Monday, September 5, 2016

Meadow Victory!

I'm always a bit sad when we leave our house, where we stay all summer, to head back to NYC. I love NYC, don't get me wrong, but it's so nice to have that break...  I love my summers at my home on long island.  BUT, good news is, we missed HERMINE!  YAY!  We bailed early as traffic is a nightmare as it is, and bad weather just makes it even more intense getting back to NYC... So we came back a day early.  But not before I got my tomatoes canned!  More salsa this year, as requested by my family!  So all is right. LOL! I'm whipping up a Meadow Storm in my studio anyway!

I came back to a clean studio! (Very Briefly! I fly to Paducah Wednesday!)  So I had to break into my MEADOW STORM fabrics!  Time to play! My Victory Block set is my current FAVORITE to play with.  SO many options with this block, today I was playing with piecing all the parts... ( you also get a full triangle if you didn't want to piece the bits...)

I cut random pieces, then I laid them out on my designs wall... Looks pretty good to me. 
Time o sew the V's!  (My walls are covered in Meadow Storm!!)

Having the dog eared templates makes for such fast easy piecing... I can chain piece these very quickly.

Next into halves, then, pin that center, and finish!

Four done!  I'm to sure what I'm making yet... Waiting for inspiration to strike! Yes, that's how I work! I never really know how a quilt will turnout... I just start making.... You can too! This is a perfect template set for scrappy quilt! SO many options! VICTORY!!!!!!

Here is another quilt I have in the works. Just scrappy blocks with a pink yellow blue and white palette, every one  a wile I just make another random block. I will figure out what happens to them later... For now. Just make.



  1. These patterns are so delightful! I love all of the variety and it's a great way to use up little bits of fabric.

  2. Great blocks - they look fab in Meadow Storm. Enjoy your tomatoes!

  3. Love it, love it. Love your inspiration/freedom to just "make", then figure it out later!


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