Friday, April 1, 2011

Bits & Pieces: Quilts in NYC

MONDAY, we are having the Second distribution event of 
Your  names will be read aloud... your quilts will be given homes... 
And I will be a blubbery mess again, seeing all your Beautiful gifts of 
generosity going to good homes. 

PLEASE KNOW, they still accept QUILTS!
 It is an ongoing quilt drive...
go to the site for more info


Dear RockGranny! send me your address, so I can send you this beautiful book!


 And then there were two!
Remember all 7 of my scrap bins at the retreat? Then I did a scrap give away?
I am down to TWO BINS! YAHOO!!!  
But don't think I don't have a hugs pile of fabrics,
that I am still cutting up to make more scraps!!!
 I took all my larger pieces of scraps and cut out these LARGE WEDGES for Circles... 
Each circle sits on a 30" square of fabric... so YES, is the answer too, "Will this be a king size?"

I have to say, I used up a lot of UGLY pieces of scrap fabric to make this...  
I then chose one dominant fabric of 5 slices to add to each circle... (blue, yellow, pink or purple)
And used up 6 yards of the background Michael Miller print, 
piecing together Two of the block with all the cut off strips.... 

It has become a ultimate scrap quilt...

I used bias binding to sew down three of the circles so far, six more to go...
 I am trying to decide if I should needle turn the centers, 
or do the same thing with binding, or applique over it... 
 Although I do like the background coming through on this quilt...

It's not the most Beautiful quilt, 
but it fits with the necessity of using up what you have....
and for that alone, I love it!

(my other MOM) Helen's  V -string VEST is up at the

that you made just to use up fabric?


  1. Is this your 'Wagon Wheel' quilt?!
    It reminds me of an antique quilt I saw recently...guess they both came out of using up what you have and I love it!

  2. I like the background coming through the center in the quilt too. I guess some needle turning is in your future!

    My spider web quilt was a scrap buster, but alas, it didn't make the dent in the scrap bin I was hoping for. I might do a string block next to use up those scraps. They do multiply over night don't they? Rascally little things!

  3. The background is very nice and the circles are fun.

  4. Now that you mention it, I don't have a quilt that I have made... except for the 3 or 4 UFOs. I give them all away. So "No", and I've never made anything just to use up fabric. In fact, I have a hard time using up the last little bit of some fabs cause they are fab favs. You know once they are gone there is no getting them back again. Unfortunately, mfgrs. do not remake it just cause you like it. Some of my fav fabs will have to go into a quilt for me first before I can make it into a quilt for anyone else. (What a selfish witch I am!)

  5. You might try facing the center. It might be alot easier than needle turn. Because of all the seams, needle turn is going to be difficult, I'd think. Facing is how they get the lovely points on New York Beauty and some of the other Dresden type patterns. Just a suggestion... a new technique to try.

  6. Your Circle looks very good with the outside binding, and needle-turning the inside should work well, too. I also like the background showing through. Reminds me of Life Savers.

  7. Oh, this is funny. First off, cool circles. And secondly, I just posted my "ultimate scrap quilt" on my blog today. I just finished the top and wow did it use a bunch of scraps, which was the whole point. Happy Quilting!

  8. Oh, V, I started crying just reading there would be another distribution of quilts... :) Enjoy it! I love your scrappy: glorious!!! I am finding it hard to spot your uglies... LOL oh you are such an inspiration! have a great weekend! off to vote for your mom! :)

  9. I love this scrap quilt. I just have to make one! Is this pattern called "Wagon WHeel"? I like how you made it big on a large 30inch background block. I need to make a king size also. And I like how you used one dominate color for each circle. Great idea. Just lovely! I have to stay tuned to see your finished and how you quilted it. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I used Bonnie Hunter's bargello quilt pattern to use up a bunch of fat quarters that I didn't like much. The quilt was supposed to be a donation quilt, but my mother took it, and it now resides in her guest room.


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