Monday, January 24, 2011

Quilting in New York

 I've begun digging through my stash for ROSES for my Lady of Guadalupe... 
Do you know that I have nearly every other color of ROSES, except RED? LOL
Time for a little shopping trip... unless you have a couple RED ones to spare...

Someone asked the other day how the construction was going outside my window...
It's going!  they have dug down about 2 stories below the street level....
  Ah, NYC is grand!  ;-)

 How many of you have ipads?
   Can I ask those of you who do, 
what size and what goodies you got on yours?

I'm guessing all of these are best to have on it...

 iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G

but is a 16GB big enough? Any tech-ies out there?


You can send me an email, you don't have to comment this info.

I'd love to know what is the best to get... with out spending the MOST!


  1. if you need a red rose or two let me know... i have some.. can send you a photo!

  2. thanks Doll! I do need a few... I have the other colors up there around her, but it needs that RED punch!

  3. Hope to dig up a red rose for you, V. It may take a fingers are froze!

  4. Your Lady quilt looks gorgeous. Hold off until spring for the iPad. The new one will have a camera and more memory...

  5. I've been researching and talking to my techie friends about iPads. They all say get the MOST you can afford, but definitely more than 16GB. Also, you might want to hold out a month or so. The announcement for next generation will be coming any day now. There is a lot of talk about what it might include, among those is a USB port which the current one does not have.

  6. Ditto the comment about holding out for the new version - the rumor mill says the USB port will be available on v2.0, which would be nice - you could transfer photos from a camera directly to the ipad, for example!

  7. MR got me an ipad for my b-day last June. It doesn't have a camera, which means no vid phone type apps...what ever those techies call it.

  8. Got an ipad for Xmas from hubby and have not been parted with it since. I have a PC and a laptop but the ipad is different. I really love it. Now I am just trying to figure out how to get a book on it from the library......grrr, hate to be too technically challenged to understand the instructions but too smart to not be able to do it

  9. G'day Victoria ~

    I love your Lady of Guadalupe ...

    Pop over for our VALENTINE GIVEAWAY
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. Long-time lurker, first-time poster -- since I actually have knowledge of this (I'm a fairly new quilter!). Definitely wait for the next iPad. The most recent tech blog rumors have shown order statuses for parts that suggest it is coming soon. (Also as a rule I always by the v2 of any technology!) But also, I would think about 3G. Do you really need your iPad to connect to the internet in the car, etc.? Because most bookstores, coffee shops, etc. these days have free Wi-Fi ... Second, unless you're planning on storing enormous pictures or 200,000 songs (estimate), I would go for 16GB.

  11. I work in IT at W&L University and I agree WAIT and see what the new version comes out with it's due sometime 1st quarter this year.

  12. I am waiting for the next version of the I Pad and yes I hear it has a camera and would be great to take to quilt shows and just carry around while traveling.
    lightweight and easy to view instead of buying a new laptop which I could use!
    I will probably make my decision on 16 va 32 on price
    I can always transfer pictures to my home computer to keep that minimal.....
    love the new quilt...looks great, I may have some red rose fabric will look later, not bright red though more madder reds will send you pictures

  13. I'm a first time poster too. I LOVE my ipad. That being said, wait for the new one because I'm sure it will have lots of fun new toys. Get the biggest one you can. I wouldn't pay for the 3G though. New phones are coming out that are also a hotspot. Not sure if the new ipad will also be a hotspot, but that is something to consider.


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