Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Luscious Color

 "Creativity shows it's colors serendipitously. 
You never know when it's going to arise or what will awaken the wonderful beast"
Ken Vinton

 I love that quote... Awaken the Wonderful BEAST!

 The creative process is such a unique experience for each person, 
I find it's a very hard thing to judge or criticize...

It is what it is for each and every person...
Isn't that great?

We all get to experience that flash of AHA!

What sparks my creativity?
people, quilters!
(a room full of them are the best!)


Ever think of a word and search it on the Thesaurus?

Main Entry: luscious
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: delicious, delectable
Synonyms: adorable, ambrosial, appetizing, choice, darling, delish, deluxe, distinctive, divine, exquisite, flamboyant, flavorsome, heavenly, honeyed, juicy, lush, luxurious, mellow, mouth-watering, nectarious, opulent, ornate, palatable, palatial, piquant, rare, rich, savory, scrumptious, succulent, sumptuous, sweet, toothsome, voluptuous, yummy*

OK, now I am inspired to EAT AND CREATE!

What word can you dig up that sets 
your creative Beast LOOSE!

(this out to be good!)


  1. I think everyone of those words are inspirational. Wait, I'll be right over to eat and quilt!!

  2. I really love our sense of colour and design.
    You're an inspiration to me.
    Andi x

  3. That was meant to say YOUR sense of colour.

  4. I love that quote--I will have to USE that somewhere!

    Perle cotton seems to be what gets me going lately. You wouldn't think that with all the hours I have been putting into this quilt top for the past week doing embroidery with PERLE cotton!! My third finger in is taking the heat for sure:) Love this quilting "business" still the same.

    All the words for luscious,how wonderful. I didn't think adorable right away, but you learn something new constantly right?!

    Love your beauties (blocks) too:)

  5. It's most important to do what we love, not what someone thinks we ought to do. We should only create to make ourselves happy. Joyful play gets me going.

  6. Bright colours (lots of those on your blog, thank you!)get me going...bright batiks...ahhh! Beautiful landscapes, stars,snow...the sea...all those too. To keep my inspiration flowing...I need chocolate and a constant supply of cups of tea!!

  7. I am inspired daily by all those wonderful blogs that I read. Then I go into my studio and I see my fabrics and the sparks start flying.

  8. Am inspired by other quilters all the time. I steal ideas shamelessly!

  9. Stars - thinking about stars and space fantasy has always spurred my imagination - but then, I am a really geeky nerdy guy.

  10. textures and patterns anywhere..
    They get me going :)

  11. I vote for DE-LUCIOUS. Isn't it DELOVERLY?

  12. Believe is my word. Every time I go into the studio, I believe all the right fabrics and colors will come together to create something interesting, perhaps even beautiful.

  13. I love the quote and that blue fabric with the pink and gold flowers on it! I would love to have some, do you happen to know the name of it?
    lcook at etex dot net

  14. When I want inspiration I get some "eye candy" (first heard that word from Ellen Anne Eddy, amazing quilt artist), wandering through a museum, or a quilt shop or blog land, or a gardening store - and I agree with Charlotte, chocolate doesn't hurt either!

  15. Delicious is one word that unleashes creative energy for me!

    My SIL once used the word 'delicious' to describe the weather. I love the concept of using a word designed for one sense in the context of another sense. Some fabrics are the eye, to the touch, and yes, even to the ear (enter a heavenly choir OR the Wilhelm scream)!

  16. FREE makes me want to create. Free to use whatever fabrics or colors suit my fancy. Free time to actually devote to quilting. Freeing my mind of its daily worries through the relaxing and rejuvenating creative process.

  17. luscious is 100% PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

    great word...



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