Monday, October 31, 2011


A little something new for me bed...  I call it ''MILK SHAKE'' inspired by this color palette.
This is not KING size yet, but it will be after I get back from Houston.  Right now this is approximately 76'' square. I know, on here it doesn't look that big...

I could of course just made a bunch of blocks all the same size and sewn them together, But I prefer the pieced meal PUZZLED way...  Where you can't quite see how all the blocks went together... Like I did on my "Everything But the Kitchen Sink'' quilt.   I usually start in the middle and work my way out to the edges.

For instance, here,  I wedged in a 2.5'' X 2'' piece of blue/gray plaid in between 4 blocks so things don't line up perfectly...  I think it gives the quilt an all over complete thought, instead of being Stopped visually with a seam every 12'' or so...I like it to make you eye dance all around...

You can see I did that again with the dark pink rectangle .........right ^ up there... And of course making some more ''Made Fabric'' as go to fill things in, and make it all blend together.
It's very HOME-Y to me... Snuggle colors. good for winter...

I plan on getting more Dark Navy colors and the golden Brown tones for the borders while in Houston.

I leave Wednesday and come home Sunday.  Are you going?  Say hi!   I'll be working with the Alliance for American Quilts doing Q.S.O.S Interviews of the all the quilters of the Texas Legacy III book. So looking forward to seeing my pals, Shelly and Shelly..(who has a quilt in the show this year). And loads more friends who I only see a few times a year... Stay tuned for those fun pics and QUILTS galore!!! FUN TIMES!

We're looking forward to trick or treating tonight, even though it will be chilly (50 degrees)!  In the past it's been 70/80's on Halloween so this will be a ''coat over the costume'' sort of night...Check out some of the past Halloween fun here        

...NYC does HALLOWEEN very well! MWAAHHAAAAAA!!!

Now I'm hungry for a milkshake... wonder what's in the freezer.


  1. Quilt looks great. I like the "hidden" seams idea. Great costume! Have fun tonight.

  2. quilt looks good - have a happy halloween - could your charity use a baby quilt and a small child size quilt? if so I can send them off this week.

  3. Love your blocks in these colours and the "hidden" seam idea !

  4. Funny, the first thing I said to myself when I saw your quilt was, "Wow, she managed to mix up the squares so you can't see the overall construction pattern." Good job. Makes me want to "go crazy" with my scrap stash SOON!


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