Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Saturday in May.

Today started by rolling out of bed, to make some yummy food for a surprise birthday party to be held after the NYC Metro Mod quilters meeting. I had not been in ages, so it was lovely to see all the lovely quilters and their inspiring works!  I sat and hand pieced my little boy britches blocks, ( from Linda's book Treasures from the barn)  as my "guilty little pleasure." By that I mean, "A project that has no deadline!" What a treat! My Hand dandy sewing case, which you can make, is available at my website shop should you need to decorate your own!  

I was meeting Helen at the meeting also, as she is the Birthday girl! Helen has claimed many in our group as her adopted "Quilt daughters"... So here is Lisa and I with our "Quilt Mom"

Here are all my blocks so far... All hand pieced... I usually only get time to do these while I am flying! So it will be awhile before I get these done!  If you were a student of mine in the DWR class in AQC, in Melbourne, these are the fabrics you shared with me! Your two fabrics, are making one block each.  I just love them! 

Beatrice made Helen an amazing birthday cake!  Here the candles have been extinguished! Happy Birthday HELEN!

Then I got all inspired, and I went to CUT some pretty Mostly Manor Fabrics. 
(purchase in my shop of request at your LQS)
I actually have a huge project I am SUPPOSED to be doing.. but....

This happened...
Using my Large Hexagon template, from the Large Hex and Triangle acrylic template set, that I sell in my website shop... I quickly cut out this KING size quilt...
Large Clear template, to see though, great for fussy cutting, and turning old blocks into amazing quilts. ( do you ISPY any made fabric in this quilt?)

Now, back to the big project I was to be working on... Happy Mothers Day!


  1. That's not the huge project? Those are certainly huge hexagons!

  2. Your giant hexies look amazing!

  3. Wow!! Can't believe the size of those hexagons but don't they show off your fabrics wonderfully well!

  4. My darling "quilt daughter" is always full of surprises. She astonishes me with all the wonderful quilts she makes...and still has so much to give to others. And sweet Beatrice makes the perfect chocolate cake!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your projects and your cheerfulness!

  6. Ladies, your smiles are delighting! the wall looks so cheerful and evokes wonderful feeling of happiness!


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