Friday, July 16, 2010

what's in your attic

I see I am not the only one bitten by Attic24's lovely site...
I've been seeing MANY QUILTERS, picking up a crochet hook this past week...
I am not alone!

When I am not sewing, I am adding rows to this blanket...
or making B a bracelet...

Now I gotta get back to finishing something... (for myself!)

Have a glorious weekend!

and don't forget your 15 minutes of homework


  1. Yayyyyy! School's out! I can play, sew, catch-up.... can you see the happy dance ...LOL Lovely blanket, but crochet just isn't for me.

  2. Get Out! Look how far you are on that! I'm completely jealous! :O)

  3. You have got to stop tempting me with your cute crochet projects and amazing stars, or I am never going to get anything done! It's great eye candY and I have got a sweet tooth!

  4. I decided to do my granny thing in a ripple design. I adore crochet flowers. They make great bracelets and brooches for jackets, tops, wherever you want to pin them on you clothes.

    My 15 min was spent having lunch with a friend and watching her do prep work for a dish she is preparing for a party tomorrow....and watering plants.

    Somedays the 15 slips away. Darn!!!


  5. Lovely! Love B's elegant long fingers with that darling bracelet!

    PS...your Liberated Quilters webring badge has disappeared from your blog. I'm making the rounds and hit the proverbial dead end ;) Go to webring site, sign in, click on your webring html button on the left and repatch it into layout.

    LOVE the kitchen sink quilt under KISS...fabulous!!!!

  6. You are just something V!! Another talent - crocheting!! Beautiful.

  7. The crochet bug has been nipping at my heels, too! I finally got some yarn, now I need to get stitching!

  8. Love your crochet work. I used to do that a thousand years ago, but I traded it for quilting. Every once in a while, I get the urge to start a project, but I'm afraid my fabric obssesion combined with a yarn obssesion might just be too much for my poor husband to handle.

  9. How fun Victoria!!!
    I have been playing hooky, too!
    Finishing my Ripple blanket and even making a few hexi-flowers...
    I love your idea of 15 minutes of homework: need to go investigate what you are proposing... looks like I am heading for trouble!
    Hoping you are having a fabulous summer,


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