Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow in NY, stay in and quilt!

 Ideas are flowing... I have nearly finished the top DQS quilt I made for my swap partner.

I wasn't quite feeling though, that I had enough "ME" inside it...
This does not mean I don't like it. I DO LIKE IT, for my swap a partner.
I free pieced it, as I do most of my quilts, the pictorial thing was
not feeling very "VICTORIA"

So I gave it another whirl.

I love the mix of new and old, and BRIGHTS are a "LIKE", of my swap partner.

So  played around with some 9 patches I made up at Jackie's this past weekend, 
and then went a little "CRAZY" on the colors...

It's been so gray, I am wanting OODLES of COLOR all around me, 
and this just makes me want to dance...
or as my pal Shelly says, "makes my SKIRT fly up!"

It's been so funny to see the reaction to it.. some love it, 
some really have a problem with the 9 patches...

But that certainly wouldn't stop me from doing my thing...

I get such a kick out of it when people dislike something.
I  eel like, Aha! I must be on to something...

hehe.. yeah, that kind of drives me on...

I've totally had a blast making both of them.
they both took off like firecrackers ideas... 
I worked on them until they were done...  
Now I just have some hand 
quilting to do on the top one, and bind. 
The bottom, I think needs to be called 
"Juicy fruit!"
or "Twisted Tradition"

I may hand quilt the dog out of it... If I have time...

Then I have to make a decision about which one 
goes and which one stays with me!

I think both fit what my partner likes...
One in my mind fits her better then the other, but I can't tell you why...
or it would give it all away...
gotta keep the secret!

Thanks so much for all the great advice on the ipad!  I will indeed wait for the new one!
I am hoping they come out with it before March... We're going to PERU!
EEK! I am so excited... Thought it would be handy to take along with us...


  1. I like them both. I am a lover of brights and "wonky" free piecing too.

  2. WOW!! I love them both! If your partner dislikes either, I know where they will have a very good home... hehe!! By the way, I meant to call you, I have to put my two cents in about the iPad... all good!!

  3. Peru! How wonderful to see what fabrics they have there....Lots of color, I'll bet. Take along some quilt blocks to trade.

  4. I am IN LOVE with the second one. Total firecracker fabulous!!

  5. See, I'm not adventurous enough, I really like the first one. But you are amazing and I know your instincts are spot on!! Can't wait to see both of them.

  6. love the blocks - the colors are wild and perfect! So jealous of a trip to Peru! so much there I would love to see one day.

  7. "Snow in New York; stay in and quilt" and use fabrics so bright that the radiance warms everything. I just love color and clearly it loves you. Thanks for such a happy post.

  8. We loved Peru and did a 16 day tour. Loved the floating island son Lake Titicaca. Any question, ask away. Not sure they have much WIfi but we found cheap internet access to keep in touch from hotels and cities.

  9. post just made me smile!
    Love that red building where is that????
    Peru now how exciting is that!
    oh I love the nine patches but then again I am a nine patch fanatic!
    can't wait to see which one you send her!

  10. I've seen your doll quilt on Flickr and I love it!

  11. Lucky partner--whichever one she gets. I LOVE the name Juicy Fruit. Peru--I think you'll be able to get lots of quilty inspiration there. How exciting.

  12. Awewsome flying geese! What a happy, sunny project (from gray, linoleum-skied Michigan!).

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  13. Oh V, they are both fabulous! I love the wonky 9 patches and the colors are wonderful. I do love your landscape too. So many choices! Stay warm today, another snowy, gloomy day. Stay in and quilt indeed!

  14. LOVE the first one so much. How could you be sad with that to look at all day. The second one screams V and no matter how crazy your fabrics get they always come out looking fabulous. You have a unique gift.
    Peru! how very cool. The textiles alone are amazing.

    More dang snow today, grrrr

  15. Wow!! Love them both! The first one cause mountains are what I see out my door and the 2nd for the fabulous color. Lucky lucky recipient of either!!

  16. That second one is electric ... love it!

  17. I love the block you made your swap partner! The colours and the execution are absolutely amazing.

    I'm jealous you get to go to Peru! If you have time, make sure you go to the national museum in Lima; they used to have several Nazca and Paracus textiles on display.

  18. I like them both too...but the bottom one does look more 'you'!

  19. oh Peru!! how simply awesome is THAT! Let me know what you think of the ipad... I'm just waiting on my kindle to arrive that can do web.. but not in color... interesting!

  20. I had to come back and look at your two quilts again and even though I am a huge fan of nine patches I love the first quilt best.
    guess cause I never did a landscape style quilt and the piecing of the flying geese really has me intrigued. Then your quilting just really makes this little quilt for me. A lot of thought went into this piece and lots of different textures are coming thru. just love it.
    what a treasure that would be hanging on the wall during a snow storm to think of the beach and warm summer days!

  21. love your work in snow...



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