Wednesday, December 1, 2010

trying to finish

 A few of you asked what a Amish Buggy Block Looks Like...   It's squares, usually I think 4 across 4 down, checkerboard style... For the Starbird Quilt, I made them 5 across and 5 down... so maybe that has a different name... The math was easier to figure out!  ;-)  I wasn't sure when I was making that post yesterday if I would actually add them, but now that I made a bunch, I think they are perfect to go all the way around that top... Do you agree?  We'll see if it gets bigger after that... I can't think that far ahead...yet.
 I have been procrastinating the applique part of my Anguillan sunrise quilt for SOOO long...  I have Two corners done, and hope to get the other two done by next week.  I have way to many projects nearly done... that I do now need them to be done!!!!

 I added a extra border to the Xmas lap quilt yesterday and got out ALL MY SCRAP batting, and piecing it all together to make this into a Christmas tree skirt for our tree this year...  I'm quite excited to get this basted and quilted... That tree will go up on the 13th... SO I better get this thing done! I think it will look great, and I really didn't need another Xmas lap quilt... I have a few of those already.
I twas nice to use up all my scrap batting.  I just ordered another huge roll of batting so I can get some more quilts done...  So many tops to finish in the mean time...
 So these are my Quilt top goals to complete by next week. Above is the  quilt I started yesterday for our granddaughter for Xmas, she selected Shirts at the thrift store in Seattle this past weekend, and asked for a quilt for Xmas...  These are 24" blocks, and I will make two more in a darker green and darker purple, her NEW favorite colors... ;-)  And some big easy borders to round it out to fit her... Fun scrappy blocks...

I love that you all had so many great books to share!  I put the list on the sidebar, in case others need good reads for gifts...I love giving books as gifts...
 Speaking of great gifts....
At long last, I got my new Oliso iron yesterday... And can I just say, I am in love? 

It's easy to fill, Heats very quickly, and it has that automatic lifter-upper thingy... 
see how it sits up in the air right now?
when you put you hand around the hand grip, it senses you and it lowers itself to the ironing board... You don't stand it up right, and stays put much better on the ironing board, unlike my tripping over the cord, and pull it down vertical and having it bounce all over the place.... it's much more stable staying flat like this...

I may have only had it a day, but I am so impressed with it... my other iron, could not get hot enough and I couldn't press things very well... I had a huge piece of batik that was a mess after coming out of the dryer... I left it folded in half, and ironed the 4 yards of it, in half, very quickly. no more wrinkles...
I'd be there all day trying to of that with my old iron... unfolded!

Add it to your Santa list... ;-)

What else was on your Santa list this year?
Anything interesting gadget you just had to have but wouldn't spend for yourself?
I wanted a new waffle maker, but have strict orders to my husband
to never by me a household appliance, so I bought it myself... hehehe! 
Besides, it was on sale, and I had a 15% off coupon, 
plus free shipping!!! Does it get any better?

I asked for a subscription to Donna Hay's cooking magazine....
I'd never spend the Aussie price, but if my hubby wanted to, that was fine with me!
I guess I'll find out if he did soon enough...

Happy Sewing, I gotta get cracking on these tops... 
you may see me drop off for a few days to get this stuff done...
I've been slacking on my return emails too...  Sorry.  I'll try to be better...
I so appreciate all your comments!
 Click here to see about my scrappy stocking...


  1. i love your granddaughter's quilt and the faux buggie blocks. cant wait to see what else you'll have to share on saturday~
    one toy i've wanted for forever but won't buy myself is a gorilla pod. they aren't that expensive so I should totally just get one, but something else always jumps ahead of it on the "things i want but don't need" list. oh well.
    oh, and i love getting appliances as gifts! for our 5 yr anniversary i got the BEST vacuum cleaner, and the chance to tease my husband about it for the rest of his life, hehehehe.

  2. Starbirds chequers will look great! An your grandaughter's quilt is coming along brilliantly too! The iron is my hubby does most of our ironing...and HE doesn't want one (fair enough!) Guess if your hubby has his own interests at heart (you cook?) he will get you the cooking magazine! I'm hoping to go on a course to learn how to make recorders for my present...and I know my mom has bought me fabric. Could it get any better?! Get your stuff done, V. We'll look forward to seeing it all finished!

  3. Oh my goodness what a fun filled post! Gorgeous starbirds quilt and I LOVE your sunrise one. HUGE and fantastic stripes. So Candace at Squash House Quilts has Chicky Bee and I have Cy. Have you named your Oliso yet? :o)

  4. okay, so I voted for the starbird quilt to be a lap top, but . . . I love it with the amish buggy blocks now. It looks really great. You'll probably go bigger right? hahaha.

  5. I swear, my jaw just dropped to the floor! I love love love what you're doing with your quilts...especially your Starbird and Sunrise quilts! I would really like to get inside your head and hear that conversation going as you put together your quilts! I've appreciated when you put your thoughts down but where they come from....that's what I want to know!

  6. All your quilts are looking amazing!! I'm so in love with your Starbirds quilt. Really enjoying watching it grow. I spy Nuala toile in your Christmas stocking. My favourite fabric of all time!

  7. i'm LOVING the amish buggy blocks!!! they look so so great as the border on your quilt. yay! love the christmas quilt that is going to be a tree skirt, too. it's wonderful! i love the way that you do borders. so nice!!!

  8. Your granddaughter's quilt is timeless. Bet it will become an heirloom....unless she wears it out before then!

  9. Everything looks super! I love the buggy blocks. Nice touch. Love the sunrise quilt and the grand daughter's quilt, and well, I just love 'em all! Oh and thanks for the info on the iron. I just went to Amazon and ordered myself one, as I am in desperate need of steam. Ho-Ho-Ho to myself.

  10. In love with the shirt quilt for your granddaughter. Gotta get me some of those shirts! :) Maybe I'll do a little thrifting while I'm home for the holidays!

  11. The Amish Buggy blocks loo Brilliant! Love how that is turning out... maybe with some brown and blue triangles around the outside? I too have a lot of projects that are almost finished- it's fun to see all of yours! And that iron- swoon- just in time for you to be ultra productive!

  12. You've been a busy girl! I'm also loving your granddaughter's quilt. The green and purple solids really brighten up the shirts...who would have thought a young girl would pick this, but it really does look young and girly....does this make sense? ;-) My daughter's new favorite colors are green and purple...go figure!

  13. I LOVE that border on the star. You are a wizard with color!

  14. So many great quilts brewing, Victoria! Love your border on the Starbird quilt, and the quilt for your granddaughter is super fun! I'll keep my eyes open for more thrifted shirts....
    ; )

  15. I've really enjoyed seeing that quilt grow. Great progress.

    I only want one thing for Christmas. I'm not getting it either., but it's all I want. Drywall in my basement.

  16. I want to be you when I grow up and get so much accomplished and have such a fab vision with color and wonky and and class!!!!!! or maybe I'll request to be your granddaughter....


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