Sunday, April 3, 2011

Community of creativity in NYC

To be OPEN creatively:
Is to appreciate the creative process and respect others in their Journey

Our Metro MOD quilters group are creative folks who are OPEN 
to all aspects of the creative process.
Many of us come from a traditional background, 
we've all learned to sew or are learning to sew,
And we all veer off to find our path.

The beauty of the creative process is that
we all get to explore 
this process any which way we choose.

Many of us, may have a preferred style that we work in, 
But we are not limiting ourselves to that, 
we allow whatever needs to come up for us creatively
to do so and we work with it.

 Some who are Art quilters, sometimes find they make something they feel
is not their usual style, but it's wonderfully beautiful all the same.

 Some are Artists, who quilt, and then go back to learn more techniques to 
make their current work even better...
Some reach out beyond their comfort zones and try completely new techniques
they might not ever have set off to do... Silk weaving anyone?  Fabulous!

 Some go beyond what they think of themselves as quilters, and try a new project, just because!
 Some are always on an adventure to find new things to play with.. new materials, 
wood fabrics and textiles, beads etc...
 Some can let loose and and try something just for the sake of trying....

 Some share their work, extended it to someone else to participate in their journey...
And a collaborative path continues to inspire...
Sometimes we play just to see "WHAT IF" and they become winners ...

 Some try new patterns, add new touches and bring old and new together to make harmony!

Some collect fabrics and admire them and can not get themselves to CUT INTO them
to create, so the creative minds come together to help pull one into their journey... 
with a creative nudge, with support and admiration. (fabric cutting intervention!)

At the end of the day, All these styles come together, ideas are shared, 
styles are interpreted, collaborations and creative paths cross,

 And the historical aspect of quilters coming together to make a supportive community
of necessity and creativity come together, and a something beautiful is made.

All styles of quilters can come together if we all keep an open mind and respect the journey.

I am constantly inspired by the groups welcome to diversity.
Another Fabulous meeting...

Hope your weekend was creative and inspiring,
no matter what way or style you work in.


  1. Thanks V for letting us visit the Mod Quilters with you. Inspiring!

  2. Right on V! It seems that on some BLOGS the quilt police are out in force saying if you don't quilt 'traditionally' you aren't a true quilter. I say, if you're creating you ARE!

  3. Beautiful post, V! I still feel such a newbie in this genre and seeing this beauty is so inspiring. Being a child of the 60s it is definitely hard for me to bow to the "quilt police" both because I hate being pushed in one directon but more because creativity is individualistic and expanding. thanks for helping me grow!

  4. Nice showing of different styles...looks like a happy group!
    Wish I was there too.

    Happy Sewing,

  5. Thank you for sharing your quilt group meeting and thank you for so eloquently answering the 'are modern quilter's dumbing down quilting?' debate. I am starring this post in Reader so I can reread it again and again. Let there be peace on earth...

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. I so wish I was part of your group.

  7. What a wonderful post! It is so reflective of your group. I so wish I could have been there to see them all in person. Everyone there is just absolutely inspirationally creative!

  8. Well said, Victoria! Variety is the spice of life:)

    And happy belated birthday!

  9. Looks like a very inspiring meeting, thanks for sharing. Thanks for taking out time for me while I was in NYC. It was fabulous to meet you and B.

  10. Such a great message along with inspiring photos V!
    Would that be Andrea standing on the sofa with the rainbow sunshine on black?
    Hey, my reader now includes your posts! Thanks for the fix.

  11. Beautifully written and illustrated. Your story about your meeting is very inspiring, as are all the beautiful pieces that have been created. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love this post. I say create what we like, when we like, because we like. Too much ridiculous controversy recently about what is right/wrong, etc...There are no rules! Maybe quilter's need a universal Nike symbol and to borrow their slogan "Just do it"

  13. Thank you Victoria for such a wonderful post! I really enjoyed seeing all those gorgeous creations.Inspiring.

  14. What an awesome display of creativity!

  15. What a lovely post. Beautifully creative quilts. Thank you. Please visit my blog and comment if you like.

  16. What a great group to belong many inspiring projcts...wish we were there - but thanks for allowing us to share!

  17. About 10 years ago I was talking with a quilt store owner (while she cut my fabric choices)and she said she was afraid that quilting was on it's way out because everything that could be thought up new had already been done...
    There's something new every day! Of course, there are the old patterns there if you prefer. They are still selling fabric printed like the Civil War fabrics. Every one has their own preferences. You are the artist - make what you like. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the artist is a beholder, too.
    Quilting used to be considered a craft. In the old days it was about necessity, something to keep you warm. Then there were the days when the craft of it was judged by perfect stitches and points. I think now we have progressed to the fiber art age. It's more about emotion and that is art, I'd say.

    Thanks for the great show! This show has a more friendly atmosphere.

  18. So enjoy seeing the beautiful things you gals all create, since I can't sew worth a lick.
    Happy April ~
    TTFN ~

    GIVEAWAY ends 4.5

  19. What a fabulously creative bunch of quilt makers! Thanks for the little visit to your guild meeting. Wish I could've been there in person.

  20. oh MAN.. what a FABULOUS group.. I'm moving to your extra bathroom to live so I can go to these meetings.. I'm SURE your extra bathroom is bigger than my house... wink!

  21. Thanks for sharing all the beauty and creativity!

  22. Wonderful post, very insightful.

  23. YES! Perfectly put and exactly my sentiments as well. Quilting is it's own personal creative journey for each individual quilter and we should all support each other on our journeys!!

    Looks like you have built such a wonderful guild there. I'm so happy about that!!


  24. What a wonderful and Inspiring post! It must be so fun being a part of this group!

  25. I AGREE...I AGREE...I AGREE!! You gals 'rock'!! What I saw in your photos was vey diverse and I LOVED IT!!! If it involves fabric and thread I'm 'IN'!!!!!!

  26. i find it difficult to "cut into" my fabric also. what's with that? wish i would find it difficult to buy fabric, ha! love all the creativity in your group.

  27. Very inspiring! Such a beautiful room of creativity! I must remember to bring a sketchbook in June! Way too many ideas flood my head with every post V!

  28. oh my what a great group, I loved seeing all these projects so creative. What a fun meeting that must have been!

  29. this was a great post!


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