Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's SEW easy!

Ok, Here it is! My episode I shot last summer!  EEK!   Oh My nerves!  What a fun experience though! 

Visit the website for more information...

They also have a YOUTUBE channel here:

Otherwise see it on Public Television, (via NETA)
You can search buy entering your zip code( click here)
to see what channel is running the program!

403Modern Patchwork
Combine traditional techniques with a contemporary aesthetic with modern patchwork. Color, graphics, and even stitch style provide a new look for a time honored tradition. Victoria Findlay Wolfe, a leader in the Modern Quilting movement, begins with a tutorial on making your own quilt fabric. Making fabric can jump start your creativity by following your instincts and building your confidence in making choices about color through play. Then, Angela Wolf turns the fabric created by Victoria into a simple pillow with a zipper accent. Finally, Lisa Sipes, another guild member with an eye for contemporary design, creates a pillow sham that embodies this fresh look, but also includes very basic machine techniques. This pillow uses circular sewing and features cording and braid feet.


  1. Good for you......your on a roll!
    When your hot your hot!

    I'm enjoying seeing your red and turquoise quilt come's a beauty.

    Happy Sewing

  2. That is awesome! I tape that show all the time and watch it. I will be on the lookout for you. What a wonderful episode!

  3. ahhhh..... wish I could watch yours!

  4. I actually have been recording them and waiting to watch your episode. I am going to have to see if my DVR got it!

  5. wish i could see your episode on youtube!!


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