Saturday, October 31, 2009


Charlie Chaplin would like to say, Happy Halloween!

A Busy fun day!
Getting a few quilts bound... My scrappy Christmas star quilt is done.

Trying new things and still working on getting stitch length the same in my machine quilting...
Patience, V, Patience...

And Here is a picture of My new Obsession quilt on the left...
They are sooooo fun to work on one block at a time!

and the Sis Boom POW! Blocks on the right...
See some of the other recent cool blocks being done over at the Sis BOOM Blog

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I thought Charlie had passed on years ago, yet there he is sitting in the living room. Very cool costume, and those may also be among the coolest jack-o-lanterns ever.

  2. Wow - you are getting things done! I love the scrappy star quilt. All your projects are so neat.

    B looks adorable. Perfect costume! ☺

  3. Charlie is absolutely perfect and adorable! The Sis Boom Pow blocks are coming right along. Ot will be a oops 2 beautiful quilts.

  4. Wow! You have been busy too! Charlie Chaplin looks fantastic, so cute! The desing wall is looking stunning, Sis Boom Pow is really looking great. As do the obsession blocks, love that turquoise and orange one on the top, Awsome V!

  5. great costume - what a cutie.
    I love the pumpkins too.

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  7. Charlie is a cutie pie. Such a serious face!

  8. Great jack o lanterns!! And Charlie looks awesome!

  9. Love the Obsession blocks and the Sis Boom Pow quilt is Sis Boon Wow!

  10. Boo to you, too! "Charlie" is precious -- great costume! And I'm loving your works in progress. They're gorgeous

  11. great costume, she looks awesome!
    love these little quilts your making, just FUN!
    the blocks look great together.

  12. What a fantastic costume and a fantastic photo of your Charlie Chaplin! We don't get trick or treaters since we live in the country, so this is the only way to see costumes!

  13. Great pumpkins, great costume, great quilt blocks. A busy day, indeed!

  14. Charlie is adorable! And I LOVE your obsession quilt. Wonderful!

  15. B was an adorable Charlie Chaplin!!! I know she was so excited about this costume and it turned out great!

    Wow, wow, wow on Sis Boom Pow! They are fantastic!


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