Sunday, November 1, 2009


Trick or treating in NYC...
There is an area in NYC called Chelsea, where there are a few streets lined with old Townhouses... Every year the community goes all out for Halloween... Decor, ghosts, skeletons, coffins, spooky music and cob webs... And the streets get lined with ghosts and goblins galore. We've been so lucky to have warm streaks each year and the kids can go trick or treating without jackets on!
Everyone gets into it...And has a great time. Hope you all had a fun night!
Even the Empire State Building gets dressed up for Halloween.. See its Orange and white lights!

Normally, if we stay in the city on a weekend, we would be hanging out at Central park today. But With the NYC marathon today, we avoid going far from our loft... The city is packed with runners and family support. So, since it's a bit gloomy today, we may just got spend the day at the bookstore...Or parking ourselves in front of the TV to watch to see if Paula Radcliffe can win the marathon again this year! Go Britain!


  1. Some days you make me so NYC jealous. This is one of them. I think it would be a fantastic place to take kids, even raise them.
    I better start saving for a trip with the girls, or a dozen!

  2. *sigh* Im the same, some pictures you post make me want to run to Heathrow for the next flight! We've watched movies this afternoon eating far too many sweets :) Karen x

  3. Loved B's costume...just darling. I love your NYC postcards and just enough of a glimpse into your day-to-day to get a feel for it.

    I never saw any large supermarkets when I was visiting NYC, so where do you shop? Do you do all you shopping at those little mom-n-pop shops?

  4. ooh, fun area for Halloween. Needless to say, we had no decorating here. I think there are three kids living in the whole development. sigh.

  5. I love your new blog header! Looks very professional. We had a great time here in Austin for trick or treat too. Check out my post to see the handmade costume my daughter wore!

  6. My dream is to spend 6 months in NYC and visit every museum and art gallery that interests me. I want to eat at every great restaurant and the ones nobody but neighborhood folks know about. I will look you up if I ever get there.

  7. What a fun place for Halloween. Love B's costume too.

  8. Big towns and cities are definitely the place to be for Halloween. DD wandered round the local village with her friends until midnight. No trick or treating - just wandering!


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