Monday, October 31, 2011

tricks and treats : NYC style

The goblin friends trick or treat NYC style... 

With some of the better costumes I saw tonight... ENJOY!

I thought this was the most clever costume of the night...
Magritte's the son of man.... Brilliant!

It was PACKED trick or treating... Hard to get down the streets... Mobs of people... The slightly chilly  night did not deter people from coming out to get their goodies!

There is a 4 block area of townhouses in Chelsea where everyone goes. The owners decorate like crazy for the event and must go through hundreds of dollars of candy... Kids babies, dogs and grownups... everyone comes out to watch the fun.

No dress up for me this year... (who is that gray haired lady, anyway??) I did manage to get my orange sweater out...LOL!  I actually forgot that I had a plan for a great costume, but remembered after we saw the Magritte painting...(at the end of the night!)
Remind me next year... will ya?  I need a yellow hair wig and some red white and blue face paint...  Guess you'll have to stop back next year to find out what it is...

Boo got a load of compliments on her creepy white costume... And a nice load of candy.  Did you have some trick or treating fun or a crazy costume this year? Do tell!


  1. LOVE the Magritte! My daughter dressed as a Roy Lichenstein painting this year - blue hair, dotted everything, speech bubble. I haven't seen pics yet, but I bet it was awesome (and guess who gave her the idea...). I'm thinking your next year's costume might be along those lines.

    My husband is handing out the candy this year (hey, he bought it so...) while I'm catching up on some course work. Every time someone comes to the door, the dogs go CRAZY. They don't love Halloween!

  2. Love Boo's costume, it is so different, creepy but fun.


  3. Looks like you had great fun. Your Boo's costume is spookily perfect! I was thrilled that we had oodles of kids at our door this year. Our Minnesota weather was so awesome that everyone kept saying "this weather is so awesome!" Kids didn't have to wear winter coats over their costumes! and as you know, that is awesome! LOL!

  4. Boo's costume is fabulous! We had SIX of my great nieces/nephews all together and Miss Audrey was here earlier - stop by my blog to see her photo!

  5. You picked out some great costumes to show--including your daughter's. Of course, the Magritte inspiration was perfect!
    Also really liked your milkshake quilt and the color selection.
    best, nadia

  6. Tons of candy and not one trick or treater! :-(

    I guess apartment dwellers don't trick or treat here in SW Ohio.

  7. i really appreciate the magritte!, what a clever,clever idea. Thanks for sharing your fun.

  8. Boo's costume is amazing. My granddaughter came by dressed as a garden gnome. Very cute. Other than that, we only had three other trick or treaters.

  9. Oh wow it looks really fun!
    We had no power in the neighborhood and trees and wires down everywhere so the kids up here we not allowed to trick or treat for safety reasons.
    bummer........there is next to look forward to right?

    Happy Sewing


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