Sunday, April 30, 2017

Home from AQS Paducah Quilt Week

This Amazing quilt "Captivated By Nature" is by Olga Gonzalez-Angulo, from Spain.  I have no words to explain how much I love this quilt. It's quite amazing... Just absorb the photos... check out the detail shots, (and yes is the answer.... All hand cut dots...) Congratulations Olga on your win fo this beautiful quilt.

These are a few others that I quite enjoyed.... "Z is for Zinna, C is for Cosmos" by Kathie Kerler, Portland, OR

 "The Elephant in the Quilt Room" by Elizabeth Owens, Defunak Springs, FL

 I love this mini quilt so much.... "Copper Pennies" Amy Pabst, Le Roy, WV  
( guessing it's about 24" X24" ?? ) Just elegant, and I love the one bottom right corner... perfect.

Mikyung Jang, from South Korea. her quilt is painted surface, and quilted and embroidered/beaded etc... So much to look at, and I love all the color!  I met Mikyung last year at Houston, and that quilt was so different, it's fun tot see more work by her.

I also taught a Double Wedding Ring Class, (and gave demo's & several lectures) and I had exceptional students!  If you are in my Instagram page you will see nearly all for them from class... Here's just a few... It's always inspiring to see what fabrics people bring to class, and then I have to go buy my favorites... Yes, That's who I shop, by looking at other peoples stash!

I had some fun with people taking photos at my quilt "A Garden for All Seasons." I may or not have photo bombed a few when they weren't expecting it!

This quilt was made using my Large 10" and Small 5" Hexagon templates available at my website

You may also see at my Website, that Pre-orders are available there, for my new book 
which will arrive late August early Sept!
Please note, if you pre-order, you can NOT combine that book with other items on your order...Please order it on it's own.

Thank you!
There will be more info coming shortly, now that I am home! YAY!!

I can't wait share this book with you!!


  1. I can't believe the size of your "Garden for All Seasons" quilt. Wish I could see it in person.

  2. Thanks for these pictures of amazing quilts, and I love that you photo-bombed in front of your very huge quilt. You have such fun!

  3. what wonderful quilts shame you will not have your book with you when you come to the FOQ in august never mind will preorder from amazon. Everytime I see your Garden of all seasons I am in awe just cannot imagine how you were able to stitch such an enormous hanging

  4. Yes, Captivated by Nature is astounding! Thanks for sharing. I'm also in love with the elephant, though of course, I wish it would've been a zebra, LOL! I'm glad to learn for sure how large the wedding ring blocks from your class were; I had a hunch they were really large like that, but didn't know for sure, since until now I'd never seen one withe any kind of measure of reference so they could've been just regular sized blocks. Very cool big like that. I take it you're into oversizing pretty much everything these days? I'm all for that.

  5. The sizes is ate on the website with the templates... it's my standard double wedding ring template that many of my quilts are made from. It makes a 21" ring. The ring is sewn to a background to make it a pillow. Link for the templates is in the post. (I know you do like zebras Charlotta! 😊

  6. "Captivated by Nature" is........words fail. astounding! Thanks for sharing that. I'm still trying to process the ingenuity and patience.


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