Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I've been machine quilting for days....  and doing hand work at nights... So far so good!This is the Quilt Alliance (below)"Quilter's took Manhattan" Quilt, slowing coming together....I still consider my self a novice in the machine quilting arena... I use my "15 Minutes" strategy to build my skills. How do I do that?  By Adding one new quilting design each time I quilt, a quilt.  My passion definitely lies in the piecing and making aspects of quilt top, but I know that with perseverance and an open mind, that my view will change as I get better and better.

I can say I've seen a big change in my quilting, and I can pat myself on the back for learning patience with it! Patience is key! 
I really do love this quilt... And I hope it goes to a very good home when It's auctioned off, later in the year.

I've been using Aurifil thread in various pinks and yellows for the quilting, I love the look of the variegated thread on a busy background.

At the same time I'm quilting up a few others, that will be down at QuiltCon.  More on these quilts later...  But I have to share my NEW Skill on this quilt... the circles!!! Talk about patience...LOL!
It's looking good, but I must go VERY SLOWLY!!! (remind you, I quilt on a JUKI home machine...not a long arm)

Are you going to QuiltCon?

I'm excited to be in Austin in February! I figure by then, we will have snow here in NYC, and I look forward to lovely Texas weather!  It seems the gals who put QuiltCon together, Including Alissa Haight Carlton and Heather Grant, are doing a fantastic job, and I can't wait  to see how their hard work has paid off.  From one little idea to have a Modern guild, and to watch it grow into a worldwide adventure, is so exciting!  I'm so excited for them!

Our NYC MOD guild has about 20 members going down for the show! How much fun will that be! And I have two quilts in the show, so that is always exciting.   I can't wait to share pictures... 

So for now, besides machine quilting, which I must get back too, I have 16 sleeves to sew on... 
Gasp! Cough! 
My mother is flying in today, so perhaps she will help me hand sew sleeves!!! More on that later too!

Have a super day!


  1. what model of JUKI do you have? it is so nice to see someone quilt like you do on her home machine and not a long arm - too many think they can't do it - I do not do much as I hand quilt but I have tried straight lines with my low end Janome - I know I will need to start practicing more with my machine as arthritis invades my fingers!

  2. I'm so impressed with your machine quilting. As a hand quilter, it all overwhelms me, but I am so envious of the different looks that can be achieved through machine quilting. And ugh! I hate sewing on sleeves!

  3. I wish I had a machine just for quilting, then I could leave the quilt on and might finish something. How do you do your sandwiches, are they basted or spray basted?


  4. I am determined to do more machine quilting this year. Love the circles and all your colorful quilts!

  5. Your circles are great! Do you do any marking first? I will be interested to see pictures from QuiltCon.

  6. I pin baste my quilts, then I stitch in the ditch the whole thing, I don't like my seams puffing up... Once I finish the stitch in the ditch, I take out all the pins, and have a nice lighter weight quilt to move around... Sometimes I mark before hand my design (before I PIN baste) Other times I wing it... The circles for this quilt, I chose a backing that had a nice pattern, and I can follow the design from the back. circles! YAY!

  7. Those circles are very cool. Good for you, doing all that quilting. It's been my intention too, but so far the thought of it just inspires more tops.

  8. It's funny how folks have tasks they love/hate. I love the machine quilting part. I hate the pin basting and stuff.

  9. It's funny how folks have tasks they love/hate. I love the machine quilting part. I hate the pin basting and stuff.

  10. I am a newbie machine quilter - mine is a Janome. Thank you for reminding me that "patience" is key! I am not happy at all with a part of the border that I quilted - but have decided that it will just go under the pillows and I will do better on the rest! Have fun with sewing sleeves - I bet your mom would be happy to spend time with you sewing on sleeves! Happy New Year!

  11. I just did my first attempt at FMQ and I really need to practice so I can do more. Your quilting looks great.

  12. I'm with you. I really like the piecing part, and the quilting part is tough for me. Not my favorite! But I really enjoy working on a longarm. I do not enjoy quilting on a home machine (unless it's a pretty small piece). I am saving up for a longarm so I can enjoy the piecing.

    Your circles are amazing! You should be really proud of them!

  13. Oh that's brilliant using the fabric design on the back for the quilting design on the front. I think you need more hours in your days! Looks like you are being extremely productive!
    Enjoy your visit with your Mom :0)

    Happy Sewing

  14. I also quilt on my home machine too, but whatever the rank is below novice, that is me. Rank beginner? Do you use one of those slippery sheets under your quilt. Been meaning to get one of those but haven't yet. Do you stitch you sew your quilt sleeves into your top edge with the binding so you only have to sew down one edge by hand?

  15. I will agree that your quitting skills have greatly improved and I love watching your process. Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us!!

  16. You inspire me to keep trying with my machine quilting. Yours looks great! Love all your beautiful quilts!

  17. I like the concept of one new design for every quilt. I'm going to try to do that too. Thanks.


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