Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Easy being green! and blue!

To fulfill my obsession with small stars, I put together a bunch of charms I had of Kaffe, and picked out some of my favorite greens and blues to put this quilt top together...

It goes together very quickly and easily. Although I should be binding...
I have a lot of binding I need to get to today also.


Need a great Xmas gift idea?
check these out.

When Cheri came by the other day, she very sinfully brought me a variety of Vosges chocolates.
I am putting away quite quickly, the Black Pearl bar.
black sesame seeds
and dark cacao

(and by "PUTTING AWAY" I don't mean in a drawer....)
it means nobody else is getting any... ;-)

they come highly recommended...


And, if your interested,
regarding breast cancer and mammograms
Sign the petition and help us ensure that all women have access to this life-saving screening.
Click here


  1. LOL -- I just came from Cathy's blog! Kaffe and chocolate may be the Christmas craze among quilters! I love your quilt top! It looks like something from one of Kaffe's books. Well done!

  2. Hey - nice, this quilt has luminosity galore!
    great colors.
    chocolate? I'm there!

  3. Oh I just love that quilt! and I will click and sign too.

  4. love that fabric with the little stars as cornerstones! great job!

  5. I'm glad you whipped up the top instead of the binding - those bright colors brightened my day!

  6. Cute stuff! Luv it!
    I giggling over you putting away the chocolates. Enjoy!

  7. Thanx so much for posting the link. I have been working at the local office ever since the 'report' came out. This is NOT OK...Women's health should not be a political issue.

    PS LOVE the quilt!

  8. Those little stars are great!
    PS You should try to find the Vosges bar with the cardamom pods. Oh, yum!

  9. Fantastic quilt. Love the blue/green stars!!!

  10. Love this quilt top. The colours are so beautiful. Stars are my favourite too!

  11. Chocolate and quilts go together, this sounds so gourmet! Love the quilt on the wall, what fun colours.

  12. Wow, I love how quickly your design wall evolves! LOVE the blue and green stars with the Kaffe Fasset, stunning! Mmmm Chocolate! LOL

  13. Thanks for the mammogram link. I posted it to Facebook. I currently have 3 friends who found breast cancer on their first mammogram.

  14. Wonderful quilt with stars!
    Signed the petition - when I went in at age 36 with a lump - NO MAMMOGRAM was ordered, I was sent on my way. Went back 6 months later with same lump that had grown and was then Stage 3. Surgery, chemo and radiation and lots of years later I am so blessed to still be here. Trust your own instinct regarding your body.

  15. oh the stars are perfect there...great choice makes the quilt sparkle :)

  16. That's going to be one beautiful quilt!

  17. So glad you like the chocolate! We have one square after dinner several nights a week, just so good!


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