Saturday, February 26, 2011


 A "STAR"T of a new customer quilt...  The inspiration I was given by the client 
was the word "CLOUD"... sigh, isn't that sweet?
So I made a run to city quilter yesterday to pick up things that resonated CLOUD to me.... 
It was dark and rainy, so my inspiration was all around me! Big looming CLOUDS...
But I went for the softer, lighter, fluffier and glorious CLOUD instead...

I saved all the bits to play and make a pillow for Boo... 
Even though she is on the mend, 
she slept 3.5 hours today...  I thought it would brighten her day when she woke up. ;-)

You can find the paper piece pattern for it at piece by number... 
I like the effect of the two different whites that I used for the back ground...
Nice to try something different...

Do you paper piece?
I'm curious how many of you do...

Tomorrow is my day for the blog tour of Amy's MODERN BASICS BOOK.
It's a lovely book, it amazes me how much Amy gets done with her kids and her fabulous
blog! It's great project book with many quick and lovely quilts...
So many great inspirational quilters out there....

Make sure to pop over the other blogs to comment to have a 
chance to win a copy for yourself.
today it's Wild card quilts...

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  1. I can see it! This is going to be fabulous!

    I like to paper-piece, but I don't have the patience to rip out the paper, so I usually try to avoid it.

    Hope Boo is back to normal soon.

  2. Is that Boo feeling better yet??? I hope so. Whatever is going around is very pesky and quite brutal.

    I LOVE paper piecing. It is so perfect. hahaha. I know you don't like "perfect." I, too, also hate to rip out the paper, but it's just part of the process.

  3. Machine paper piecing is here to stay, I think. Don't love it, but it is the best way to do certain designs. I have reluctantly added it to my repertoire. Love that circle of geese. Definitely paper-piece worthy.

  4. I like the precision of paper piecing but despise having to rip the paper away at the end. I prefer printing on the back of freezer paper, ironing it to the patch, folding the rest of the design out of the way when I stitch. This method is a little more tedious, but the benefits are a) you don't have to rip away the paper and b) you can reuse the freezer paper a several times.

  5. Looking good! Love the double white in the geese block. I LOVE paper piecing for odd shapes and precision. However, I find it tedious (too much sewing, cutting thread, sewing, cutting thread) so I save it for the small impact pieces.

  6. That looks like a fun concept! As you know, I just discovered paper piecing... it's a great tool for certain design elements.. .I'll keep using it as long as my kids like peeling the paper off the back! Hope B is on the mend :-)

  7. Your mixed background is great, it adds a little extra! No, I'm not very good at paper piecing, I've done some but I have to retrain my brain every time I go to do it!
    The cloud quilt is going to look great.

  8. send a big hug from us to Boo!...when the boys hug, it tickles! :)
    What lovely 'Clouds', i love the movement and the perspective of the 2 backgrounds: great! PP not my favourite: I do it when I absolutely have to, but it feels like work to me, as opposed to sheer joy!
    have a wonderful sunday, and will be back for a certain something... :)

  9. Hope B woke feeling invincible! Your cloud colours are wonderful...isn't it sometimes good to be pushed into choices we might not otherwise make? I've never tried paper piecing, but having seen your geese am determined to give it a go!

  10. I have tried paper piecing once and love it. Glad Boo is on the mend.

  11. What a great inspiration word! Dark and billowy or light and fluffy and everything inbetween. I have paper pieced, 120 NY Beauties, but I do not like it Sam I Am.

  12. Fun paper-pieced block. Haven't done any paper-piecing myself, but have a feeling I'm about to start. Christmas flowers anyone? :)

    p.s. I love the little Paula Prass mini quilt. That fabrics with the lace just does it for me!

    Hope you are well....

  13. Hi V. Sometimes I paper piece, but it has to really want me to make it as I can't say I like the actual process. Liz

  14. I love to paper piece! My DQS10 quilt has some original paper pieced designs.

  15. What a great pillow for your little one! Hope she's feeling better. And since there are now 137 comments on your next post, I'll say here that I LOVE your version of Amy's quilt. It's just awesome how you sit down and make a quilt!

  16. I don't know if you remember it, but I did Geese in the Forrest, which was 427 paper pieced geese.
    Love the fabrics for clouds.

  17. i tried paper piecing over the weekend using your was the closest thing to success i've had in paper piecing. it turned out decent, so i've got another one ready to roll. next will be figuring out how to stitch curved geese into a quilt!!! hehe :>)

  18. So glad that B is feeling better, but you know that sleep is the best cure! I just love the beginnings of cloud. Can't wait to see more. You know I love paper piecing. I can go on and on with all the reasons why I love it, but it would take all day... LOL!


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