Friday, April 1, 2011

two oldies nearly done!


Here are two Quilts that have been sitting here and sitting here...for over a year...
Now I know that many of you have quilts that have taken years to get finished,
but I decided to move a few out of here and I figure I can learn something also by seeing how others quilt quilts too.

Thanks Shannon, they Look great!

Neither are KING size... LOL! 
So neither fit my bed very well, But they will do perfectly on a queen size...
(fat lotta good that does me! what was I thinking??) 

The backings are just so yummy too. Jennifer Paganelli fabric on this one no doubt!


My On POINT quilt, which got me back into applique... I LOVE this quilt... 
I like what she did on the quilting too... Yummy texture

The flowers look all so nice and squishy!

It also has a VIBRANT purple and orange backing...
Now they will go into the BINDING pile!  How long will that take do you think???
First to pick a binding, then to think about actually doing it... LOL!
I have quite a stack that need to be done!  
Some I want to quilt myself...
Some I worry I will mess up, and some I have lost interest in...

Eventually I get around to them! or not...


The Metro MOD meeting is today (Saturday)...
I am off to play and see some fabulous
show and tell with our lovely group!

Have a lovely day!


  1. You know what you need V...a binding retreat (no, not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter!!). Much more fun sitting around with a group of chattering girls all stitching on binding rather than doing it by yourself. If I was nearby I would def. come over and help!!

    These two oldies are absolutely gorgeous, love the colours and the quilting. xo

  2. It is so fun to see these again- all quilted up! It must be a Spring Cleaning thing- I am with you on getting tops quilted up and moved out of that pile!

  3. Sew pretty and vibrant, just like you. Happy binding.

  4. Just beautiful! Two more checked off your list. Well not quite yet... the binding needs to be applied, right?

  5. I adore the Starry Night quilt. I am not a fan of brown but it works great there as stripping. A friend of my cousin with a long arm machine has offered to quilt one of my quilts so I am pulling out and looking at unfinished projects myself.

  6. Your quilts are so vibrant. They are truly works of art. Hugs

  7. Gorgeous quilts that I haven't seen before! Love that applique on top of the blocks. Great quilting too!

  8. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! Espeically On Point.

  9. I love them both.. but WANT the border on the first one!! and you know I DO have a queen size bed... JUST SAYING!

    psstt...binding by machine = done fast

  10. Wow! I am amazed again at how much work/play it must take to create such a beauty. I especially love your bold Vibrant color choices.

    I work with fabric also, but usually with very small pieces. Drop by and see what to do with the scraps.

  11. Beautiful quilts! Just inspiring :-)

  12. Those are a couple of beauties all right! On Point has a familiar look to it with those applique flowers...

  13. Both are lovely quilts but I really love the colours of the on point quilt...I think I need to search out some of that vibrant just glows in there!

  14. Both lovely, and so very close to being DONE!

  15. Beautiful quilts again! Your work is amazing, I love it!


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