Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cut it up.

photo by
 All that fabric sure looks good on the shelf, doesn't it?
I love to grab stacks of it and just 
slice big swatches off them, 
chop it up,

and sew it all back together...

Well, maybe slice it up one more time... then sew it all back together again...

Gosh that feels good.

You know that feeling right?

(my contribution to the dots, plaids, and stripes challenge)

 I finally got around to making a journal... I've been saying it for a while...
Oh so fun!
AND special!

I may add this to my favorite small things post!

 Boo is still on the mend... crossing fingers, that after a week, she may get to go to school tomorrow....
It's been a lazy dog sort of week around here of high fevers, and lounging around under covers...
Thanks for all your get well wishes for her!


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  1. That journal is awesome. Warm puppies definitely help us feel better.

  2. Love the star and the journal. I have a feeling it may take you a while to cut through the entire stash. I am glad that B is on the mend and hopefully the rest of you are too.

  3. It does feel good to cut into stash! Love the journal...and the star...but even more pleased to hear that B is on the mend!

  4. Your journal is so lovely that I hope it never gets put away out of sight. Your cheerful work (I mean play) keeps my spirits up on these gray days. Adding my "Bee Well" wishes, too.

  5. This is exactly the inspiration I need to figure out what to do with my small scraps! I love this! especially your patchwork journal cover. I am definitely going to try making one of these for myself now. Stay healthy and warm!

  6. I like your journal! Such a chopping and sewing process is just a wonderful cure for the stressed mind! And do I see a small schnauzer on your sofa?
    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog.
    Ciao, Hilde

  7. Is that really your stash?? It's wonderful and so organized!! Sorry Boo's been sick, hope she's better.


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