Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's new from Paducah!

It's up!! "A Garden for All Seasons"is up and hanging at AQS Paducah in the Dome Pavilion!
9' X 30'
Quilted by Shelly Pagliai

aprox info:
It weighs 28 lbs.
462 Large 10" hexagons ( my large and small hex template were used, purchase here )
about 38.5 yards of fabric for the top
27 Yards of Fabric for the backing.
30 yard roll of Polyester batting

Made as a Public Art Piece,
Inspired to make it, because my bank just redid their lobby, and I really thought they needed a  great quilt hanging on the art free walls...
Meant to submit a proposal for it to hang as Public Art...
Found its home, in the new Simplicity Creative Group- EZ Quilting offices which are now in....

wait for it...

In my Bank building that inspired me to make it in the first place... so it will live where it's meant to be!

I won an Honorable Mention Ribbon on my quilt "Negative Space, Positive Attitude, Quilted by my friend Shelly Pagliai from

Here is Myself, Shelly and her sister Katy. Sharing in the JUKI love!  


  1. wow that is some wall hanging! congrats too on the ribbon for your quilt well deserved.

  2. I am loving your wall quilt, it is amazing!Congratulations on your award as well.

  3. What Elaine said in her blog: There is a quilt display right in front of us by Victoria Findlay Wolfe. The quilt directly in front of us is HUGE. It's 9 feet tall and 30 feet long. Imagine binding that one! It was made for an art installation in New York City and I believe is going to hang in the lobby of Simplicity. I had a little chat with Victoria. She is a very friendly person. But for the life of me, I keep calling her Virginia! I was chatting with someone else later who had attended Victoria's lecture and apparently I'm not the only one as she made mention of it in her slide presentation. No - she even had a slide - my name is Victoria, NOT Virginia. Isn't that funny why we're all making that same mistake.
    I thought it was funny too!

  4. Ha, love it! Reminds me of those big Monet Waterlilies at MOMA. One of my favourite things about quilting is the chance to work large like this -- very inspiring. And congratulations!

  5. Congrats on your ribbon, and finding a home for your big beautiful quilt!!! That is an amazing quilt and a great story to go with it! Kind of reminds me of Velda Newman huge pieces.

  6. Wow! That's a wonderful and BIG quilt! Totally love it. Glad it's found its perfect home. Congrats on the ribbon too!

  7. I love this huge quilt and how cool is it that its going to be in the building that you envisioned it would be in! I just want to know how in the world Shelley got this monster on her long arm and quilted it? Did she do it in sections or what ?!? Also such a great photo of the three of you. Hope you are enjoying Paducah!

  8. My cotton farmer husband got rained out of planting, and offered to go with me to Paducah. I went, mostly to see this quilt. AMAZING!! And what a treat to see so many of your other quilts! We sat and soaked in all those on the back side of this one, too! Great display. Thanks for inspiring us!


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