fabrics from my scrap pins and whipped up these
big circles inspired by Lynne at Lilly's quilts.
The photo doesn't read very well, but the backing is a pink with purple, and around it a 
brown and purple stripe... It's a very LIGHT quilt for me, 
and I was so inspired by the 97 degree day we had to day to take the DARK 
quilt on my bed off, and thought, I want THIS one done for the summer!
I planned when I made this quilt that it would be a WORKHORSE quilt... 
get it quilted and put it to use... It was a fast fun quilt to make.
My studio is a total mess... 
One more day to pack everything left to take
it out of the city for the summer...
pinch me.... I can't wait!

Next week London and Spain!
Any Barcelona peeps peeps out there?
wondering if they have any quilt shops at all...

Don't forget, the last post has a Pattern GIVEAWAY....
leave your comments before Friday 9 am.

I'm in need of a good trashy summer read...
got any good suggestions?

I have Cleopatra Sitting here to take along
... Has anyone read it?


  1. "A Reliable Wife" really good, full of surprises (and trashy).

  2. I am so traveling vicariously through you! I read the Margaret George Cleopatra novel- it was SO good I finished the 900+ pages in 2 days! Let me know if this one is good too! I love the quilt BTW- it's so summery and sweet!

  3. Your summer quilt is looking perfect!
    We had 103 degrees yesterday - yes - here in MN!
    Have a great trip. Stay healthy.

  4. Have a safe trip. MY BIL and SIL are on vacation in Spain for two weeks. LUCKY PEOPLE!

  5. There is:
    Ribes& Casals
    BARCELONA C/ Roger de Llúria, 7- Tel. 93 343 79 00
    Horario : Lunes a Viernes de 9.30 a 20.00 y Sábados de 10.00 a 20.00
    I never when there (I live in France, it's 150 km from my hometown so I heard about but never got time to go during my holidays!) It's huge and you have to look everywhere Have fun!

  6. Me again :)
    Ok here is a link to a map for quilt shop in spain
    And for me a must do It Dali's museum in Figueras ... well if you like modern Art.....

  7. Love your summery quilt! I'll be looking forward to you sharing your trip with us.

  8. Happy Summer Victoria! Google patchwork in Barcelona. I was supposed to go visit a friend this summer .. not sure if it's going to happen or not, but I found two or three shops right in the center. Have fun!

  9. Figueras is fantastic, but be prepared to queue. If you can't be bothered to wait then just walk round the square and surrounding streets.

    I was going to suggest the cosman site. It's a bit out of dazte, but is a good source.

    Also apparently there is a good quilt shop in Columbia Road London, where the flower market is.

    Wish you could stop off here on your way through.

  10. It turned out just fabulous!! I love it on the bed!! No trashy read suggestions, but some good mysteries.

  11. thanks for the links Caroline & clare! We are going to be at all three of Dali's houses.. hubby is doing a symposium there! ;-)
    Figueras , Cadeques, etc, then up to Barcelona. thanks!

  12. The quilt is just fabulous. I've been reading a lot lately but nothing has made me want to suggest it to others. I look forward to getting some leads from your commenters.

  13. I agree on "A Reliable Wife" for a summer read with your criteria.

    The summer quilt is great. Really lightens up the room.

    Have a really wonderful time!!


  14. I read "A reliable wife" last year.... I need some other trashy read...;-)
    Need more ideas!

  15. Oh Victoria your new quilt just says summer to me! Images of sunny summer days, spinning bicycle wheels, ferris wheels, happy and carefree!

  16. I SO LOVE THIS QUILT!!! Great job!

  17. Love those huge Dresdens!!!
    Have a great trip abroad, and soak up all that inspiration :-)

  18. FABULOUS quilt! You will have a GREAT time in London and Spain! For great books that everyone has read but ME are The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl that played with Fire (I am in the middle of that one) and then the third that is The Girl that kicked the Hornet's Nest...EVERYONE told me these were MY kinda books but I resisted. FINALLY I read the Dragon Tattoo and now onto the second. They are WONDERFUL!!!

  19. have fun sweets!! and I WANT A WHEEL quilt!!! serious... love...

  20. if you're in Barcelona don't miss the Gaudi houses. A lot of quilting and PW patterns here :-))

  21. Please send some heat out west. We saw the sun for a couple of days and it's disappeared again.
    OK, your sewing area...what can I say ;-) Your quilt top, FABULOUS. Your upcoming trip, it's going to be amazing! Travel safe, have fun and take lots of great photos.

  22. If you like historical fiction Kathleen Woodiwiss (spelling?)
    writes interesting stories. There is little trash in it. "Ashes in the Wind" is one of her best. This was written years ago but it's one of my favorites, it is set in the south just as the Civil War is ending. You can probably find it in used book stores. I wish I had time to mail you my copy before your trip!


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