Sunday, May 15, 2016

What's new!

It was a super busy week for me I. The studio! Being on the road so much means I work 20 times harder when I am home, to get caught up.  (Which actually, I really enjoy. ) Can you believe that?   

Why?  Because I get so many ideas in my head, that when I get home and in th studio, it's like opening the flood gates. All these ideas come pouring out and fabric flies. 

One quick event I did this past week was a trunk show of Mostly Manor quilts that I have made at The City Quilter, in NYC.

Above is my 8 pointed star quilt, made with my small diamond acrylic template found in my website shop. The template makes four different size blocks, and include your cutting measurements and block size in the template. It's my go to shape. One can never have enough diamonds and stars! 

Diamonds are a girls best friend, you know! 


I also shared my Family Album quilt. This uses my large and small diamond template. The pattern and templates are available in my website shop as well.  I will be making another one of these with my new fabric line "Meadow Storm," as soon as I have it in my grubby little hands. 

(I did just have some Friday, to make samples for quilt market! So fun!! Will be finishing two quilts before I fly to Salt Lake on Wednesday!) 

This quilt top is made using the small diamond acrylic template and my Stretch Hexagon and tumbler template set.  I have various versions of this patten and again, all of my acrylic templates are at my website shop. 

Very soon, this pattern will ge available also! But for now, I'm snuggling up under this one, and having a nap. Tomorrow will be another speedy quilting day.

Heading to Quilt market? 

You can find most of my products: 
Mostly Manor fabric and Meadow Storm fabric at:
Marcus booth #2231
*I'm doing a book signing at the Marcus booth 11:30, come by and say hi! 

My Sizzix Schoolhouse presentation is Thursday at 2:15
Or, swing by the Sizzix booth
Sizzix Booth: 711
* I'll be in the booth 2-6pm Friday only. 

For all four of my Aurifil thread sets:
Aurifil booth #901

For my two books, 15 Minutes of Play and Double Weddibg Rings: Traditions Made Modern visit:
C&T Publishing for my books: 2141

And for all my patterns and acrylic  templates, contact me! 

Now. About that nap... 


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