Sunday, February 9, 2014

Something Old, Something NEW!

Today the cutting table moved out in pieces.... I had to completely take it apart to move it, which was quite a bummer... Way more work than I wanted to do on a Sunday!
But it's done!
The rest of this space is now a complete disaster... LOL!  Tomorrow, My fabric shelf unit os coming over to the new space... After that, I can focus on whipping this place back into shape...


Good thing I'm handy with a drill and screwdriver! Putting the cutting table back together...Not hard to do this, but kind of heavy and big pieces to maneuver...I think I need a big hot bath now to soak my weary bones... 
My walls are now lined and ready, cutting table, CHECK!, Iron station, CHECK!
New Chairs ordered, CHECK, New Cutting Mat ordered, CHECK!  YAY!!!

The fabric unit with go where the stepstool is currently sitting... it fits perfectly there... Then I will wait a week or two, before bringing in the Handi Quilter Long arm... I want ot make sure everything is where it needs to be...

After I got the cutting table back up, I thought I needed a little play, so I sat in my comfy chair, and opened your notes with the Signature blocks... Each day I hope to put one 9 patch block together....
like below!
I have a nice bundle of these to sew together!  Keep them coming! I have a long way to go to make this King size! If you know I'm coming to your guild, Hit up your peeps for me ahead of time!
The link is here that you can give out...  these make me so happy. CUTE little blocks!

Thank you for all the blocks so far!


  1. It always looks worse before it looks better... Your new and old spaces re going to look great!

  2. what a simply delicious are blessed indeed!

  3. Wow, good for you! What an immense job to tackle, but so worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you want to get rid of into our accepting hands - exciting. Have fun, but don't work too hard, or hurt yourself!

  4. i'm down sizing from a house with a basement (i have my sewing in every room upstairs and downstairs) to a 680 sq ft apartment and i don't know where to start. right now it looks like fabric and a king size bed!! so i watching you for any organizing or stash stashing tips. i feel paralyzed by this daunting task. and i'm not able to sew (as we all know, this is a stress reliever) and just want it OVER with. whew!! oh by the way, every time i see the target commercial with peter pilotto collection i think of your fabric line. well, good luck to both us on our move! .

  5. You are making great strides! Keep up the good work! It's great you didn't have to paint the new space so you could just move in.

  6. Congrats on your new space. It looks bright and cheerful! I'm sure it will soon be filled with lots of
    color and beautiful quilts!

  7. Even a small reorganisation looks ten times worse before you get it finished, so I can barely imagine how you are feeling right now! All that wonderful space will be so worth it though when it's done. Love the look of the Dresden with the lime green :)

  8. Forgot to ask ... how is Jenny Egg? Is she better now, you haven't mentioned whether the vet ever got to the root of her trouble.

  9. Curious on how you are lining the walls? I see muslin tacked up, is there anything underneath? Good luck on the move....exciting!

  10. I, too, am moving my sewing room from a small space to a much larger one - a bit more than twice the space! I'm moving the furniture first to make sure of the locations for it all, then all the stuff! My small room looks like yours: stacks of tubs, piles of fabric, bits on the floor - happy chaos!! Enjoying your process, for sure.

    Question: what are the dimensions of your cutting table, including height?? This is the one area that I am lacking an adequate piece of furniture. BTW - I'm 5'5" and stand to cut. Thanks for your help!

    1. My cutting table was custom made for my height. it's 36" tall, and fits a 35" X 70" Olfa three piece mat perfectly... so the top width and length are 36" X 71". ;-)

    2. Many, many thanks for the measurements! I'll see what I can do to get my own custom fit!!

  11. I've always had a tool box of my own. My saw is just large enough to trim dowels, but my lady-size hammer can hang all my quilts. It is so empowering!!


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