Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet & Greet with Pat

Meet & Greet.
We had a little gathering at my place, with Pat and members of my NYC MOD quilters. Pat brought a few quilts, and we got to pick her brain, here her story, chat, munch cookies and down the coffee... Here she is sharing a few of her quilts and her process in these shots,  with the super talented, Yolanda  sitting next to her, checking them out...

 I love this orange one of Pat's...

She had us in stitches of course... Literally. ;-)
Then we had some group show and tell... fun!

 Debby (super, great longarm quilter/Handiquilter)is hiding behind her work... This is a pattern of Pat's that she has been working on... Actually Debby was on Pat's APQ radio show today. Did you listen in?
The lovely Helen, AKA: my "quilt mom" to her right... ;-)
(It's ok, my "real" mom knows her too... )  Helen and I are going to QBL in July to take Kathy Doughty's Fractured class, for some fun sewing time... how about you?
NY area peeps... head to QBL! hurry, sign up before it fills up!!

EDIT! Earamichia and Lisa are going with us to QBL! Hurry! Sign up!

John had his flower pot quilt which was recently on the cover of McCalls mag. Yes, we have some talented folks in our guild...

 Lisa has just put finishing touches on her quilt...

Margaret showing us her finish of Jackie's Blogger's BOM quilt! It's so pretty!!! We loved it!
No, Margaret doesn't have a blog. Yes,We all wish she did.... Girl has got talent... 
She has a couple quilts in my book though, you can go search up if you bought my book....

If not, you can buy a copy here...signed!

Thanks PAT for a lovely visit from all of us MOD Guild members!


  1. how wonderful to have all those quilters together, being so inspired by such beautiful quilts. I think I see my friend Jenny in one of the pictures. Wow, wish I could have been there.
    Thanks for pictures, love them all

  2. You guys sure have some fun together and you DO have some talent there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We all love a show and tell. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

  4. Lots of inspiration here! Especially love that first quilt by Pat.

  5. How fabulous to have so many talented people at your place for this show and tell. Thanks for sharing!

  6. wheeeeee!!! I had the BEST TIME with your friends... love everyone of them TO BITS!!!!! Smooches!

  7. Oh, that looks like a lot of fun! I'm quite jealous of all of you. Wonderful!

  8. What is QBL???? I'm a Jersey gal currently.

  9. I signed up for Kathy's Fractured class at QBL back in November. I'm psyched that I'll be in class with you! I'll be sure to have my copy of "15 Minutes Play" with me. ;-)

  10. 55~! I can't reply to your comment, See you there! FUN!


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