Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 OK. STARBIRDS, the first part, is all pieced.... now. My question is...
Do I make it a KING size?
It makes a rather nice medallion block centered on my KING bed....

I was thinking of putting a row of Amish Buggy blocks all around it...
and add a border to hang down the side after that...
Or leave it as a lap quilt....
(don't say wall hanging, because I don't hang my quilts on the wall...)
(I like my quilts to be snuggled)

Although, I have that inner voice screaming in my ear....
...You can see where I am heading...

Got a book that you've read this year that you Absolutely loved?

Do tell.

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  1. YEAH!! King sized please! (I'm loving your journey and don't want it to finish yet!)
    How about yet another bee...a crazy star bee?? (Or perhaps it's me that's crazy!)
    My favourite book this year was Eat, Love, Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert...not new, but then, I'm famous for procrastination!

  2. Oh I love that quilt! Keep it "lap" size and use it to snuggle on the couch. It looks so lovely drapped there.

    The book I loved this year was "The Art of Racing in the Rain." It is written from the Dog's perspective. Lot's of themes and messages there.

  3. Fup by Jim Dodge . Okay I've reread it this year. It's probably 20 years ago when I read it for the first time.
    I had to buy it several times, because everytime I lent it to someone, it never came back :-)

  4. I'm thinking king because that would be an awesome center on the bed!

  5. Lap quilt. I'd want to be warm in that quilt while reading a book on a cold day.

  6. It's gorgeous! I love the different colored spikes in the stars. I vote for the king size with the additional patchwork you were thinking. Might as well go for it, right! I absolutely loved reading The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

  7. Boy, I wouldn't argue with that voice screaming in your brain! The warm patches will really pop that star.

    I've got two books, The Help (can't remember the author) and The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant.

  8. Right ON Nifty! The Help -Kathryn Stockett...BEST book I've read in YEARS and Sarah's Key -Tatiana de Rosnay.

    BEAUTIFUL quilt V! I'd make it KING SIZED!!!

  9. OK one more book I forgot...
    Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish. A really fun book about women's friendships. Also, The Art of Racing in the Rain is REALLY good!

  10. King would be great...but so would a cozy, cozy curl up and read a book size. I think you may have made up your mind anyway! Thanks for the blogger's book list!

  11. "(I like my quilts to be snuggled)"

    That's why I call my lap quilts "Snuggle Quilts!"


  12. I like snuggly quilts too bu as we are now in summer that will have to wait for a few months. I have just finished a fabulous series of books - The Millenium eries by Stieg Larsson

    The Girl With The Golden Tattoo

    The Girl Who Played With Fire

    The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest

    Also any of Lee Childs books are well worth reading.

  13. I say go with King for this one..
    The star is screaming for that checker border..so are you :)

  14. Best book I read in 2010:
    Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann, hands down! And I love a nice,snuggly quilt....but I hang quilts on the walls of my husband's dental office. Sparks a lot of interesting conversation :-)

  15. Yes to King size and Amish Buggy blocks! I was entranced by Jane Kirkpatrick's series this year- I read Tender Ties and started Change and Cherish, both moving and powerful about women's roles in our nation;s history!

  16. I love using lap quilts, but Starbirds is too magnificent not to frame. Amish Buggy blocks....YES!

    Favorite book this year? I am really loving Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom." It is even cutting into my quilting time.

  17. The birds on this quilt are singing to me!!!

  18. Knowing how you feel about king sized quilts, I say go for it!!! It does make a great medallion center. Glad you were able to make it safely to Seattle and back over the Thanksgiving holidays. My son couldn't get through the icy roads ;-(

  19. I think you have to go with the voices in your head (hmm). I'd also like to know what an Amish Buggy block looks like; I'm not familiar with it.

    I've read several books I've loved this year. Currently I'm enjoying Fannie Flagg's _Can't Wait to Get to Heaven_. Walter Moers' _The City of Dreaming Books_ won't be for everybody but I loved it too.

  20. Gooooooo wiiiiiiith theeeeeee vooooooices!

    Best book? How about Reading Lolita In Tehran about a book club in Tehran when Kohmeni took over. Incredible what women are capable of.


  21. King size please. I have loved following this quilt of yours, and would love to know what a buggy block is. Also a nice book is 'the Messenger' by Markus Zusak

  22. here ..here..
    I don't hang my quilts on the wall...
    I like my quilts to be snuggled
    couldn't have said it better!!


  23. King size!!
    ...me too, I don't like wall hanging...:)

  24. Here, HEAR ... listen to that voice screaming in your ear! Think those buggy blocks would look great!

    Best book in 2010? Oh, so many ... but
    Day After Night by Anita Diamant was powerful & very satisfying to read.
    The story is told through the eyes of 4 young women who become fast friends in 1945 while at an internment camp near the Mediterranean coast.

  25. Didn't get a chance to post here yesterday....love what you decided to do.

    Books...I loved Still Alice by Lisa Genova...finished it about a month ago. Novel about a woman going through Alzheimer's. Hit close to home as my mother has that same disease.


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