Monday, November 2, 2009

Glorious mess

I have one big mess over here again.... Folding, folding, folding...
I'm so tempted to cut in and start another idea... But for today,
I'm getting bindings cut and attached....
Because, Christmas is NOT SO FAR AWAY!!! It's November for crying out loud!
Where does the time go!!!

So for today... a couple bindings, and a couple of other projects need to come out of the bins to finally find there way to the finish line....
I'm working on another cookbook, like I did last year for my family and friends... So that has been taking up most of my weekend time... Instead of trying to type everything out this year, I am going to just printout my food blog through
Do you know them? You can have a hard copy printed out of your blog. How cool is that?
It will save me loads of time... Yippeee!

Have you seen this webpage? Fun to find new things... Thanks Julie!
She has a lovely blog too.


How are the rest of you coming on your Waverunners? Please keep the finished tops pics coming... they have been so fun to see...
I need to get to quilting mine... But I need a few days to get organized around here again...
messy messy messy!

Beth finished her waverunner.


  1. Love the cookbook idea. I did that once for Mother's day...all of my scone recipe. I did another for a friend with crockpot recipes but alas...I was not aware of blurb.

  2. Great minds -- I'm doing a cookbook for family, too! I've been using Lulu but it's a bit of a pain. I love the idea of blog printing, maybe I'll be far more zealous on my food blog in 2010 and do that next year...

  3. Happy binding! I'm doing that myself, today.

  4. I like your glorious mess...something beautiful is going to come out of all those fabrics. The blue Waverunner quilt turned out so nice. I first had to finish my dauhgter's quilt, but now I will have time to finish my Waverunner too.

  5. LOVE your mess!!! yessss it is glorious! Have fun making all those beautiful quilts you make!

  6. How fabulous to be able to print your blog into a book!! They look amazing and so professional. I'd love to be able to print out a book of my photos.

  7. I have loved looking through your blog, great fabrics and great ideas!

  8. I love all the blues in Beth's Waverunner. Lots of movement - really pretty.

    Mine is more like wavecrawler - 6 blocks done and counting


  9. oh looks like your having alot of fun though!
    oh yes Julie is a wealth of information on antique quilts/history.
    love the wave runner quilt

  10. There isn't any creativity without a glorious mess, and boy is that a fab mess! Glorious! But the 'C' word, did you have to remind me! lol

  11. That's one pretty mess you've got there! Thanks for sharing the Quilt Complex link. I'll go back and take a look when I have some "quiet time."

  12. Love the :) Beth's waverunner is beautiful. I love seeing what everyone came up with. I need to get quilting again too.

  13. You are getting so much accomplished. And that cookbook idea is fabulous! What a wonderful gift. You are a smart girl.


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