Friday, February 7, 2014

more studio play

78 quilts photographed today.

What a trip down memory lane, digging out all my quilts that I have left here in bins.... hanging them up to get a collection of shots of quilts to now, keep track of, as they move out of my door, into other's homes.

This new space, means, I now have two studio spaces.  I've had a few questions about what happened to my old studio in my loft. It's still there, as listed in the last post, I'm expanding! I now have this space in a separate office building, which is right next door to my building here in NYC. This space shown, is a  "build out" office space, but for my use, I do not need to do any building! I need the big glorious walls!!

Bathrooms are on each floor... Most of the offices here are creative types, small business start ups, architects, fashion designers, photographers etc. I even have a guy who prints fabric next door! ( more high end then spoon flower) the fashion industry will sometimes print up digitally particular designs for fabric in upwards of $500 a yard...  Many pattern makers, interior designers and even a hair salon a few floors above me. So, it's an interesting building.

And just a few steps away from my home loft building, that it makes it perfect for me. My creative "Mess" is now out of my very minimal home.

I did a short video here. I updated this on my iphone, but will drop in the proper link later. ( I'm
Off to teach today)

The rest of the day was sorting Book quilts from 15 Minutes of Play, (That was three bins alone, which I did not have to photograph, thank goodness!!... as all that was done for the book) from a bin full of quilts that just need binding!  After that I spent, lining my 13' walls, to be my new design walls!! I can get 6 quilts up at once in this space... I can not wait to get fabric flying in here!

After cleaning up the stuff I' have slowly moved over, I decided the cozy chair needed to be installed.
...and tested....

I had to make sure it was cozy.
Feet up.... ahhhhhh.


Hoping Monday or Tuesday, to get all the fabric, fabric cubby, and cutting table moved into the space. Soon after that....maybe another couple weeks, before I can get my long arm brought in from my house... to this new space.

Sunday,I can play here a bit more.... Saturday I will be teaching on long Island at the Evening Star quilt guild.


  1. So much lovely space you look dwarfed in there at the moment. Bet you'll soon have it filled with gorgeous quilty stuff though :)

    1. It's quite a large space, but once I get everything in there, I'm sure I will wish it were bigger! :-) can't wait to have quilts on the walls and the long arm!

  2. what a nice studio and to have it right across from your loft apartment is so great. What was this studio used for before? no set up of kitchen/bathroom ect so it looks like it had been a big empty room? Have fun filing it up so it won't have a hollow feeling to it :)

  3. How exciting and wonderful for you! Enjoy!

  4. So happy for you. I think you will love having your loft space back to feeling more like home. Can't wait to see the magic that happens in your new studio.

  5. Away for a day and a half and look at what i missed! Congratulations. Great things will happen here, I just know it!

  6. This is super exciting news! Your new space looks absolutely perfect and so close to your home now - how cool is that?!

  7. Every studio should have a comfortable chair or sofa (with put-feet-up space) facing the design wall. Enjoy!

  8. Your new studio looks wonderful! The picture of your old studio looks a lot like mine! Maybe I should buy the house a couple of doors down for a studio!!! I sent off a signature block for you yesterday. Can't wait to see how that quilt grows!

  9. Oh, to have such design wall space! What a lovely studio you'll have!

  10. You are going to love having your LA machine right next door! Can't wait to see more pic's of the transformation to your personal work space. Congrats!

  11. I dont know how you feel about your brown topped tables. But my cutting table is similar to yours. I wanted color so I found my favorite green and a white design of contact paper and covered the ugly brown top. I even covered my two sewing desks. Even though mats and machines cover alot the contact paper is much nicer to look at.


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