Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pretty Please?

I've been obsessed lately with big quilts, with small pieces… Last September, I started gathering signature blocks from any quilters I know… And will continue to ask for them when I teach or lecture etc…
So now I realized, I missed a bunch of people this past year that I'd like to have in my quilt...

Have you ever taken  class with me? 
...or my come to my lecture? 
or met me somewhere along the way, 
or not even met me but want to contribute a tiny block?
ha ha!

I'd love to get a signature block from you, for a quilt I'm making…
Pass it on, ask your quilter pals...

 cut  TWO - 1.5" X 3.5" strips


Please make it this size, or I can use your block.

cut ONE - 1.5" X 3.5" strip 
of WHITE for signature

Sew them together, press seams open
….and sign, (fabric pen) Pigma Microns are great!
Keeping your signature at least a 1/4"
 in on the sides,
so it doesn't get cut off in the seam allowance…

**I am trimming these blocks down smaller, you don't have to worry about doing that.


If I came to your guild, can you ask your peeps and gather some blocks for me from the  members?
There is no deadline…. this quilt will just grow and grow…

Putting all my happy memories all in one place. :-)

I want to be able to use all the blocks coming in, so if your block is TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE, I can't make it fit in the quilt…

If I don't know where they are, they will bleed all over the quilt!  
NO cherrywoods, NO hand dyes…

***If you do not have a solid color, 
just send me the white strip 1.5" by 3.5" long, with your signature, 
and I can add the solid. 

Thank you! The quilt is looking so great so far!!!


  1. Signature block will be on the way! This is something I've wanted to do, too. Gotta make it happen........ :-)

  2. are so determined to derail me! Come know you want is is won't hurt you... it will just take a few minutes...I will be fun......and this is how you get me hooked...cute quick fun little are truly the queen of the fun little evil projects! ..of course you know I am going to make one and send it to you! :o)

  3. What a simple, pretty way to collect signature blocks! They will make a fabulous modern quilt.

    Happily, I have some lovely solids on the cutting mat right now (but do I have even a tiny piece of white?... maybe in the solid scraps bin).

  4. Will happily get one in the post to you! I'm thinking of special birthday blocks for next year, would really love you to make one too!

  5. Mine will be on the way just because I love you. Nice idea. : )

  6. This will be an amazing quilt. Great idea. I'll send a block your way.

  7. I did this once with my online quilt group . I now have a beautiful quilt made possible by wonderful quilters and friends. Love this ! One block heading to you.

  8. Love to. I will pass it along to my friends that attended your talk/trunk show in Waupaca, WI.

  9. Love this! Never met in person...but I love 15 minutes of play and you are always so helpful vie email. I'll be sending my block in!! Val:)

  10. I mailed you a block this morning. What a neat idea!!

  11. The hardest part will be picking a color! I will try to do mine this weekend!

  12. Great idea! One is on its way from Holland!

  13. Yes indeed, you are inspiring! Love the idea, and I'll get one off to you this week. I'd be honored to be included in one of your quilts.

  14. Passed this on to a bunch of friends.... and I'll send you mine!

  15. One from me will go out in tomorrow's mail.

  16. I would love to send you a block and thank you!

  17. I get it, you're obsessed with big quilts and you need for du to send you blocks because you don't have enough fabric already to make a big quilt otherwise, right? Any deadlines?


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