Friday, December 3, 2010

christmas crunch!

I got my tree skirt quilted today, and trimmed, but I still need to bind. 
I picked up our tree today, and thought, I have to have my tree skirt!
It looks so cozy and smells so good. 
I hope I can keep the tree living til Christmas!  

 After making that Christmas stocking the other day from my Christmas scraps I decided, the tree should have a real homemade feel to it this year and use the colors from the fabrics to decorate it.

I've been savoring my Jennifer Paganelli NUALA fabric since summer, 
and thought this was a good way to make it last! 
New Stockings,
and with the scraps,
 and a little bit of batting and machine quilting....
 Bird ornaments!

ha! I snapped this picture ot shwo you how I get so much done...
I run to JUKI's at the same time...!
LOL! just kidding...  
It looks like I am running two machines to quilt my tree skirt...
Boy I wish I could! LOL!!!
 Spoonflower FUN....  I had some images of mine printed for Christmas fabrics... my RED bulbs turned out deer hunting orange... Very odd...   Gotta try that again... rats.
They were kind enough to credit me, and I will try it again...
I had high hopes of making something fun with the red and green bulbs...

Speaking of Christmas!  It felt like it today when I rcvd this in the mail today!  
Can you believe I WON a fat quarter set of my favorite designers line of fat quarters???
I nearly fell over.  HEAVEN!  Thanks Jennifer Paganelli!  
I'm so anxious for eager new line HONEY CHILD to come out, I can't hardly contain myself...

psst!  also don't forget Tonya's Book is coming out in a few days! woohoo!

OK.  we have the MOD group here tomorrow, I better get this place picked up!


  1. ooh, love the stockings. bummer about the spoonflower fabric not coming out like you wanted it to. whee on the fat quarter win!

  2. The stockings look awesome! And congrats on the fab win too! Gotta find my mojo fast! (perhaps I should break out anothe machine! LOL)

  3. The tree skirt looks great! Confession time...if it was mine is quite likely that it would not get bound this year and entirely possible we'd be telling the grandkids the story about why granny's tree skirt still isn't finished.

  4. you are having such a whimsical Christmas and i absolutely love and adore your spoon flower fabric!!!!!! You can bet i love the orange..

  5. Such cute stockings! Funny JUKI shot ... yep, if you could run two simultaneously I'm sure you would!

  6. OMGolly!! Look at all that aqua/red Nuala toile. I've gone weak at the knees. My partner calls me Nuala Koala because I love that fabric so much.The stockings are gorgeous and to use it as bird ornaments is genius!!!

  7. Ok V, How did you get that skirt around the tree? Does it have a hole somewhere?

  8. You're ready for the holidays! Have fun with your MOD group tomorrow!!

  9. Love your tree skirt...I need a new one so was thinking of creating one....yours gave me the spark to get a move on it!

  10. You are such a powerhouse! that tree is wonderfully bushy...scope for LOTS of decorations there!

  11. Gorgeous tree!...I can smell it from here. Happy Advent ! And congratulations of the fabulous win too.

  12. You, my dear, are a dynamo!! I wish I had your energy! Too funny about the two Juki's... LOL!! The spoonflower fabric is too cute, but I see what you mean by deer hunting orange. Wow!

  13. So much luscious fabric! Now I am in the mood to go to the quilt shop.
    Too bad about he red bulb fabric....hopefully it will work the second time.

    How are you liking your iron. I want that iron so badly but have been holding off buying it until I hear how quilters like it. If you find time let me know.

  14. Congrats on winning those fabulous fabrics from JP! She's awesome, isn't she?! You picked out a gorgeous tree. I adore your new tree skirt. One of these days/years, I hope to make a patchwork tree skirt too. Love all those adorable bird ornaments you fussy cut. How nice of Spoonflower to credit you on those prints - such a cool idea.

  15. Love your tree skirt and congrats on the great Jennifer win!

  16. Congrats on winning some of your favorite fabric. That is awesome. Your stockings are wonderful. I really should make a couple for me and my hubby.


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