Thursday, July 15, 2010

Candy Darling

Daily Candy
Candy... Just the thought of it brightens my day.
I don't have a HUGE sweet tooth,
But I go week in the knees
for a tootsie pop,
Gummy Bears
well, Chocolate of course...

Color color color.... candy.
eye candy.

My Kitchen sink quilt has found it's home.
No, not the dog's bed...

My bed.

Need more color?
Pixie Sticks
Rainbow Sherbet ice cream...
oh, don't get me started..

I sure do have a sweet tooth...

What's your weakness?


  1. The kitchen sink looks great in your bedroom! I still need to sandwich and quilt (or tie) the quilt I made that was inspired by your kitchen sink quilt.

    That is a wonderful BASICS quilt - will that be one of the special auction items?

    And I love flavor combos, that's what makes me weak. Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's Pieces, Milk Duds, Junior Mints, PayDays, Crunch 'n Munch, OK, gotta stop or I'm going to have to make a beeline to the store for a sugar fix!

  2. Love your Kitchen Sink quilt and the Basic Housing quilt is fantastic.

  3. I've got a weakness for color too...walked into a quilt store with the husband today (we're in the process of moving, so it's my first time in the new stores!) and the first thing out of my mouth was "ooooooh, color.........." and he just laughed at me.

  4. Potato chips, french fries, fritos (in moderation - I once really OD'd on fritos), pretzels. I guess with me it's the salt not the sweet. I could leave candy all for you.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. Love how bright both of those quilts are - they look fantastic!

  6. Wow, they both look wonderful!!! I love the kitchen sink quilt on your bed, just gorgeous! And boy do those blocks that Karen gave you look wonderful all pieced together. My weakness, as far as candy goes, dark chocolate, really any kind of chocolate. But my eyes certainly love color!

  7. How beautiful! The colors you work in always make me smile!

  8. Salty and crunchy! I do luv chocolate too! That Kitchen Sink quilt sure does look good on your bed. I hope your are having nothing but sweet dreams beneath it!
    Luv the checkerboard and stripes with the pink triangles! What's not to luv about pink! Happy sewing and stay cool (if that's possible.)!

  9. looks great on your bed!
    hmmm coffee! and well a cookie is hard to resist and yes chocolate ....
    great 16 patch and string blocks!!!!

  10. Warm fresh out of the oven Brazilian coffee cookies.. Yum!
    I love your quilt! Great idea of making a few extra blocks.
    And the basic quilt... Just fabulous!

  11. Pecan Pralines Mew Orleans style, or homemade if I feel industrious.

  12. Your kitchen sink quilt is fantastic. And what a thrill it was to see the quilt top that you made using the "Amish Buggy" blocks! I would never have thought of using them like that - and I love it! You are truly amazing.

    My weakness is homemade chocolate chip cookies with semi-sweet chips and walnuts. With a cup of tea. It's a good thing that I'd rather quilt than bake!

  13. Victoria
    Wow the dog on the left could be my dog's twin- Our schnoodle dog is 8 and her name is Dusty. It is totally striking to us how much they look alike.
    As for treats, I love ice cream, cinnamon buns and maple walnut fudge. Jujubes are pretty yummy too.

    I love your bright and cheerful quilts - they make me smile.

    You can find Photos of Dusty on my blog here-

  14. I love candy bananas and pink clouds, but your two quilts are Delicious!!! I adore that red border on the second one, and the checkboard blocks. Yum xo

  15. Love that candy! And the dogs are pretty cute too.

  16. I think you always need a dog to show your quilts off properly LOL Kia and Jenny Egg look so cute, i could scoop them up and snuggle them to bits :D

  17. Love love the Basics quilt (which you should definitely call Rainbow Sherbet!)!! You have the best fabric collection, so happy and fresh. My weakness? Freshly baked cake and cookies, lemon merengue pie, peach pie, sorry must go do some baking right now!

  18. Loved how you turned Karen's Amish blocks into a candy store. Just returned from a quilt retreat in Lancaster where I did a lot more eating than quilting. But my weakness is both!

  19. Victoria, You are eye candy! The quilts are a mirror of you! What fabulous colors and fun combining the 9 patch and stripes. I like the originality!!!!!!!

  20. Mmm... defintely a sweet tooth! Chocolate every time! And colour, colour everywhere! Love the bottom quilt, it' a stunner!

  21. That BASICS quilt turned out awesome -- as I knew it would with you in charge! And I'm still lovin' on your kitchen sink quilt. You don't know how close I came to chucking everything I HAD to do this week in favor of starting one of my own!

  22. Great eye-candy photos! My weakness...warm chocolate chip cookies or lemon bars or...such a long list!

  23. Love the quilts....and the dogs....and any chat about Candy....YUM! But, the thing that caught my eye is the big KISS fabric thingy on the wall above the bed. Where did it come from? Did you make it.....???? Could you be commissioned to make another???? Did you buy it?? Where??

    My son is taking his son to a KISS concert in Salt Lake City and they are both stoked. I've not made a quilt for my grandson, but could see the featuring KISS as a center square. Could you put me on the path to finding it? Suggestions appreciated.

    shhhhhh, it's secret!

  24. oooh! I love that last quilt!! so bright and cheery. Candy doesn't move me at all. I enjoy an almond joy once in a while.

  25. Such gorgeousness! Looks beautiful on your bed and so do the puppies.. how very cute! Ann:)

  26. More proof that you have excellent taste in music and decorating.

    I'm not as much of a candy, candy girl. Huge sweet tooth, but I would rather have cookies or ice cream. But give me M&Ms or a butterscotch candy and I'm in a few minutes of bliss.


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