Sunday, November 22, 2009

Starting to look a lot like Xmas

Girls Night out!
Look who came for a visit and dinner?
Cheri from jovial Quilts!
We had a lovely visit, then we took a walk from my place,(it was so nice out!) to a restaurant downtown fro some yummy Indian food. One of my favorite places in NY. What fun!
She thought it was funny when I said let's walk I need the fresh air!
Well, as fresh as it can get in NY.... But we did actually see the moon and a few stars which you pretty much can never see in NYC. Bonus!

Even Minnie was out for a stroll!

Macy's has their Christmas window displays up, and so we had to take a peak.
They did a pretty fun set of windows this year.
We're out of here Wednesday, for Thanksgiving. We live to close to all the parade gathering and crowds so we get out early...Believe me it's so much better to sit at home and watch the parade on TV, in front of a fire...

This was one fo the windows...all Santa's mail being blown up the North pole.
Very cute and fun.

And although I am not much of a sports fan, I am guessing there was a METS game on tonight, as the Empire State Building was lit up in Blue and Orange. I guess being a NY'kr I should know these things better....

So i stand corrected since baseball season is long over! thank you Amy for pointing that out! ;-)
click here...
A cool site shows why the empire state building is the color it is each night...

It was actually the 125th Anniversary of Boys and girls clubs of America last night and their colors are blue & orange. who knew!

And, I got home to find my package from Jenny who swapped me some 4"ers for
my ON POINT quilt! I got two more blocks laid out with her blocks! Thanks Jenny!
They were perfect!!

QUESTION: Can anyone recommend a Good beginner sewing machine that you know of that someone has? Like the Janome beginner machines etc.? I have a 14 year old friend who wants a beginner machine, and am trying to keep it to under a $100... If anyone had any advice I'd be thrilled. thanks!


  1. Our daughter lives downtown Chicago, also within walking distance to the parade. We will be there early Thanksgiving Morning, to watch and then to her house for dinner. I wonder if the Macy’s windows on Michigan Ave will be the same as yours. I will have to check. Thanks for sharing your fun night!!

  2. Silly girl - baseball season is long over!

  3. You did two things I would love to do some day - walk to the view the windows at Macy's and walk out for dinner in NYC.
    Your design wall is smashing.

  4. At one stage, we lived next door to Lincoln Centre & we would walk to Bloomies (my fav!). I love passing all those wonderful Christmas displays then. And people walking by with big bags full of shopping! And Christmas trees on sidewalks! Christmas in NYC is very special for us as we got married there, on Christmas Eve. I always love reading about old memories here in yr blog!

  5. Isn't Cheri a lovely person! I haven't spoken to her for ages, but she has become a good friend.

    I love those liberated blocks of yours.

  6. When I was about 7 years old my parents brought me to NYC Christmas shopping...for the next year I told everyone who would listen that I wanted to design the windows at Macy's when I grew up. (The nuns were horrified!)

  7. I am going to be in NYC next week to see a lot of shows and OOh and AHH over the windows. Any dining suggestions??

  8. Look on eBay, I had a lady asking me the same question, for herself. There are some really good deals with really good machines... :)

  9. You guys look fantastic!
    Seriously, you look so young with that haircut!

  10. just love those liberated log cabin blocks
    wow and all solids I am impressed!
    lot of fun things going on there!
    ah yes the windows we may come in again this year to see the windows... always a fun time

  11. How fun that you and Cheri got to meet up. ooh and go eat Indian food - yummy. Looks like a wonderful time to go window gazing in NYC.

  12. Your blocks look fantastic....let me know if you need more whites...
    love the Macy's window pics, THanks!

  13. Such a fun night! I love walking around NYC, and your post makes me all nostalgic for it. For your friend, the Singer 1507 might be good. I've been abusing a mid-range Singer for years with great results, and the 1507 gets good reviews for a beginner machine. Have a happy holiday week!

  14. I just love both of the quilts on your design wall right now!

  15. Many times you can get a gently used machine of far superior quality to the "beginner" machine. I have a Baby-Lock 3/4 machine I picked up for $75.00 because it had been left in the sun and the plastic was discolored. Great size and a great machine with loads of stitches. Look at used first and read reviews of the machines on-line. Older Berninas, Baby Locks and even the old Kenmore machines are often more durable, powerful and less frustrating than the lower end new machine.

  16. So much fun to meet you! Got a great pic myself last night of the Empire State Building -- it was white (What is ESB lighting?!?) but all misty around it. Just too cool to have that in your backyard.

  17. You were right! I have to get me to the city. We were in on Sat night, but stayed on the upper west side, not much christmas there, yet.

  18. Looks like y'all had a great time! Fun stuff!


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