Wednesday, July 14, 2010


oh oh. my quilts are overflowing into my hubby's office...
I best get this BASICS piece put together by Friday!

BASICS Fundraiser Events are Sept 2
and October 29th, if you are in the NYC area and want to attend.

I have a few things on my design wall so I had to spread out a bit.
my studio here at the house is not so big... I have been
rotating all of these projects for the last week.

I work a little on each, each day...
Hoping to get through the second batch of 20 quilts for BASICS.
I got behind on the bindings... But maybe I can get
organized, take one day, and just get them done...

I have two quilts to make for two sweet little girls...
one loves pink and green and horses, (below)
the other purple and green and flowers... (above)

Trying to go scrappy and to make them both as cute as the other!
But totally different... Which is hard to do sometimes...
when two quilts go to one household.

The one below will get some lovely applique of the horse/house/girl print,
that is in the pink fabric...perhaps on the back with her name...
sort of a two sided treasure...hoping tomorrow I will get the borders
(on top of the circles above) on this
so I can move on to finish the other one above...

Sometimes it gets hard to THINK OUT OF THE BOX.
it's easy to fall into a routine of doing the same thing over and over...

I am pushing myself to keep going (PLAYING) on an idea...
I started with these stars on point and felt they were getting a bit
lost... so I straighten them out, then thought perhaps
some divisions between the blocks.. and perhaps something else to make
certain aspects of the quilt stand out more than the others...
This going to be ONE BIG KING QUILT.

That I know for sure...

Does anyone have any yardage of this print in their stash from a few years ago?
by Faye Burgos for Marcus Brothers... I'll swap you something if you have some...
Haven't had any luck finding it anywhere... it's a black fabric with dark gray printing...

Fingers crossed!


  1. Lots of bright happiness here. Really eye popping scrappy stars.

  2. I love love love your star quilt!!! It's so pretty! I need to make one for myself once I settle down in our new place.

  3. I think your hubby's office looks rather pretty with your quilt on the floor!

  4. They all look great! Loving the bright quilt in your hunny's office... and the sawtooth borders on those crumb blocks- wow!

  5. Oooo... My fave is the first pictures. Although all the rest are very close behind. I can't believe that you have almost all the bindings done!

  6. here I thought I had a lot going on! You have some amazing play time here, which I love to see. I adore that horse/house/girl print - so very sweet and charming. Wish I had that print so I could share it with you. Keep up all this wonderful creating!

  7. you sure have wonderful things happening at your house! So much so that you've run out of room!!!
    Keep your creative juices going. They are producing some beauties!

  8. You're a busy lady! Love all the projects you have going on. And seriously -- you have the best scraps ever!

  9. The pink girl/horse fabric is so cute. Wonderful stars.

    Hope you find your fabric.

  10. Wow I'm loving the stars - they are a favorite shape of mine. Hope someone will have the fabric for you.

  11. I must say, I loved the stars quilt on point, but I like the sawteeth, too - how about using some aqua as the other "side" of the sawteeth? That color seems to jump out at me from the stars. Good luck!

  12. Hi V
    sorry can't help with the fabric - hate when that happens.
    your bright colorful projects look cool and groovy.
    Hope you are staying cool!

  13. So good of you to swap things out on your design wall. I have a project up on mine that I really want down so I can put some new stuff up, but I'm afraid that if I take it down I will tuck it away and never finish it, which would be a shame because it is SO CLOSE to being a top. I'm at the "sewing rows together" stage, which I hate. I need to just bite the bullet and get to sewing those long seams.

  14. love it love it love it!!!!!



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