Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So important, I am posting again,
if you haven't signed this yet,
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More Playing.

It's back to the drawing board with my dresdens... I still have not decided what I want to do with
them... I may just put them away for a bit or go very simple on them... They are just so fun, I did want to step it up a little... we'll see.

Girls playing in scraps...
B and her pal came over for a playdate and rummaged through my scrap bins...
They made little patchworks, and want pillows made out of them. So cute.

We're off for along weekend. I hope you all have a lovely Holiday!


  1. What's your method for dresden plates? I've been playing around with them using freezer paper templates, but it seems a bit too fiddly. yours look great! do you have a wedge ruler?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you. We've already celebrated that holiday, but I know its a big one in the US.

  2. we don't have thanksgiving here and that is wrong! i love your dresden plates!!! theyr'e so boho-beautiful!!!

  3. your dresdens look great laid out like that. It will make a great quilt.

  4. I prefer the yellow with the dresdens, but that's just me! Didn't B and her friend do so well with their patching! Very pretty! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your long weeekend together :o)

  5. Your dresden plates are very nice! And I signed the petition -- thanks for sharing the link.

  6. love those pillows! I tried do make some today and they aren't HALF as cute! can the girls come to my house and play with scraps??

  7. Your wall of Dresden's look like what you'd see if you were in the highest hot air balloon looking down at the rest! Have a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving lady!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. i love love your DPs. i love when a traditional block get a fresh, modern makeover. well done!


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